is this shit ever coming back to at least 20 cents

no. At the end january maybe though

Will drop 50% then moon back 50% and youll break even. The binance voting will either make it moon or dip again

no because I bought at 20 and cryptogod hates me

there is no binance voting for bnty

Buying pump and dumps?
I told you to buy kcs

im stuck holding these fucking bags and i hate it

Bought at 9 cents, x2 my money and then it dumped

thats why im saying it will bleed out 50% then pick up 50% when the next voting happens.

Uh you can still sell them at nearly 2x
How are they bags?

Bought at 0.08, sold some at 0.25 cents, holding 2k BNTY because why not.

Same. This is great for set it and forget it.

$10 EOY 2018
Prntscrn this

we at 13 eurocents now, this is far from 2x

2x is relative

Fuck, I am 2/3 in. Should I sell the part of bnty that is not in loss and keep the other one?

Depends what you got in at. If you can flip some and make more than 10% profit on it, and you want to, then why not?

Nobody can really say when this will moon, I'm more than happy to be proved wrong about that

It should have another spike soon.
Market cap
this acclamation/rsi

but honestly who knows. just meme lines if I go further

I am just concerned about the volume decrease.

thats because its bleeding...

Its gonna moon, whales have to unload eventually.

Yeah they'll unload on each other due to 0 volume. Very moon sir.

daily reminder of the time this coin has been trading and that you fuckers need to have some patience

I know you're all a bunch of newfags so I'll tell you this, everybody shat on ark when it kept hovering between $0.7 and $1 because of whale accumulation. Most of the board dumped their stack and Ark started dipping down to $.6 and even $.5, it stayed in this condition for a good while. Look at Ark now. The exact same bullshit is happening now for BNTY and I guarantee you lot that this will be AT LEAST a $100M cap by the end of Feb. It's a niche project so I don't know if it'll reach Ark's cap, but it will skyrocket from where we currently are. Do with that what you will. Ark had a $20-30M marketcap when it was being FUDded. BNTY now has $20M.

The other plus side is that it's easy to swing trade, I've netted an extra 15k since yesterday from people who want to be impatient.

i love that there are people like me still around here. may the steel hands be with you my niggers

How long did ARK stay at 0.7 and 0.5? I see a breakout forming on BNTY. You think it will have a small moon soon?

ok senpai

About 2 months, maybe? I don't think it'll take that long for BNTY though, because of all the hype. ARK was only hyped on Veeky Forums but BNTY is everywhere. I doubt it's going anywhere for a few weeks and the breakout signs are probably just the whales teasing you, never know what could happen though. One thing's for sure, you won't lose by holding this coin, it's pretty much at the bottom now with a $20M marketcap with no more room left to sink, so the only way to go is up for Q1 2018.

Alts will moon this week including BNTY which will go to 50cents at least.