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Who here comfy? This is an easy mission to get some more gains at the end of the year. I searched plebbit, only a coupe threads with like 5 upvotes each. My midnight /bizbros/, accumulate this. Tomorrow, we let the rest of our bizbros know. Then, we let reddit know. They love DAGs. They love china, and they will eat up a chinese IOTA.

Some info for u guys
>really easy to use. 20 eth confirm and u can trade

Binance bought a bunch... IOT Chain (ITC) is an alternate solution to M2M IoT transactions and is considered the “IOTA of China”

It uses a PBFT consensus and uses a combination of DAG and Blockchain instead of Tangle. It's an OS for M2M designed to address the security issues in IoT by using semi-homomorphic-encryption ciphertext computing and can do 100,000 tps.

It has a data marketplace as well: "Under the circumstance of big-data revolution overwhelming commercial industry, ITC first puts forward the idea that data sovereignty belongs to the users and provide technical protection for this. Non-circular data is valueless. ITC has applied zero-knowledge proof, BloomFilter, Hyperloglog and other probabilistic models to provide data-analysis access to smart contracts. In this way, the companies can submit smart contract to use the users' data for machine learning and pay tokens for the users according to their data contribution."

Another plus was that it was founded by an MIT grad. It has the chance to overtake IOTA and is sitting at a 92m market cap because it's new.

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forgot to add, 70 mil volume at 100mil market cap

This is truly the comfiest 2018 Q1 hold.

Not going to sell this before $10, no fucking way. It'll x3 as soon it hits Binance.

noup, iota is best coin for iot even if they have now some problems

Looks like they have some strong partnerships: Shanghai High flying electronics technology, Peoples daily digital communication, Shenzhen Galaxywind Network system, Shanghai Shuncom Smart Technology, Telink semiconductor, Shanghai BeTiger Network Technology, Shenzhen LEnze Technology

>20 eth to confirm
What the fuck does this mean ?

huobi deposits your eth after 20 confirmations i mean


>guaranteed moon missions
>Veeky Forums sleeps on it

as always lmao


Huobi and Okex

I don't know much about Hubio, these are Korean chinks but Okex is Chinese Chinks and have pretty proper English version, very solid platform.

Im in for the moon mission lads. Comfy chinkcoin gains.

wise call brother. remember chinks are asleep atm, this shit will skyrocket in 14 hours

does it have a working wallet?

Look at roadmap, this whole project is out a week fresh.

Its 7:30pm in China you fucking moron. A 5 second google search would stop you from looking like a fucking moron.

>doesnt know in Chinese culture people fall asleep 6pm.
>never been to China

newfag in life

i've been to china 3 times before you degenerate faggot

Don't post about this gem you fucker Veeky Forums is gonna ruin it.

look interesting!

Chad ITC and the Virgin IOTA

'the IOTA of china'

man I remember investing in some dodgy companies back in the day they would all use this shit for their pump and dumb trash companies.

'the netflix of china'
'the amazon of china'

its genuinely only to attract dumbass western investors and it always fucking works

at least back then they used good company names and not IOTA LMAO

t. Salty no-ITCer

I've already x2'ed, but what's the ceiling on this shit? I'm tempted to pull out, but I'll wait if this moon is bigger.

pull out? lmao?

it's confirmed to listed on Binance and it's not even on Binance yet and every 2nd question in Veeky Forums or Reddit about ITC is "where can i buy it???"

add 1 + 1 togeter mate. 2x since binance listing, that's it.

i remember going from $1000 to $25000 with the "ethereum of china"


This already has a market cap of like 3or 400mil...

Yeah I'm impatient because I fucked myself yesterday for the first time and I desperately want to recoup.

Also it's not even a dag...yet

good. glad you took profits - thats what you do with these chinese stocks/ currencies

surely you're not in it for the long term? lol

And xvg has a marketcap of 2 billions, cripple 100 bazillions, what's your point?

biz gonna miss this binance listing lmao

We don't need week hands like on icx just let it fly without /biz knowing it.

Holy fuck she's mooning now. When does this come to binance?