OMG with raiblocks I can transfer money between exchanges fast!!

>OMG with raiblocks I can transfer money between exchanges fast!!

I’ll do you one better. How about directly buying the fucking coin with fiat off of FairX(uses XLM)

>wow Raiblocks is instant and free!!!
You know what else is instant and free? Me putting cash in your fucking hand. Or me using Venmo.

Billionaires pour money into bitcoin not because it is decentralized and immune to attacks, not because they hope it will become instant and free.

There is no reasonable incentive to run a node for Raiblocks and with 20,000 dollars of hardware you could flood the network with nodes and crash it completely.

I like DAG but it can’t solely be incorporated for peer to peer transactions. Altcoins who use DAG will need to swing for the fences to justify purchasing it like IOTA(which is no where near its goal or a god entrypoint to buy)

Everyone thinks Raiblocks is going to moon on Binance but they are going to get justed.

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Thanks. Bought 100k

shitcoin for shit people ?


Did you write all that because you really hate Raiblocks or because you want some for cheap, hmmmmmmm

t. bought btc at 19k

when is xrb getting listed in kuxcoin or binance?

Can you explain more? you seem a bit wiser than the pump chasers.

I've been thinking about this too.
How does raiblocks protect against spam?
why would anyone run a node if there's nothing in for the operator?
Why is Rai only traded on this shitty mcshit.

rai just seems to good to be true in a way.

binance tomorrow

OP come on. Literally all of these questions are answered on the GitHub page. Do your own research. Or don't, you FUDder.

People run a node for same exact reason people on private torrent trackers to seed to each other.

Its inexpensive and hassle free.

>no incentive to run a node
>no ability to scale

Yeah it's fast, iota was fast too when nobody was using it.


Why can't it scale? There is no incentive to run nodes. That's fine when it's a hobby project, but if you have a million people using the network, you need a lot of nodes. So let's say people are running nodes out of kindness. A malicious attacker simply needs to point hardware at the network to destroy it.

It is similar to a 51% attack on bitcoin, except bitcoin is secure because proof of work incentives mining, so hash power is big enough that this isn't feasible. Without incentives the network is weak.

bing bing bing

you guys are going to feel bad when this hits a big boy exchange

IOTA Bagholder: The Post

He doesnt. Dont lie, show me where he says it because in WP it clearly states decentralized.

>Cant mine
>No need for it
>All those GPUs going to waste

All that you wrote is correct but you'll get shilled by the usual pajeets who will say scripted shit like
>if the network is weak why don't you attack it right now and make millions!
>the dev never says that in his ama, he says they are working towards greater decentralization with more nodes!

Looks like I was too late. Pajeets are extremely quick to shill this shitcoin. Hope they are getting extra rupees for working overtime on the holidays.

Biggest load of FUD I've seen in my life. It's not centralized at all.

How heavy are those IOTA bags, IDIOTA?

I just told you retard, there is no incentive to run nodes.

raijeets are really fucking delusional

you honestly believe this shit belongs at #22 market cap when its only traded on these two absolute garbage exchanges??

think about it guys

also the wallet has so many technical problems its a fucking joke


People seed on good private trackers because you have to have a certain ratio of uploading/downloading to continue to use the tracker.

Large swaths of people don’t just loan out their bandwidth for free. That isn’t a thing.

fucking lel. he's so mad they got it to work without a coordinator

But running node with XRB is nothing like seeding torrents in terms of price of bandwidth and $ in the end. Its literally nothing.

LOL. this coin fulfill's satoshis vision and you know it! feel bad for people like you. you cannot comprehend to think differently and be liberal with your exploration into dag coins or other new revolutionary technologies. You will be eating your words eventually, unfortunately for you, and it is sad you cannot see that. this coin makes bch or other fast currencies look prehistoric (by the way do you think bch's market cap is fair, lmao). get on board or get left behind, this coin has momentum to a degree i have never seen before.

there is no liquidity for this coin


How can I buy some of this as fast as possible? Why is this only traded on two sketchy as fuck exchanges with little to no volume. This smells kind of fishy?

on thepiratebay they do

>Muh store od value
>Who cares about 6 day transactions and 80$ fees
>Muh complete decentralization
>Bu bu satoshi did this back in 99' its THE core of crypto
>Muh minging rig

I own 0 bags of DAG shitcoins, pajeet. Though I have sold both IOTA and XRB for insane profits so thanks for the shilling but your work is done.

>already predicted scripted pajeet reply
see above, achmed, no need to repeat what I've already said you'll say

It's been on those two shitty exchanges for months now, because it's difficult to implement DAG coins into exchanges so none of the big ones picked it up until now

The devs are recently sending on-site engineers to help integrate XRB into exchanges.

>satoshis vision!!!
ah, admittedly forgot about that one, thanks! will remember to add it to the list of scripted non-argument replies. :^)

it is fucking fishy
its a severely inflated value

look at the traded volume today
$16 million
for a 1.9 BILLION market cap

and you guys dont see a fucking problem here

for reference OmiseGo has a comparable market cap and did $153 million volume today
Civic has a comparable daily volume and has market cap of 270 million

do not buy XRB

To avoid exploding too fast, and getting into hands of enemies, the IDiOTAs and mining people, who could become whales and destroy it by price manipulation.

Get them before they do.

>The devs are recently sending on-site engineers to help integrate XRB
fucking kek if true

>Ask for proof of your claim
>Calls me a Pajeet

Man, Soyota fanboys must be ripping their hairs out. XRB went from 50 cents to $15 while IOTA has went from $5 to $3 in the last 3 weeks.

Thats because coin blew up and whales cannot cash out on bitgrail. Your thinking that it will tank and not get back once on binance is wrong, people know this shit is destined for 100s $ so no body cares what daily volume of omise go is.

iota bagholders try their hardest

For me, I see this coin on these two shitty exchanges who do barely any real volume... Yet XRB is sitting at #21 now on cmc... something doesn't add up...

How can a coin with 2 billion cap, only move 16mil in volume over the past 24 hours? Also why is circulating = max supply? What portions do developers have? And how much is in the largest wale wallets?

you are going to get fucking destroyed in the dump
im really worried about all the Veeky Forumsraelis who fell for this and bought at $10+

It'll definitely drop once it hits a big exchange, but it'll pick back up right away. A lot of people have become millionaires buying this coin and I'm sure they're going to try to cash out.

>How can a coin with 2 billion cap, only move 16mil in volume over the past 24 hours?
because the market cap is ridiculous right now
> Also why is circulating = max supply?
because it is 100% premined coin
>What portions do developers have? And how much is in the largest wale wallets?
those are very good questions that I would like to know the answer to

I agree, see my post below.

Good thing this can drop to 1.2$ before I start to lose my dollars. Has to drop to 0 for me to lose 3K.

Think about this.

there might be a dump but the community is full of buyers and strong hodlrs

reminds me of the old bitcoin/litecoin days

Jesus fucking christ did you find out about crypto yesterday? These are some dumb fucking questions DYOR

kek bought this coin back in june for like 5k sats and dumped it for a decent loss

The developers hold 6 million coins, or about 5% of the coins.

and honestly, people have been trying to fund since we were at $10 and it keeps climbing.

subreddit is growing very fast. people are taking notice.

Are you fucking retarded? What these are not dumb questions in the slightest you low IQ nigger. These simple questions should pose red flags to anyone who has spent even the slightest time around crypto. Nice argument pajeet, your day is coming.

Someone from IOTA will try to crash xrb. One of those bag holders is on the edge.

I'm telling you to fucking Google it, you fucking moron. You're on the internet.

This coin has literally had several moon missions in the past 2 weeks. If it took you THIS long to fucking notice it and all of a sudden you're surprised it has a high market cap, you're not gonna make it you brainlet.

>yes, trust us goy
>no public blockchain explorer


damn man - no need to be so angry.

I think a dump is pretty obvious too but you're missing the point, this isn't just a pump and dump scheme. this coin will survive a dump. It's going to keep climbing in the meantime so if you wanna get in, wait until after the dump.

As for the rest of the raiholders, we've been accumulating for a while now and I personally plan on hodling through a dump.

This is something I will sleep in comfy. Majority eth portfolio with about 20% rai

Who else in the > 8k xrb club?

Google Raiblocks Frontiers, it's the rich list.

>How does raiblocks protect against spam?
>why would anyone run a node if there's nothing in for the operator?
Congrats, you proved that you possess critical thinking. XRB is nice, but I don't see these 2 problems being solved anytime soon. Meanwhile XLM for instance is already working and has industrial backing. I'm afraid XRB might get left in other projects' shadow, but it'll surely rise some more in the short term, it does deserve that.

Problem is, running an XRB validator assuming global adoption is not inexpensive, not even close.

Am I the only one who lol'd at the comment about FairX.

"X is so gud, u can trade it with fiat on FairX using XLM"

That's like saying, you can trade LINK for fiat on coinbase using BTC.

Literally on their website you braindead mong.

>Am I the only one who lol'd at the comment about FairX.
>"X is so gud, u can trade it with fiat on FairX using XLM
>That's like saying, you can trade LINK for fiat on coinbase using BTC.
FairX is built on stellar so it has to use xlm under the hood but you won't be transacting using xlm, if that makes sense. Do you really think they would make something as convoluted as you describe? Don't be dumb

stop the fud. dev did an AMA on reddit answering all those questions, look it up

I read the AMA and I've been invested in XRB since 0.24$. The answers weren't satisfactory.

You need to do a small PoW before transacting, making it difficult to spam the network.

Why is that you rocket guys are now starting the fud? That little rocket not moving up any longer?

Its great project, have 4k in there, but sont be like IDIOTAs and tra to fud people into coin you own by being retarded.


>trust us goy
>no actual proof
>not even a wallet address
>block explorer "coming soon"


Do you people even do the slightest bit of research

You're welcome retard.

>Use you idiota device to refuel flying cars
>Or feed your baby girl
>Perhaps need quick teleportation to saturn? Use IOTA device!

>Tries to simply transfer funds
>48h nothing in wallet
>10h more network is down
>After 60h iotas are transfered
>I love IOTA

If you've seen that one reddit post, the POW doesn't protect against spam much. It's very inexpensive to paralyze the network currently. They'd need variable POW, and I'm not sure how easy that is to implement, if at all. If it's not possible, they'll just have to add fees to the protocol.

I hate criticizing XRB and haven't done so earlier, but I'm honestly kind of sad that it might get left in XLM's shadow, I like Colin and what he's doing. But it's a fact that XLM already does what XRB promises, there's no way around it is the block explorer at the top right you retard
guess you stay poor

XLM has too much supply compared to XRB

Jesus please dont ruin XLM community for me (its great). Both coins actually can exist in top 5 without you fudding XRB or pretty much inviting people to sell and buy XLM, it reeks insecurity, and XLM does not need it.

As XRB is intended for a payment system, people/merchants who will use it will have their wallet open to have real-time payment confirmation. By doing so, they'll act as a node. That's their incentive; being able to have instant-feedback on payments. It's very light, so not extremely resource-expensive.

Do you understand market cap?

For gods sakes I'm pointing out facts. I'm not attacking XRB. I literally said it deserves to go up, and it does

Also I don't shill XLM like that, I hate the newcoiners who do. But comparing the technical aspects of 2 coins is NOT FUD

And why do I need Ripple fork when I can just get Ripple that has literally biggest bank and institutional support?

I’m sorry if I discouraged some Veeky Forums folks but anytime I hear “people will vitally support this because it’s fun and new” I run for the fucking hills.

DYOR, like I said I'm not shilling XLM for people here

Also I think OP is a retard for making the thread without having an idea what he's talking about

Ripple is a private company. They are not a cryptocurrency.

No body said that. He literally told you that running node is inexpensive and hassle free, you dont even notice it. If everyone is paying via XRB you just need people running nodes as it is in everyones interest.

Minging coins while wasting more electricity then entire country (Ireland) is not something anyone is willing to get behind.

You don’t need to mine. You could have proof of stake. I don’t think people understand the amount of nodes that will be demanded the first time someone gets bored and decides to attack the network.

You’re asking people to massively adopt this coin before an attack happens. I think an attack will happen sooner than mass adoption.

Colin should not have burned the rest of the coins. I could slightly understand if he had rewards for proof of stake until this is massively adopted, then he removed the rewards.


This just happened.

So Raiblocks IS safe against spam attacks?

Wow, what a faggot. I made 4x with IOTA but I fucking hate them ever since studying more about it when it mooned. Sonstebo especially is a literal manchild, and their product doesn't work as advertised (and most likely never will). Not to mention they are still holding millions of user funds hostage


real nice
they didnt even get the name right

Ratios? In 2017/2018?

Are you drunk nigga? lmao.

What incentive there are for DNS?

Nice just bought 100k!

can you spare some for me? I don't even have a full 10k :(

Of course they don't, hence the ignorance that goes in here.

Always the same dumb ass fucking questions. I don't blame them tho, not everyone can have a degree in computer science or engineering.

that's a meme my dude

Some scenarios are discussed in the whitepaper and some other scenarios are yet to be tested, CFB has some ideas we will hear about it sometime soon.

Protip: Stop being a retard and learn to research, maybe someday you can be someone.

Don’t forget to vote for XRB on Binance:

Veeky Forums where Raiblocks is trash and the only good coins are XLM, DBC, and VEN

dont forget to get your ether fish

>XLM is not feeless.
>already working and has industrial backing
No. You need to research more.


>>XLM is not feeless.
See my other posts. Unless XRB can implement variable POW, they'll need fees also. XLM fees are for spam prevention only. Preferable to needless POW.
>No. You need to research more.
The ironing