That feel when you were on the right side of a moon mission for once

That feel when you were on the right side of a moon mission for once.

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Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for DRGN but this wasn’t really a moon mission.

DRGN long term moon mission. Expect a slow crawl to 5~ and then a burst to 10, before crashing back down to 6 mid-late jan.

this level of shilling has reached desperation.

The logo looks like clipart and the whole project is autistic.

This guy didn’t buy ant shares.

tfw my friend asked me about it during ICO and I said "It's an uncapped ICO with a fake Disney connection, stay far away" but he bought it anyway, and has made gains ever since



This is a long term hold for sure. Shame look lateral looked kinda crap.

kek from one scam to another

reminds me of chris trew when he scammed people with fibre and moved onto stratis

Most of these are scams you fucking idiot, doesn’t mean people can’t make bank off them now.

Fake Disney connection? Kek

Dragonchain isn't a scam though. keep telling yourself that while XRB falls down to 50 sats.

It's so fake, the developers hacked into disneys github to look credible.

lol dyor

it's on disney's github dumbfuck. Im tired of you fuck niggas doubting Dragonchain. DYOFR.

FOMO motherfuckers.

vote for DRGN now to get on the Binance exchange:

Here's my ref link:

Not even suprised my dragons started to do something.

It was a matter of time.


Ok... what does this actually DO?

Disney abandoned the project and devs picked it up and turned it open source. That's what it said in the news articles that were linked on Dragonchain's own website.

the only good thing about this shitcoin is that it is EX-disney you better sell this shit coin now user

It solves the dragon dildo supply problem

DYOR or stay poor

>mfw I put $2500 into the ICO and it's now worth over $100k

Don't ever F*K with Disney brand. Every company that crossed their path ended up being gobbled up. DragonChain, whilst not owned by them have a team in the USA run by folks with very deep connections. We will see this coin in the $10 range next year. HODL

Thanks, you're right it's just hard to see right now.

Intuitively I know you're right.

It's the opposite in this case though, Disney regurgitated, I don't think we'll see Disney gobbling them up. Probably not at least for a while. They've deliberately separated themselves so it seems like that would be off the table for now.

Yeah I'm hopeful for DRGN, their office is located down the road from binance, never underestimate a connection like that.

What do you guys think of trueflip? Do you think dolphins are up next?

What? How is this mooning? It’s not even up 50%

Clipart? I dont think you are autistic enough to appreciate good logos. This is an actual good logo.

it's up x10 since ico

Yall realize a former FBI assistant director is an advisor to this project right?

Thomas Bush, Assistant Director, FBI Criminal Justice Information Services Division. You better apologize about what you said about the logo because that dragon is angry lookin for a reason