XVG Wraith release is imminent

they just finished the final commits for the OSx build

SHITCOIN or not, this bastards going to PUMP

get the fuck in here Veeky Forums

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God damn I’m holding a lot of xvg And I don’t have a fucking clue how the market is going to react to this when it’s released

has anyone reviewed the wraith code yet?

i just downloaded 2 different wallets for this and neither of them sync
good coin

Shits good mane. Might be a monero killer.

Fuck just sold most of mine during the moon mission

uhhhhh ever hear of sell the news?

strap in boys

i think thats pushing it - but for a quick flip this is a good one

the second normies hear: WRAITHS OUT!!!! its going to pump like crazy no matter if it works or if it sucks, or even private.

is it worth going all in?

hell no, do a decent stack for a flip though

bunch of weakhanded faggots selling off their stacks right now. Fine by me, get some more before the moon mission.

It’s ready to go

Never go all in. Go in enough it matters though.

2k sats?

do you guys see it yet?

plz no moon i have to sleep

I keep getting this nagging feeling this is a scam shit coin. Confido tier. Read the team member page. What the fuck. Online profile names and shit

More like 2.5 to 3, it's already at 1.55, and it peaked at 1.78 this morning (morning in europe that is)

of course its a scam shitcoin, whatever you want to call it really, but doesn't mean you can't make money from it


It's too late now. If you missed THE pump forget it. I think wraith will boost it like 40 percent more but after that bye bye

when do you all think wraith will release?

Nah see what am I saying 40 percent more. Wraith is never coming out

it's already out i thought

stupidly moved my xvg into lumens yesterday and missed the pump, now xlm isn't doing anything but i'm not gonna fomo and get weak hands

It's literally already compiled and you can view it on github. Coming out tomorrow.


It’s all smoke and mirrors.

6 months from now and it's going to be shitty, broken, and at the very best, unimpressive. If you want to invest in a privacy coin with a future buy monero. If you're chasing pump and dumps like these other guys though by all means take the risk. But it is a considerable risk

It should be smoke and mirrors.

I bought this shit at 100 sats months ago, and fucking rage quit and sold for 72 sats 3 days before the mega pump. Just kill me already. Fuck this gay coin.

no protocol changes here

Nah, fuck Monero. This fud from it's bag holders has persuaded me to never invest a dime in that price of shit.

Disagreed, I see it going past 3k because it has been hyped a fuckload, normies see it as THE alternative to Ripple and hope for 'that next bitcoin'.

Fucking ouch. God damn. This happened to me and litecoin. I sold at 100 before the big triple pump

get in on xlm before it's too late, it's nice and cheap right now

i hope you all know that this will crash heavily within the next 2 days.

Smartest post on this thread. Veeky Forums forgets how dumb normies are. Buy some shitcoin sit back and steal some normie cash ffs what the fuck is wrong with you fucks? Allergic to money? Fucking cucks.

Don't buy monero then. Doesn't mean I have to like verge, this is just my opinion
>alternative to Ripple and BTC
I'm not so sure about that. As far as I know this is trying to be a privacy coin so I would assume it would be competing in that space. I believe the future of crypto will be an open market with a couple dozen big coins that each serve certain markets and purposes. Privacy coins will be highly sought after

I hope you know you can ride this wave and sell before that you dumb piece of shit.

By the time wraith comes out and this coin will be in any working shape normies will be buying some high tech shit like cardano or some other 3rd gen crypto. Verge is a flavor of the month. I'm telling you if you missed the pump forget it. All of you people are experiencing severe FOMO

Buy now its last chance. Tomorrow will reach more than 0.30 usd

I really wish I could put the rest of my money in to invest a third time for 7 cents cheeper than it is now for the last time its ever going to be this low but I get cash tip out from work and dont have the time to put it in the bank damn.

Fomo has not even started yet.


fuck off shill, its past your bedtime

Normies don't understand Cardano.
Every fuck on this page will be FOMO'ing hard as fuck in 12 hours, lots will buy in and lose money. Or you could save yourself some heart ache and buy now. It's been stable for 2 hours and mark my words this coin will hit $1 Jan 1st 2018. Screenshot this.

What am I shilling you poofta cunt? Piss off outta here you shitcoin huckstering neckbeard.

news didn't come out yet my dude

gotcha bub

Agreed. I should have said 'privacy' centred polar oposite yet succesful alternative to Ripple

>sell it before a working product is released

This shitcoin was 30% of my portfolio and I dumped it at ~80 sats during the alt massacre.

Almost 1600 sats and climbing

Volume is increasing

Sea of red

Wait who is that green little angel? "Its a shitcoin don't touch it". I hope you fucks stay poor!

My portfolio is Tron Mana Neo and Xvg, all green!

I hope you're joking, nigger.
If people sat on Ripple for the last week they'd have doubled their money and still had time to hop on the XVG train before it finally got back above 1000 sats.

We've all been holding these heavy ass bags for a week now and you know it, don't act cocky.

TFW had ripple since 1c

it just broke a 10 btc sell wall and keeps climbing

Wow that's a huge commit. Nice to see some actual work on their repo and not only this color-changes. Makes me feel alot better