Im going out solo tonight for NYE

I made a thread yesterday about going out solo, tonights the night,

>friends went out without inviting me
>op doesnt want to spend the night at home alone on NYE
>op bought a ticket to a club where he will go enjoy his night with the crypto gains made in 2017

current 7.45pm, ill leave around 8.40 so i can get there by 9.30 and hopefully the club will have a lot of people so i wont look like a dickhead standing around alone.

Will people think i am weird? Should i go at a later time? Should i cancel this all and just stay home? Help me anons youre all i have in this world

I'm a loner so I go out by myself all the time. Going to club by yourself is pretty dumb unless you really enjoy dancing. Going to a bar by yourself is fine because you can just talk to some strangers and have a good time.

Get something to eat, go to a bar, watch the fireworks. Friends aren't necessary to have a good time.

"Where are your friends"
user "uhh im supposed to be meeting them here theyre on their way"

God this night is ogre before it even began.

I hope i can grind on a girl then i wont leave her alone and people will think im with her and her group lol

Used to go out alone loads when I was between 21-25

Shagged 30+ girls in 1 year and 3 on a 36 hour bender

DESU it might sound good but it was fucking shit looking back

I still go out alone all the time but I will never step foot in a night club again. In fact Id like to bomb them all.

True, but people i assume wont know i am alone either way, because theyre all to busy thinking about themselves and are drunk etc

I can see why you have no friends, you're annoying.

You're doing something at least. Drifted away from highschool friends and only acquaintance friends. Will drink beer and browse Veeky Forums. 2018 will be a great year.

Your mums a slut

just do it. the music is too loud and everyone is drunk. no one will even notice.

just move around in the club, because seating in the corner like a weirdo will creep people out

Don't do it man, it always seems like a great idea until you do it.
People will look at you weird, you're better off popping a few caps at home and having a comfy night in.

Teach me please. I want to get laid

Which club in Sydney are you going to and I'll bless you with drinks straight from my yearly crypto gains.

i got out with friends all the time and very rarely do i end up going home with them, always end up solo, same shit

Which city? I'm going to a club tonight with my friends, can meet ya there if you want

wonder why his friends ditched him? cos he's a weird cunt

>friends went out without inviting me
Roo and Croc always seemed like cunts to me

If you're in newy let us know bro and you can come out with us.

What club OP? Are you in Sydney?

tag along a group from

Haven’t gone to a club solo but I have gone to many concerts by myself. Trust me it’s a lot better than going with people because at the end of the night there’s no drama and it’s just you taking care of yourself. Happy new year my guy

Oh shit Sydney Veeky Forums meet up when?

Kek go to a bar, clubs are for fuckwits ya dumb cunt.
Melbourne? misso is going out with her cunt sister and my mates are having a piss up in toorak if you wanna come drink baileys from a shoe and ride a slipnslide down some concrete stairs. Bring some beers(stone & wood)

Next up on Veeky Forums: I'm leaving the house! The thread...

>DESU it might sound good but it was fucking shit looking back
why? tell us more.

gonna be with my mates at marquee tonight seeing marlo
come join me op and we can trade cryptos

>In fact Id like to bomb them all.

You converted to Islam?

>tfw spending NYE alone on Veeky Forums
>tfw no friends
its over boyo im such a fucking ugly manlet desu

>tfw Melbourne and staying home with parents tonight
Sometimes you've gotta just remember that when things are going on without you outside, there's no place like home. I hope to see a few of you at RMIT next year.

My birthday was 2 days ago so I never feel particularly inspired about NYE. Probably going to sit at home, I can see the fireworks from my place at least.