TRX Mooning?

Im in and its mooning but Im not sure if I wanna stay long term or short. What do you guys think about this coin? The momentum is crazy for being so new.

If trons delivers, it will become the Alibaba of crypto

it’s not worth it’s salt. the founder is a hack, went to prison for fraud

Source? I can't find anything

It's FUD. Justin is a-okay.

bruh... spreading FUD? really?
Justin works with ripple, see ripples success?
Trx is gonna moon and its ur decision to hodl or sell.
Ill hodl.

should i buy this or no i really like the logo and it’s cheap

Justin will take us all to the moon.

Read about it, research it. If you like it, buy it, loads of it.
If no, then still buy it, cuz ure dumb and can't see a 10x apportunity.


I've done a quick search about it and found nothing.
The only thing about him scamming anyone is mentioned here,
With no proof of the actual scam.

It's fud. Justin sun is a Chinese golden boy. The Chinese will force his success because it makes them look good. Literally inevitable. BUY.

where do we see this baby taking body is ready for Justin

IMO a dollar at least eventually.


what is eventually for you?

will just have another pathetic pump like the McAffee shoutout and the 29th source code release. It will go up, but slowly, probably slower than XLM and REQ

6 months

If he's a scammer he's /ourguy/
Thanks bought 100k

I think we will be lucky to get past 20c but I hope you are right ause I'm holding trx

All the reddit faggots and newcoiners hate TRX.

That should tell you everything.

honestly dont know whether its a good sign or a bad sign anymore

Read more....
In short, its a good sign.