Redpill me on Request Network, Veeky Forums

Redpill me on Request Network, Veeky Forums.

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finance related, normie friendly and Veeky Forums shilled, what more do you want faggot?

Join this pump group if you don't hate free money..

Go fuck yourself op. Do your own research you fucking cuck

Its paypal 2.0

I dunno, I never got around to reading the whitepaper but now it's like 25% of my portfolio.


yeah same
i just liked the shill on here

>I'm just a simple man. I read Paypal 2.0, I buy 100k.

Basically. I bought before the Paypal posts were coming out though.

REQ is currently working on adding ERC20 tokens and Bitcoin support. Fiat is after that.

The point of Request Network is that you can demand payment in whatever you want (for example USD). And the payer can pay in whatever they want (crypto,erc20,other fiat) and through 0x and kyber they will get exchanged in real time with the lowest fees possible (an order of magnitude lower than the exchange rates of credit cards).

Aside from its intended usage, which is what everyone is basing their valuation estimates on, it will tap directly into a $500 billion crypto-market in which it's currently hard to cash out of, and expensive to buy into.

So it might, or might not steal marketshares from Paypal. But it sure as shit will become a force to be reckoned with in the cryptomarkets.

Wait... is REQ _not_ an ERC20 token?

>he didnt get redpilled at .05
>he didnt get redpilled at .10
>he didnt get redpilled at .20
>he didnt get redpilled at .30
now asking to get redpilled at .40

classic Veeky Forums

>tfw put off until 15c, then added more at 22c
Just put a bullet in me.

just purchased 5000REQ

its backed by YCombinator the investment firm behind Coinbase

It's a scam

it won't be like paypal, DOA

yes it is

It is, you can buy it on etherdelta

Berlin insider here: Expect big exchange listing tomorrow. Can't tell you more details.
(watch the growing volume in the last 24h..)

nice try pajeet

it’s a scam


Do whatever you want.
You can't say, "nobody told me", tomorrow.

That's what I thought. In that case I dunno what is talking about.

good idea, never going to work due to eth scalability issues.

Money skelly will make us all rich

It's definitely a long term hold. So, unless you plan on buying a shitload (at least 20k) very fucking soon, don't bother. Find another moon mission and get in on the ground floor.

he's talking about adding support for ERC20 tokens through the Request Network payment platform, which will include both crypto and fiat forms of currency

20k usd?

Ah ok.

It's made by fucking french fags.

It's just a meme like 99% of all other coins. You can't be PayPal 2.0 if you don't fucking work and nobody cares about you

It's absolutely amazing to me how this board constantly fails to see how shitty their meme coins are.

Enjoy withering and dying in 2018

ETH is working on plasma.

Also, REQ is blockchain agnostic. They aren't tied to ETH alone.

Original berlin bro said to sell at .45 which makes sense because whales have been pumping and dumping this from the start whenver it hits an ATH. Fuck off fake berlin bro

I meant 20k REQ, but yeah, 20k USD and you'll be in Lamboland

theres not much more to be desired

But did he say why to dump at .45? Are we supposed to sell at .45 and get back in later or just sell and be done with it? Because I honestly don't see any reason why this shit won't continue well past .45


I'm never gonna make it.

Whales aren't done accumulating. This isn't new news, and if you've been following req it's a pretty consistent pattern. Expect a 15%-20% decrease. It can only go up a certain amount before its dumped by whales.

Small correction will be at .45, yes.
But will not last long (exchange announcement will be before the correction)

Oh fugg I think we're going through this wall. I sold just below it and feel like I should buy back in.

buy kyber, unlike req it's not an erc-20 token

>I'm never gonna make it.
Not with that attitude bro

Think of it like this... It's pretty easy to 2x, right? Hell, a lot of the time, you can double your money in a day if you find a good moon mission. Get $500 then double it. Then double that. Then double that. Double your initial $500 eleven times and you're a millionaire.

Eleven times. That's it

Lmao holy shit. Blew threw the last 90,000 and then some in one second, then I FOMOd back in a bit higher. Fucking hell I should have just jumped back in even, it was no big deal.

sam is gains.

Eleven perfect 2x with no fuckups AND a big enough buy book to cash out isn't as easy as you think.

Yeah, the pattern was like clockwork. I never could pull the trigger and daytrade during those times. I was really tempted though.

Yeah I tend to only day trade during the safer periods. They offer significantly less gains but the risk is close to zero when compared to those times.

I'm butthurt I didn't trust myself enough to buy into that 60k wall in time though.

That sounds interesting, but what’s the practical purpose of Req coins?
Sounds more like a standalone thing rather than a cryptocurrency.
Or does every emerging blockchain related company have its own coins for the fun of it?
Genuine question, not trying to fud.

t. Req holder

Yeah, the buy book is really the most worrisome thing about the 11 2X plan. It's not easy, you're right, I just like to think of it in that simplified way. It is less stressful. Especially when you consider that, if you do fuck up, you're really only losing $500. That's why I've already "cashed out" my initial 500 and am looking for my next 2x. I'm on number 6 right now. Numbers 3 and 4 weren't prefect, but I've made up for their differences elsewhere.

Yeah that last jump is going to be one hell of a hard time. Cashing $1,000,000 out before whatever it is collapses is probably almost impossible.

Yeah, I've been kinda down about a few missed opportunities lately too. I'm still debating on getting in on DBC before 1-1-2018 (China time). I'm think I'm going to have to end up flipping a coin to make that decision because I just keep flip-flopping

I know, man. Hell, it makes me nervous just thinking about it hahaha


We're at 45c, what to do. Cash out soon and go long on a big dip? Or just hold.

that one user larping as a "german insider" said to sell at 45 cents

Do you want to be stuck holding the bags for weeks? Sell and buy back at the dip

Not sure if correction will happen today, since the 300 eth sell-wall was eaten so fast..
Wouldn't risk daytrading now.

It's such a hard call to make. FUCK.

>> they think it's ever going to dip below .40 again

Yeah that ETH wall being demolished honestly shocked me.


its going straight to 1$

rumours of ycombinator shoving it down normie throats seem to be confirmed soon

he did say to buy back in for another spike so you could just hodl through it and buy the dip


I'm considering selling before the next 'big' wall, but we'll see.

>Never read the whitepaper
>don't know what it is, what it does, what team it is
>don't understand what a blockchain is
>paypal is fine, why do we need 2.0?

>my req stack on binance as I know how to daytrade this shit and know nothing else. Making like 5-10% increases daily with little to no work

And I did. Regret incoming.

dude.. hopefully not all?

Yeah all. My REQ stack is a mere 3k so it's pointless to trade small parts. I'm gonna buy back in if it accelerates.


hopefully for me it does and hopefully for you you get in before it does

I see. good luck dude, stick to your plan and don't fomo

How much did you sell?

Im in the same train dude. I hope it dips a little to buy back

I jumped back in at 63625 after it didn't crash as fast as I thought it MIGHT. So, minor profit there, at least I've done better than merely holding through this unless I fuck up.

It's probably going to, it's had 50% growth in the last 2 days. We'll see sub 58k again imo. But I have no balls so bought back in.

Just sold 75% if my holdings, probably going to regret it but that sell wall is massive

dude... don't trust walls.


ahahahahahahah it's not stopping

They're not even being pulled, they're fucking melting.

Yeah I probably fucked up but I'm sure there will be a correction after a week of almost unchecked growth. I only held 1k anyway

Why the fuck are all you brainlets getting tricked by the whale walls over and over?

How fucking hard is it to sit on your hands and hold?

Why the hell is it apparently so easy to make money? I even fomo'd back in at 0.00049 after initially selling, never had such little regret about an emotional decision.

This. I expected it to and sold and rebought again. NOW I'M BACK TO WHERE I WAS BEFORE THE LAST LUCKY FLIP.

Really fucking hard actually.

Dude I would have been burned so hard if I sold... This thing is unpredictable. We're going 67 vitaliks at least.

not that hard if you consider i lost them in 'nam

What the FUCK is going on with this coin, why do I only own 3K yet bought 500 Ark at $3.


LMAO at everyone every srsly fudding this. Respect to my people imitating pajeet fud on this coin. We are getting fucking rich. This coin has some more exchanges to hit too,.

Ok. I'm not selling because FUCK that, but I think we've peaked for now.


It'll dip eventually. But trying to swingtrade while it's so fucking volatile is a 50/50 gamble.

I've got my REQ safely tucked into my MEW.

It’s not even on bittrex


This is going straight to 1$.

Yeah I already ate into my daytrading gains for the day a bit swinging off this last pump. Gotta stop myself and just wait for a return to calm. Was up 300, now up 200..

It's still at the same spot you retard