Buy ripple

buy ripple

Ripple 101

-The supply is fixed. There's no inflation.

-The current transaction cost for a standard transaction is just 0.00001 XRP.

-The transaction cost is not paid to any party: the XRP is irrevocably destroyed.

-Ripple consistently handles 1,500 transactions per second, 24x7, and can scale to handle the same throughput as Visa.

-Ripple Labs share is locked in 55 batches, only one batch can be unlocked per month. It would take them 5 years to unlock them all. This makes their incentives 100% aligned with XRP holders. Ripple Labs is always working on creating new partnerships (e.g., Amex, Santander, ..) and expanding XRP's marketshare.

-Ripple doesn't use proof-of-work anywhere which requires inflation and/or outrageous fees (as in Bitcoin)

-Ripple is more decentralized than Bitcoin. With Bitcoin, you have no choice but to trust whoever purchased the most hashing power (currently it's a chinese company called Bitmain). With Ripple, you can run your own validator and setup your own trusted validators list. 10s of non related reputable public and private entities around the world are currently running validators (e.g., MIT, Microsoft, ..etc), many more keep joining.

-The software is open-source (Stellar was a fork of Ripple).


Wow ripple PR team investing on /biz shill threads !

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How is that a shilling exactly?
Explaining how it works = shill?


Bye ripple

Ripple company's profit exist solely on it's shitcoin going up in value. The company owns a huge portion of it's shitcoin. Therefor, in order for the company to stay profitable it needs to dump it's shitcoin on the people dumb enough to buy it.


I actually researched the tech and I believe in it.

>price in BTC

retarded or trying to get retards to sell?

Anything in the world (even fiat) would have a similar chart because Bitcoin surged.

Now here's the XRP/USD chart.

It sells only to institutional buyers who can't dump in the market because of legal and technical constraints. They also have another sustainable source of revenue, providing support for all the institutions using the protocol.

>They also have another sustainable source of revenue, providing support for all the institutions using the protocol.

So that's stopping the banks from developing their own system apart from Ripple? Also in order to use ripple banks have to gut their systems which us expensive and time consuming.

fuck it sucks how you live on a little world where you just can't trust no one.

must be frustrating.

XRP holders live on a place called Earth, are you familiar with it?



Ripples pump is over, its dead for the next 6 months. Get out and in to BCH or Ether. If you bought the peak, better hit the Gym, those bags are going to get heavy.

Which tool produced that screenshot?


But that's not how it works. It's a false representation, omitting details and cherry picking. Doesn't even list any problems or cons to XRP

nice try pajeet, how about no fees at all and 7000tx/s ? XRB is here to kill your shitty bankcoin

I saved it from another user. I guess he just combined them with any photo editing app.

it's just beginning actually. Unlike Bitcoin and Ether, XRP serves a real-world purpose, and Ripple speaks to an industry that is worth trillions of dollars.

considered buying back at literal bottom
didn't do it because I thought I'll get even better opportunity once I wake up
just woke up

just end my suffering already

m8 I don't fucking care about all those shits I'm just daytrading and flipping shitcoins, been doing so for the last 7 months

Suit your self guy. You were warned.

I'm hodling for at least a year. I watched it fall many times below $1 and didn't even consider selling for a second. The fundamentals are solid. This is the first crypto that's actually production ready.

How exactly do you flip shitcoins? I want to make money short term.

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>price increase on diminishing volume

Nice try user, but I don't but dead cat bounces. Let's see which way this moves when momentum starts to pick up again.



yeah, that's not a dead cat bounce though

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XRP makes no sense for me. I bought low at around 0.75 and I'm in the red with 3 digits

I will close the option
Any idea where I should place the money now? Hold kills my portfolio


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you just picked some arbitrary points to make the channels work?

He's right, though.



How high will it go before it takes again 3.50?

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Actually it is not fixed the devs can change the supply as much as they want