Are you retarded faggots really that stupid?

Are you retarded faggots really that stupid?

Do you idiots understand how math works? If you have $50 dollars in bitcoin, you will NEVER MAKE IT DAY TRADING 1) because you are too stupid 2) even if you were a genius you’d never be able to time the market better than 50% of the time, effectively having the same odds as random chance 3) making 5% ten times in a row is STILL LESS THAN 1000% GAINS.

Your only chance to make it is to go ALL IN on a coin and hit a 10x. Once you do, you can split it and diversify and do it again. I started with 10k in June and now have 1.3MM, and I’ve made probably around 30 trades. You losers who sit in front of charts all day “muh day trading” and end up down 15% after 14 hours make me sick. You’re wasting an opportunity that will never come again.

Deep Brain Chain (DBC) is the next 10-20x. Your only chance is going all in on this coin. I have NEVER been so sure of a moon coin before. It is a function AI/Blockchain technology that is ready for market and has NO competitors. Singularitynet is fucking gay and run by some drugged out faggot who looks like weird al yankovich and won’t be available for months or more, and won’t be working for even longer. DBC’s team is experienced with B2B industries which is what DBC is meant for. This is a coin people will WANT to own. It will hit a 500MM market cap in weeks, which is about 9x from the current price. It will absolutely go higher but since you retards have ADHD that is what you can expect to cash out with in under a month. This is your chance to get into a 10x at basically ground floor. DO NOT WASTE THIS OPPORTUNITY.

I have returned to crypto because I’ve just wrapped up a couple hedonist months of large living, and I’m ready to make another million dollars. I am here again to help those smart enough to listen.


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>shilling brainlet coin
totally believe that this Genius Millionaire is sharing real tips for free

this copy pasta is ridiculous but doesn't mean it isn't true. I'm all in in this motherfucker. Will do wonders come january.

He is right dont day trade with 50$ put in coin and wait but about this coin i dont see future pick a better one but i coud be wrong

Really nice project with huge potential and a great team backing it up. Plus they have already beenin the business so there u go

can buy brain?
buy deep brain brain?
can be smart boy if buy brain?

what's the circulating supply ?
Cause with 50% in circulation this would put the marketcap at 450MM I dont like this

There is nothing wrong with this. It mixes to two most hyped memes at the moment. AI and blockchain. It will prob 10x just make fucking sure you exit in time because this will be worth dogshit by the end of 2018.

This. OP is a fag copying the shill from last night but this is true. I’m 50% in.

100% agreed, good luck everyone we made it

whats the circulating supply? marketcap?

if this doesnt get listed on that chink exchange tommorow its gonna dump like fuck, holding 5k brains myself.

>if this doesnt get listed on that chink exchange tommorow its gonna dump like fuck, holding 5k brains myself.
its not tomorrow, its sometime on January

its not showing

everyone's been saying 1st of jan

Terrible advice. Just because you are too stupid to know how to trade. I day trade, every day. That's all I do. You hold the bulk of your account in the stores of value while you trade 1 or two coins at a time. You limit your risk that way and keep multiplying your total sats. You don't have to catch the exact top or bottom. Just profit from the trend. Whether the market is up or down... I profit. You have to follow only what the market (whims of other people) will give you. Example - I doubled my money in 10 hours on Bounty0x the other day, took profits, put that same doubled money, took profits, and moved on. You hodlers do nothing when you are up, do nothing when you are down and eventually sell out of frustration with a fraction of what you could have. Fucking losers.

post portfolio, I'll post mine, whoever has more wins?
started with 20k back in 2016 now I have 1.25mm

Does this sell order mean its gonna take a dip if it reaches that price? Its sitting right at supplylevel where the price dropped before

That works because you have NO MONEY you fucking retarded nigger. Yeah cool you turned 50 sats worth of DBC into 100. wow. good job idiot. Turning 4 cents into 8 cents isn't the same as turning 500k into 1MM.

If I tried to day trade DBC, it would take 5-7 hours to unload or buy without clearing the entire order list multiple times over.

You, being a small brained pajeet, seemed to have missed my most important point-

If you happen to not be holding DBC when it moons, like goes up 150-200% which will happen at an unpredictable time, then congrats, you've just lost terribly. Even if you successfully day traded ten times in a row, it's still not better than a 3x rise you fucking moron, AND you didn't waste all that time sitting in front of a computer screen.

And guess what? After it moons, psychologically you won't want to buy back in because you' would have lost more than half your original stack, which means you will miss the ENTIRE 10x-20x moon mission.

Day traders lose, holders win. KYS fucking idiot.

you shouldn't care about anything the stock does these few days until listing is made, it is all manipulated

even if it dips 50%, this is all in order for whales to get cheap coins.

if you ever had a good chance this is now, go in.


Op, hope you are right. Holding 130k of this stack bought at 130 eth. Sold my other token for this and the other token is mooning. Fml.

can you proof your 10k->1.3MM claim? if you can, i'll go allin DBC. also 130 eth still a buy or am i too late?

Second this. Screenshot and I'm all in.

someone tweet this coin to McAfee, he would love this shit, could get an extra pump going.

The bounty0x chart looks good. Actually thinking about buying this little dip. Someone shill me please

post your trades, cuckold

can't prove I've gone from 20k to that but it is up to you if you believe me or not..
some more money on smaller exchanges

fuck off, niggers. I'm not here to prove shit about myself to you. You want a blockfolio screenshot? People will call it fake. My money is spread over multiple wallets and exchanges, not going to go to each and snap it for you retards. Here, have a kucoin screen shot then proceed to kys you ungrateful fucking faggots. You should be thanking me for even taking the time to share what I know with you.

Circulating supply is in the 15% range right now, market cap is in the $150 million area, maybe even a little lower

>5% 10 times

But you can do it 5000 times. Sure a 10x is nice and all but it's mostly down to luck.

I could have done it yesterday with SagaCoin but since it's a Pajeetshit I hesitated and only got 2x but there's no point regretting over gains.

Cup and holder pattern, it's your LAST CHANCE TO JUMP IN

Boii is right
Gotti make fat moves for fat returns.

But how u gone put 100k in an exchange, 5-10x that with comfort knowing shits on some exchange out of ur control and pullin that bitch out with tier 1 accts and gov eyes on ur stash bruh nah..

ooof, thats some heavy bags

Don't buy it then. In fact, go away. Shoo. This coin is terrible, do not buy go back to your basement and buy some bounty or whatever the fuck shitcoin for children that bullshit is. Kys while you're at it.

You fags are so blind

That much money at exchanges?!

Yes I keep multiplying sats and have 20% to 2x gains all over the place but somehow I have no money? How exactly does that work brainlet? DBC will moon, and I will be in on that too... but I will be taking every movement and every opportunity to get the plays that are moving in the meantime. Telling a trader that daytrading doesn't work is absolute nonsense. So if you have made any money it was by sheer luck, not through any skill at managing risk/reward... but more likely than being a millionaire posting in /biz.. just another larp.

Well OP, let them find the truth by themselves. They might find the brain swap they've been looking for

I sold my stack of link for this. This will guarantee best out link on short run?

you guys selling this at 2x or hodl for longer?

Thanks senpai

Are you worth over a million? No? Then shut the fuck up.

I've made over 1MM USD by making under 30 trades.

How many trades have you made, thousands? And how much have you made? Jack shit? Sound about right?

Yep, kys. I know day trading makes you feel better because it tricks you into thinking you have a job when in reality you are nothing but a drain on society, but don't talk others into doing it.

Also when DBC moons you better pray you're "in it". You're leaving all the important shit up to chance. what a giant faggot.

Thanks for making LINK pump lmao. Always happens when biztards sell their stacks

just read the white paper and i'm embarrassed for anyone considering purchasing this. it's at $1b market cap already and they can't even copy/paste python properly. if it goes anywhere it's because of shilling and nothing else.

do some research moron, have you even been on their website?

OK larper post those millions. Not like the IRS is lurking.

Why? Because a chinese company comprised of chinese AI PHDs and not english majors, catering to chinese people running on china's ethereum (neo, DBC is neo's second launch) didn't impress you with their english skills?

You must actually hate money or be retarded. It is most certainly not at "1B" market cap right now you dunce. Why am I even responding to you pajeeter, kys.

I agree with OP, day trading is shit unless you have a large capital to play with and make money on spreads consistently.

Even with large capital trading in small caps, its almost impossible to make money. Because your in and out positions will pretty much move the entire stock or eat out the sell order. So ppl would tend to slice their positions very small and slowly exit their positions to reduce trading cost. But higher price risk in long term.

So I believe fundamental wins in long run.

Kill yourself you LARPing pajeet faggot

Why do you think Binance and other exchanges have these "volume trading" competitions? They're turning into fucking casinos, that's why. They want you to day trade because they make money every time you do, and they know you will ALWAYS lose in the long run, which is what keeps you addicted to day trading. Only LOSERS day trade, it has a terrible reputation in real finance, and an even WORSE reputation in crypto. Tell a girl at a bar in NYC that you're a "day trader" and she'll laugh at you. It's common knowledge that only low IQ gambling addicts are day traders.

If you were fucking smart, you would amass funds and put it into good projects like DBC. Then you would sit back, relax, and walk away in February with 10x your money.

God damnit, you people are seriously so fucking dumb. Yes, millionaires DO come to biz, I AM GIVING BACK to this community, not everyone here is a piece of shit trying to trick you.

Everyone, listen to me. DBC. 10x in a month, guaranteed.

Yeah buy this shit just to get dumped on. No thx.

I managed to get 10k DBC. Do you think mid January would be too late to grab more? Wagecuck here, waiting on a paycheck to invest.

Lmao it's like he doesn't want huge gainz

Loser detected.

Have you ever read the poem "The Hollow Men"? TS Elliot is talking about YOU.

Loaded up on DBC. Dont know shit about crypto really, but being a machine learning grad student, the implications of this are YUGE.
It will probably tank like the other poor choices I make, but I can't let this pass just because deep learning.

Yo this guy is right

OP, I love you. Please save us.

> It is most certainly not at "1B" market cap right now you dunce.
It's trading at 10cents with 10,000,000,000 coins.

oh my god man.... are you fucking for real.

can someone explain why he is wrong and how terribly wrong he is? I don't want to waste any mental energy dealing with this tard's blindness. He must be blind because CLEARLY HE CANNOT READ.

Only like 15% of them are circulating you since, that puts it around $150,000,000 market cap.

fyi dbc is demoing at neo devcon in san francisco end of jan:

(you can find them at the end of the agenda pdf)

you dunce***

Yeah right. And chainlink has a marketcap of above three billion


just bought 200K DBC, waiting on order of another 50k to be filled
this will MOON 30-50% TODAY
huobi & binance listing incoming

watch UTK & ULC (non-manipulated) rise 100% from yesterday
DBC only 20%

will moon
get in now or regret not doing so

they are unlocking 250m coins in the FIRST MONTH after launch. they're going to dump and exit. it's all so obvious. this thread is probably a discord shill group.

It will unlock 10% of 2.5 billion. Can you read?

Cosy Days

which is 250m, as i mentioned in my previous post. are you retarded or just pretending?

so what, now 900m are out, who cares about 20-25% dilution in crypto world?
watch XRP those retards

you sound retarded.

Big fan of this aggressive marketing.

>hello id like to jump in a boat
>ok sir but keep in mind the boat can sin-
>well then im out fuck you you fucking scammer

Veeky Forums normies in a nutshell

the actual state of biz

kek 0x

Alright, someone give me your referral code for Kucoin.

>) even if you were a genius you’d never be able to time the market better than 50% of the time, effectively having the same odds as random chance
>he doesn't know about risk/reward ratio
Pro-tip, you can make a fortune being right 20% of the times. Let that activate your neuron.


I got 200k DBC which isnt a lot but its still a worthy sum in fees.

No, you fucking can't. Like I explained, when you have an amount of money ACTUAL WORTH JACK SHIT, you cannot day trade without wiping out entire order books multiple times. You'd have to sit there for 5 hours slowly unloading or buying. It's the dumbest thing ever.

Yeah, take your 1k and day trade, have a blast faggot. Maybe someday you'll have 1.8k

I'll take my 100k, 200k, 300k, and park it somewhere and walk away with 1MM, 2MM, or 3MM.

lol that screenshot looks so pajeet.
>rapidly increase the incomes of token holders and sellers


Based whale, why don't you pump XRP for us?

The threat of artificial intelligence has been the sword of Damocles hanging above the human head, and
various science fiction movies have thrown out artificial intelligence to threaten the survival of human beings.
Famous physicist Stephen William Hawking and crazy entrepreneur Elon Musk have issued artificial intelli-
gence threat theory. Although technically the threat still requires years of technological development, if we can
build technical specifications from a very early stage, the benefits of human development will only be greater.
We believe that smart contracts are likely to be an important solution to future threats of artificial intelligence.
We will continue to explore to restrain some preternatural behaviors of artificial intelligence in DeepBrain Chain
through smart contract, to guard against potential artificial intelligence threat for the future.

>best memes in the game
>good dev team
>working product
>small market cap
>fills niche role
>early stages
>going to be listed on real exchanges eventually

>go ALL IN on a coin
>hit a 10x.
pick one

>Your only chance is going all in on this coin.

be ready in your PinkWojak™ pics folder.

This is not worrying in the least. You realize that most cryptos hold at least 20% of the coins within their company right? These guys are holding about the same, except it's split into 10% of their 25% holdings each year.

Meaning, their company only holds 2.5% of the coins in the first month, and this increases by 2.5% every year until we reach 10 years - when they'll hold the complete 25% of the tokens.

This is not a bad thing AT ALL, in fact it's the opposite you retard. They're keeping themselves accountable by not hoarding a huge supply from the start. I imagine the reason they're doing this ties in with their AI in some way.

to the fucking moon

Am I gonna make it? Sincere Q and appreciate this board, when I can navigate the shills

250k* :)^

Mana is a fucking scam

>no XMR

thats a cup and handle if i´ve ever seen one


this is fucking scam, 10 bill supply. over valued fuck with current price, forgot about 10x.

some of us don't have 100K to park. Some of us barely have 1k to park

Hey OP, day one 60k bagholder here.

Been keeping an eye on the chart while listening to this in the background.

I'm excited for when it gets listed on B&H.

Question for you, after the 10x, I was thinking of selling 10k, HODL'ing the 50k.

Good call? If so, what would you suggest I diversify into next?

I might just spend the month reading other white papers when I'm back from vacation before I take the next plunge.

>this is fucking scam, 10 bill supply.

Anybody that says retarded shit like this deserves to miss out on a moon ride. I can't believe there's still people around who think like this, lmao.

circulating supply is 1.5billion.

Ok so you have about $6k invested, when that turns into $60k I'd take maybe $20k and reinvest that.

$5.1k actually, I bought most of the shares at the dips.

So approx 1/3% reinvest when it 10x's.

That was along the same line of thinking that I had.

Invest the profits into 1 or 2 other projects that I deem fit.