Tax question

For EU citizens, what's stopping you from starting a skeleton corporation in Portugal (around 600€ cost), registering it, then depositing all your crypto gains to the company's account, which stays untaxed because Portugal announced it's not going to tax crypto?

Then, with that legal Portuguese money, you can transfer them legally to any EU bank right? So you return to your country after your 30 day trip, and you're done!

There must be a caveat for the EU to Jew you but I do not know it yet

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>you can transfer them legally to any EU bank right

hey guise instead of A -> B you can just do A -> C -> B

where B still calls the tax agency to show them your massive unreported income.

>live in Switzerland, mad gains in job
>from Portugal, endgame is coming back
>Swiss gains go into crypto
>Crypto gains go to Portuguese Bank
I can't believe there would be a time I would say that I was glad to be Portuguese through economics.

why you need paper money? hold until you will not have to switch

tbf, switzerland lets you get away with 75k CHF a year from gains untaxed anyway.

Too bad life here is extremely expensive, so 75k is not that much if you're living by yourself.
But if you have a partner and no kids, so either your salary or your partner salary ends up being savings, with those untaxed 75k it's a third salary in the household that gets into saving.
But it's still not that much to be honest.

yeah, I know what you mean.
Can't even think about buying a house because taxes, so you just take out shit tons of loans that you don't even need - just to avoid taxes on "luxury goods".

It doesn't work in most situations. Your company is usually taxed where you sre resident, regardless of where it is incorporated.
Also portugals rule only work for holding, not trading

What do you mean by trading? Daytrading is one thing, but what if you buy and sell every now and then?

Even building a house...holy shit...
Building your own house, not even a big one, costs around a million.

Meanwhile in Portugal I could make a fucking mansion with over 20 rooms for that amount, high tech as fuck and by a top designer.

This is honestly determined on a case-by-case basis. It depends on your country. But lets say the majority of your income comes from crypto and you do several buys/sells every month = probably considered trading

I meant for Portugal

>Taxation of capital gains is only possible "when, due to its habitual nature, it constitutes a taxpayer's professional or business activity, in which case it will be taxed in category B", he added.

>But the situation turns out to be unclear and the investor reveals some concerns. "How does one conclude whether it is an investment or a professional activity?"

Why couldn't I just move there for 4-6 months?
I need to check if I'd need a .pt bank account, but I doubt it.

It'd cost less than where I live now anyway.

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>live in Germany
>hodl crypto for a year
>cash out
>it's tax free
Portugal sounds nice though. Might check it out next summer.

Because taxation is based on your residency unless you have employees and office. A shell company is tax evasion which is illegal. AEOI makes sure your gov knows about your accounts

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Du zahlst Steuern auf jeden Trade den du nicht 1 Jahr gehalten hast. Wenn du also Bitcoin kaufst, nach 10 Monates es für Litecoin tauschst und das nach 5 Monaten für Ripple, zahlst du auf all das Steuern. Nur wenn du die gleiche Münze 1 Jahr lang hattest, ist der Gewinn steuerfrei.

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>Portugal announced it's not going to tax crypto?

What? Only 75k? I thought there were no capital gains tax, just capital tax of 0.35%

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Weird i was thinking this too at the other day and was wondering how hard would it be to get double citizenship there.

Check my post, but it is only for holding not trading

Estonian e-residency?

if its a corporation you pay.

sorry. its just for us citizens

Hey that's my post, OP.

Happy you reposted it as its own thread, but did you like it that much?

Deine Orderhistorie kannst du aber selbst schreiben :3

Where did you see that Portugal doesnt tax crypto? I am Portuguese and it is taxed as foreign capital gains, with a tax of 28%

It is not true tthat they dont, but check this

Would taking it as cash in Portugal work? And then you have to hide it under the mattress, but the bank in Portugal doesn't have to call anyone right?

Portuguese citizens are taxed on capital gains. Foreign citizens are not. Exactly the same as Malta and Switzerland.

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For the moment here in Italy it's tax free as long you don't cash out more than 50k a week.
Also I don't mind paying taxes as long it's just on cashing out.

Yes but crypto is at least not tax free in Malta for foreign citizens. I asked a tax lawyer who asked the tax authority.


Also kann ich einfach schreiben dass ich meintentwegen 10 Bitcoin am 31.12.2017 gekauft habe und am 31.12.2018 kann ich das steuerfrei auszahlen lassen?

Steuern und Krypto in DE haben mich schon immer verwirrt.

Proof? Spanish guy living in switzerland. Dont have the "schweizerpass" :-)

Kommt ganz darauf an wo deine Shitcoins liegen. Aber denke schon dass man gut damit durchkommen kann. Erklärungsprüfer im Finanzamt sind auch nur arme Schweine die keine Lust darauf haben.


Replace PORTUGAL with BELARUS or ROMANIA. Both EU, and both recently announced that for the next 5 years, crypto company gains are TAX FREE, as they're trying to attract investors to their country.

You HAVE to start a business or one-man corporation, that carries a flat cost. But is it possible?

Also because we're talking Belarus and Romania, there's a very real chance of corrupt government officials leaking information about your crypto gains and blackmailing you, but it might be the only way we can avoid the tax goblin.

Als ob das Finanzamt prüft, ob es genau die gleichen Bitcoins waren die du gekauft hast. Die verrechnen sich schon beim plus und minus rechnen, da sollen die sowas können.

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