Am i going to make it?

Got 1500 Euro spread as such.
30% in XRP
20% in ETH
15% in TRX
10% In XLM
10% in LINK
10% in Burst
5% in IOTA
Poor, but the question is... am i going to stay poor?

go all in on a moon coin, then diversify.

50/50 UFR and BBT

UFR got potential to 20x-200x, look into it, and if you invest in it which i strongly advise, join our shill

> No ECA
You are not going to make it user

100% Upfiring, then diversify like user said

All in on eng
Thank me in 2019

Too diversified, stick to 4-5 coins max.

Here's mine using p much the same amount of money, I'm p comfy with this.

Good coins (except fucking burst, sell that shit) but you shouldn’t diversify an amount that small.

youre a fucking retard

>30% in XRP
Over bought, headed for -50% correction
>20% in ETH
Only going to lose against BTC
>15% in TRX
Overbought and due to a hefty correction
>10% In XLM
>10% in LINK
Don't buy above 1k sats
>10% in Burst
>5% in IOTA

I dont understand why would i diversify... am i retarded?

respectfully disagree

diversifying is not to gain more it's to lower risk

I mean there is some retards on biz that went all in on NXT.

so being too diversified is good?
rather lose 2 coins with 10% on it
or lose 1 coin with 30% on it?

rate me


30% NEO
30% OMG
25% ETH
15% XLM

Why are you spreading out 1500 euro lol

>30% OMG
>25% ETH
>15% XLM

I don't know if you accidentally left out NEO or if you're trying to say it's bad

Ripple is deep with the biggest banks...
It will keep rising, i just put an order for 300 more, ty.

I wouldn't copy ur entire message to say its great, i left it out on purpose.

what will have the best performance in the next 3 months:


no you picked coins that already mooned

> 10 shitcoins
> no DGB
> ???

all in VEN for 99.99% sure 10x