You call $700k in ETH a whale? Meet a real whale. I dumped everything I had into Ethereum. I'm not going to lie and say you'll get 2.5 ETH if you sign up under my link but I'll give you a modest 0.3 if you use my cryptofish link


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nice larp

No use mine

used your link
here is mine

What the fuck is this fish business

If you used my link make sure you post your cryptofish ID so I can confirm you signed up under my link and post your ETH address!

Also don't use outlook, it doesnt seem like the verification system works with it.


Help a poor guy get gainz

Pls help
Thank you user, you would make my day if you say the truth

have 0.85 eth to spend
use my ref link
and i'll send you 0.07 eth
post a proof and ur wallet

bite my hook lads
what happens when the ref links reach 9999? I’m jumping in help me kind fellows

Let's get a referral train going?

yes plz help me fish


lesss goooo

used your link now pleae use mine



Want to help a brother out?


OP here. I still can't verify my account. I used outlook. Is anyone else having the same problem?

Yes outlook didn't work to verify my account as well, I verified with gmail though


Don't let me down OP, I registered under your link!

Thanks for the help

Will update this post in 15-20 mins to say if OP came through or not





I registered under your link. I can get you over 15 referrals in an hour. Want to broker a deal through discord? let's talk.

Yours has not been verified yet user

Going all in because why not. Help a poorfag out, gonna sign up with 5 emails.


Same here

I'm 9356, wanna work on getting you these referrals with me?

First one

Don't do that. You won't get paid anything.

Can't believe this is a thing, fuck it

I almost fell for your ruse op. Congrats

BTW op's address is binance's alternate address;u=1134329;sa=showPosts

Used your referral code

P-please fish-chan

last transactoin 13 hours ago. pay up or quit being a nigger faggot

>"dumped everything in ethereum"
>address shows $8m in eth, $500m in tokens
can't even larp correctly, but not like the pajeets here will see any difference


If someone could sign up under mine that'd be great

Here is mine


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The rest of you need to post your cryptofish IDs with your Eth wallet address in the same post
my portfolio is 55usd, all in on ltc/iota
pls help some eth would be lovely even 0.05 :3