First Timer

Hey Veeky Forums first timer on this board and asking for help and/or a mentor to help me navigate the cryptocurrency waters. I'm pretty broke and trying to turn around my life in 2018 and think that crypto is a way to do it financially.
Please help me out, and no bully this stuff is really confusing to me.

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>has internet access
>asks Veeky Forums


I just figured you guys would know more and be able to simplify it for me, sorry


go on youtube mate, don't listen to these cunts.

You're gonna get your ass pounded in crypto man. If I were you I'd get a job first and lurk here more.

okay man, any specific youtuber/s?
well i have a job but i will lurk more most of it just doesn't make any sense to me, like you guys are speaking another language is all you really need, baby.

Ok then alternatively:
1) Make account on coinbase (cuckbase)
2) Buy some ETH
3) Make account on Kucoin and use my referral code: 1bKsP
4) Send ETH from cuckbase to Kucoin
5) Trade ETH for smaller cryptos, preferably cheap little bastards that were just listed.
6) Put in listings to buy cheap
7) Put in listings to sell at a profit
8) Send gainz back to cuckbase and cash out, or use gainz to buy more cryptos to increase gainz

I mean you could do this on binance too and other platforms, but I just want more referrals for Kucoin.

When sending money do it from coinbase to gdax to wherever to bypass fees for transfers

Dont lisen to this cunts
Make acc oc binance or bittrex other are shit exchanges
1rule dont chase pumps remember this buy coin and hold
2nd rule never sell at loss put extra money in and invest in another one
3rd rule donr lisen to Veeky Forums
4th rule dont buy coins behind forst 100 wall
And happy new year hope u turn it around

Are you a literal retard? Lurk moar faggot

For a YouTuber I recommend:

I mean ETH from coinbase to Kucoin is only like a $.30 transfer which to me is pretty negligible. Just don't invest in BTC to trade OP, unless you want to pay $20 transfer fees.

thanks man, bittrex is unfortunately full right now and not accepting more people ill look on binance
i'll check him out
nah I don't have enough money to hop on the bitcoin train besides it's looking pretty dead right now anyway

Buy high sell low

whats in it for me to use your referral code?

A warm fuzzy feeling in your heart.


The cool thing about Kucoin is if you hold the sites coin (KCS) then every day you get a certain percentage of that days dispersed transaction fees back into your account and distributed to all the coins you hold. Referral program gives you a larger percentage of that cut.

okay man, do you have a discord or something?

I don't sorry man, I come here to be user personally. I'd just lurk more though if you're looking for tips and tricks. 80% of Veeky Forums is pretty retarded, but you get some useful info here and there. Just don't panic sell at a loss and you'll be fine.

92% of what you will see on this board is bullshit, and most of it is deliberate

good luck

well thank you anyway bro, one last question I have ETH only about 8$ worth on coinbase and did kucoin but idk how to transfer it so that i can distribute it
i figured as much its the same way on Veeky Forums and Veeky Forums the boards i mostly frequent

nevermind i figured it out