Upfiring (UFR)

>5m market cap
>huge potential, replacing piratebay
>trustless torrenting
why aren't you buying, user?

If they can delviver it is going to be huge.

If they don't it's going to 0

high risk, high return
>but have you read the whitepaper?
it already describes the whole project, the research is already done so i don't see why they wouldn't deliver

Not naming the team making it looks pretty shady..

But yeah im balls deep in this though, if they can pull through this is a easy 25x

Stop shilling this pajeet scamcoin

Anyone can make a white paper

>No team but I'm balls deep
Shill get out

>Paying currency every time you torrent something

lol it's risk vs reward dude...

Plus i bought in when it was like 0.18$ so i'm comfy as fuck right now

Fyi, you can create filters on Veeky Forums so you don't have to see those pnd scamgroups shilling their shit.

I legit sold my $LINK for this when I heard about it from Veeky Forums this morning. Don't care about the money, but this is what blockchain should be all about.

>want to torrent obscure song, pdf, loli porn
>find torrent, no seeders


>pay small fee to torrent from one guy

I hate you stupid shills so much


Remember that cryptocurrency that had an anonymous developer? Hmm, what was it called, and how much did it appreciate?

>>pay small fee to torrent from one guy
This is actually kind of brilliant, but I don't think this system actually hosts files so you still have the same problem. It does solve PB going down/changing domains all the time though.

it also prevents someone from seeding the wrong files like a virus for example

How so? By popularity/stake? Doesn't a torrent do this intrinsically?

what "problem" are you talking about? And what does TPB have to do with this? UFR is just a protocol.

why would anyone want to pay for torrents? also I read that they wont include video and image files to avoid cp which makes it useless

>blockchain torrenting
Oh cool
>no videos or image files
Oh gay

See ya

The problem of torrent sites being raided by (((them)))m and being unable to search for torrents. It would be (slightly more) difficult to take down a cryptocurrency with actual money behind it.

Team is not revealed because they don't want to be held responsible for illegal file sharing activities...

Makes sense buts its a big risk

Again, what does that have to do with anything? UFR is just a protocol, it still needs a site to host the files needed to torrent on the protocol whether it be TPB or otherwise.

I'd happily pay 0.01 cents if it means I can torrent some obscure/highly censored torrent.

>a site to host the files needed to torrent
Are you suggesting the blockchain can't handle and store the magnet links? Obviously the file isn't going to be stored on the blockchain but that's fine.

I can see the trackers being an issue since they're updated quite frequently, but I'll admit I don't know enough about it to comment.

will they allow video or not? if not its a huge hole

torrenting literally means that the files are not 'hosted on a site'

Torrents are abstracted from the application layer/file type, so if it supports torrents it supports any file type.

why are you still trying this? wasnt it already exposed youre a trash discord group trying to pump this shitcoin

Ok , the internet is literally just a protocol , imagine if someone implemented this into a new marketplace , instead of using TCP/UDP and all the shit being handled by the website , what if it was just P2P and the website didnt actually host any illegal activities , it'd just be a virtual phone book , its been laid out a shit ton already

Have a main HTML file that users can request that is set up like a virtual phonebook charge a fee every time someone accesses info on it. Then send text files to the seller , it can be used as a fucking email service on the blockchain , I might just have to set up one in the beta , Alpha is already out this quarter, ill start looking in on making a functioal "Blockchain Book" of addresses to contact fake sellers for proof of concept Z

As long as there is groundwork to send data , a new internet can be fucking born ,you people don't realize what you're fucking with ,mark my words.

even though it sounds like shilling I agree

blockchain should be all about p2p deregulated sharing, bitcoin/monero untracable payments, self sustaining deregluated economy etc

On the other hand, what we have now, are infantile moon lambos target memes, pajeets craving for 20 dollars per week ROI and unusable undeveloped vaporwave projects aka hype coins of the week like ADA, ICX, XRB etc

If u dont see this, u are deluded

I don't really agree with the pajeets trying to promote this but really just think for a second and dont fucking write it off , this isn't just torrenting movies or a new dropbox that you have to pay for , this is creating a fucking new era of the internet . The internet is literally just file sharing , you fucking request a file from a website , why not just fucking request the file from a seller, sellers could post their own address on boards like this and instructions on how to receive their seller page. It can literally be a myspace for drugs , you fuckers don't understand so im going to have to re learn some HTML and Java Script to show you ignorant fucks proof of concept

You can make the exact same case for just regular torrent files/magnet links being stored on the blockchain, which is why I asked why that was relevant since for all intents and purposes UFR and the regular torrenting functions the exact same way except for UFR's incentives.

I said TORRENT FILES, literally .torrent files not the actual file brainlets.

starting to pump now, get in quick

I fucking hate u

Other blockchain projects don't have the infrastructure/specialisation to deliver good torrent functionality.

Not saying this project does though, I know next to nothing about it, but I do think there's an opportunity for it.

Here you go faggots , its 5 am and im on my 8th can of soda literally shaking , the basic idea behind this is you have a directory of sellers like a phone book , nothing sold on this site just a directory