that's a weird way to spell Poop Coin


I want my bags clean, no thanks


Does it have designated shitting blocks?

I bought around 28k BZC, how fucked am I?

*audible kek*

I read their toilet paper and can confirm

They are called loos and there are things called Master Loos. On top of that, it only takes three plops for a conformation, which is usually 3 seconds, average one second a plop. It's a proof of poop, so don't wipe!

I can smell the shit from here. What is it with indians always smelling and looking like actual crap? How come they don't have any sense for hygiene at all?

my fucking sides. Thought I'd never watch a street-shitting themed documentary

>main argument for not shitting on the street is muh women

sounds like only beta male faggots shit indoors

>that blonde old rakesh at the end

>family honour
UK women love to be raped and they have the gist to talk about women having honour? The UK has sunk in way too low.

Literal Pajeetcoin. What the actual fuck. My Brain can't comprehend this shit...

How much for a Master Loo at current 5sat exchange rate? Could I setup a full restroom for .5 BTC or is that overly optimistic?

When moon government sirs??

PajeetCoin (PJT) I’m not doing it but someone make a pooNloo Pepe shitting in the streets. Do it nao !

you need to provide referral codes and dividends on those who succesfully adapt to shitting in the master loo

kekington stanley my god


A literal shitcoin

it will x100 in 1 month, mark my words

That webm is in India.

Hmm, gonna have to think about it. After watching I get the feeling this coin would have trouble with adoption. Seems like the whole loo concept would scare away a lot of these pajeets who would rather pick and choose their shitting blocks freely.

I'm talking about the paid Jew shill BBC.

he's a butthurt pajeet i think.

When is Venezuela implementing the Petro coin? That would moon like a motherfucker



One Master Loo is 1/2 billion shitoshis

What's the difference?

just like the indian population