Listen nerds

(Sand nigger here) I’ve got 2.6 btc to throw at your low market cap coin that’s going to at least double in the next week. Shill your coins I’ll choose one and if ur coin wins I’ll send .6 btc to your addres, now let the shillings begin

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check out OPT. its pumping on hitbtc. but can get cheaper on ED,

EncrypGen (DNA). Low market cap, new coin just over a month old, real world application and word is just starting to spread. Expecting at least 4x, especially if/when it's listed on more exchanges. You can trade it for BTC on Cryptopia.

Happy new year user.

>shilling complete shitcoins to raghead
god bless /pol/

How do you feel about getting in on a privacy coin with a 50 mil market cap that will likely 100x in 2018. Xspec on cryptopia. This is the best crypto on the board hands down, best crypto privacy tech around.

OAX is pumping right this second on binance

Thats not ECA


It has AI potential on its side. You know normies love anything that has to do with AI, they will pump the shit out of it. And it already has underground hype. One big order could set off a moon mission.


Z Classic, raghead.

Went from nothing to 130 then got whale'd down to 75 to consolidate. Easiest double in the world.



Look into them, seriously, especially UFR

UFR is currently shilled and will continue be so until its valued fairly (100m+ cap), got potential for 1b cap

I recently discovered MyWish, smart contract creation for normies and businesses who can't program contracts for themselves. They even help with ICO creation. It's climbing steady, sitting at around 8-9 million cap. Userbase is climbing every day. In the business side they are also getting new partners, one of which is a pension fund.

Don't care about your money just take an honest look at this project.

idk about the next week.
but xdn will more than 200% by q2 2018
probably 500% by then easily, maybe 1k%
so put about $5-$100 worth of bitcoin in that one
for a few months, and it should do great.
check back in summer 2018.
screencap this.

i think 0.10 by summer will be np.

it gets minimal shillage.
and i've been following it for a few months..
it keeps going up over time.. i think it'll be ok.



All hail ECA
Less than a cent
Shit is about to moon in a few hours once the new website is out
Volume has been increasing only in the past 24h

UTK going up.
Or just get some FUN


Upfiring, creates a platform for secure and trustless torrenting


I would wait for a correction first though but that could be an easy 2.5x within 2-3 months.

Check out ELTCOIN. 100M supply coin with a $3M market cap, it's dirt cheap right now. They just released their Android wallet and they're releasing their crypto to fiat card within the next month. Devs are crazy active and have met every deadline.
The people behind this are also the same people behind, and ELT will be one of the ways you can pay.
The people behind this are ALSO the people behind Apollo, a new crypto exchange coming soon.
They're starting a huge marketing push this month, and this coin is going to explode.


Calling Bounty0x (BTNY). I can see x3 in 2018. I suggest reading the whitepaper.



Op here, kk I’ve decided to go with Dbc going to save your wallet addres if this shit works out were both gonna be profiting, in holding till Jan 15 and see where it’s at


Op here again, im gonna save this Post and check back January 15 the coin that has had the most growth from jan 1-15 will get .3 btc.

decentralised VPN

alternatively invest in SHIPCHAIN ICO

both will quadruple or more within short time

Go with either:
IoTChain or

Both are guarranteed 2x atleast within a week


XRP. It's going on coinbase and then to the moon.

XLM was invested in by IBM and Deloitte


Also, OP won't deliver

We goin to the moon!
When do I get my .6 BTC to help you pump?

Stellar (XLM) is a non jewish form of ripple


Gambing is haram, if you want to invest use your own brain to make a clever choice.
>guys I call myself a sandnigger pls let me fit in :DDD
You'll go nowhere with this slave mentality faggot


Chainlink (LINK)

Decentralized oracle that is blockchain neutral. Already did proof of concept for SWIFT (please look up, trillions of dollars in transactions per year) and SONY. CEO Sergey Nazarov selected to present at SIBOS 2017 (SWIFT conference), third day keynote speaker at Eth devcon 2017.

This coin will one hundred percent 100x.



POE, no more to say.