How to make it as a <500€ poor fag?

I-I just want to make it in 2018

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To start, buy UFR and BBT, both will moon within 2 months, mooning being 10x atleast up to 100x potential, not even tripping

also you'll need to shill after buying, the project is there but the coins need more hype

I'm in the same position as you, user. So far made it from sub-50$ (3rd world country) to sub-200$.
By the end of 2018 I'm going to be in a much better position financially. I hope I'll make it in 2019.

Step 1: Learn to differentiate shillposts like this from actual advice
Step 2: Gamble your neetbux on a promising coin that hasn't mooned yet.
Step 3: HODL (lolredditmeme) until it moons or you find a more promising prospect to move your money to (as long as you've made at least some profits)

Listen up user..

You only need 8 back-to-back 100% trades compounded to make 120K euros with less than 500.

Just do your research! Financial freedom is only a few trades away!



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literally free money and doesnt need shit. dont miss out on when shit moons and fishes become a fortune user

This user just helped you out op.

How do you tell which coins are worth investing in and which ones are pajeets?

by actually looking into the coins before fucking buying them?

Yeah, this is what Im doing (i hope). What do you think of swingtrading if you spent time learning TA?

Join this pump group if you don't hate free money. Get in if you wanna make it.

There are thousands of coins how the fuck am i supposed to check all of them

TA is good and nice but only a small indicator. In the end noone can predict the future..
There are coins with long term potential to hold and others are better to daytrade for profit.

Time in the market
Emotional control/Learning from your errors
Use biz/other crypto sites for market sentiment
-> create a watchlist
observe the movement of coins mentioned
Look into the tech/roadmap/plans/competitors for mentioned coins
Plan before an investment the timeframe - shit shitcoins like btny can allow you to ride the pump, as long as you don't get greedy for a short time, actual good shitcoins with allow you to hold after initial gains

has some good recommendations, but always with risk associated, diversify at least a bit other different tech, use, product lifetime

And don't expect to get rich in 1 month, even 10% RoI in 1 month is increadibly compared to other forms of investment.

Learn about TA and tech to get better at estimating technicals and fundamentals. Cut your losses and take your profits.

Go away loser

Started with 250, now at 6000

buy chancoin, HODL until March

by spending lots of time and effort you lazy fuck. you expect to make it by doing nothing and just depositing some money somewhere, hurr durr.

Thanks boyos, most of my money is in xlm which I plan on holding for some time.

I was like you two weeks ago, user. I put my 600 in ICX, XRP, REQ, FUN and XLM. Now I'm nearly about 2 grand up somehow.

>coinmarketcap lists 900 coins
click on the "coins" drop down menu, click "full list" scroll down and keep an eye on the market cap column.
Somewhere in the 500s it should go from nearly 0 back up to the millions and start counting down again, Ignore the coins below that point, none of them are good.
Then start researching from the bottom up to find a new crypto that has potential and isn't a scam.

chancoin is around #451, it's a 6 month old crypto, and it used to be a scam but isn't anymore (scammer was kicked off the dev team by head dev) and has major updates coming soon to the framework and a new mining algorithm which will be implemented in the coming months which will vastly speed up the currently really slow network and has lots of plans which will make it less of a shitcoin so I recommend it, any point below 5 cents is a good point to buy right now, even low 5 cents is still good.
When the updates roll out it will be x20 within the month and the increase in popularity will result in more devs volunteering.

Made it frontera 50$ to 13k, YES YOU CAN

I-I will make it

As a starter, OP, report posts like these. Some thread exposes how its a bunch of pajeets who will scam you

>will moon in 2 months
>doesn't explain how
>posts discord
pajeet coin to the max
if you want to shill a coin then post about the benefits of it and post the coin's website, not discord.

I will paypal you 10 dollars if you buy 5 dollars through my amazon link.

I need clients so I don't get kicked out of their affiliate program.

Just split your money in REQ, XLM, ADA and ICX/NEO

> This also if you day trade, stop limit is your friend. Also don't day trade.