Why havent you bought funfair yet Veeky Forums?

Literally give me one fucking reason you havent bought?

Its like you want to stay poor.

I have user.

FUN had the best memes and that’s what I look for in an investment.

Hmm, because it's a shit coin that can dump at any minute?

30K which is up about 200%
2018 will be great, dare I say FUN

Decided to join in and buy the dip around 650 sats, hoping for a FUN 2018.

chasing that DBC pump

>he thinks FUN is a shitcoin

care to explain why?
so far every one who called fun a shitcoin failed to give any reasons


Guess which month in 2018 FUN hits $1.


Yesterday was just the beginning the real moon mission happens in 37 days

Can’t tell if pajeet or real.
Fuck we need flags.

we're all secretly pajeets on the inside

most deffo pajeet

I've only been here 6 months but even I can tell.

Dont get too tempted by the quick buck and fast pumps. This kind of shilling is unhealthy.

Hmm yes, flags in the name of international Veeky Forumsness

What makes you think this is an Indian pump and dump?

Well I dont care about the pajeet part - to me that's just synonymous with PnD/Scam.

Funfair has intrinsic value that is going to make news in, allegedly (i didnt do my research here) 40 days.

Why would you pump it instead of just accumulate?

pajeets just pick out hyped coins and do their work on it.


FUN isn't about
>quick buck and fast pumps

It's a long-term hold with innovation (FunFair's turing-complete state channels) and an appealing use case (providing the fastest, cheapest blockchain gambling solution that provides provably fair results that will be easy and cost-efficient for casino operators to adopt). The team working on FunFair is probably one of the most credible in this space and they have shown great progress so far.

FUN hasn't had much positive price movement until recently and it makes sense for people to start accumulating before announcements, official release, ect are made in 2018 (although I don't support people jumping into FUN without doing their own research).

not a pajeet and not tempted by pump and dumps
I bought this coin 2 months ago at 0.02

is it actually staying at this new level?

Just bought 3k coins. Am I looking at a FUN year guys?

it seems that after every vertical breakout it stays at a higher floor

of course it is. its been floating between 625-700 sats for hours


Very tempted to increase my position

going 800 right now

1000 after next week

5000 after launch in 37 days

10000 after release Q2

Get in or stay poor

a breakout might happen within the next 8 hours

Cause in a fucking retard. Knew it's potential from 130 sats and havent bought. Plus i have No fiat ready

Must say, a lot of weak hands on binance

had 66000
unloaded 10k at 0.0099
sold 20k more today for 0.012 (eth, i'm not a cuck)
buy orders ready if it dips
feeling good

Those normies fell for yesterdays quick pump to 1k sats,.it dumped back to 700 right after. No this isn't a PnD, right guys.

A PnD that dumped to a new floor, 20% higher than before. I'm still comfy.

Veeky Forums right again
get in faggots


Smart people.
People that understand the need for this coin.

just bought more,I dont think itll dip anytime soon