Fix Biz Petition

We need to fix Veeky Forums and you guys have made it clear that only way we're gonna do that is by banning promotional posting and adding a flags system. I made a petition. Let's get this to Hiro.

We are gonna make our board great again, we're gonna do it, we're gonna push the advertisers out, we're gonna restore the quality of threads and we will bring back the essence of what we were just a few months ago.

We can do this. We will do this.


Nobody wants flags for everyone. Just put flags on indian, bangladeshit (and toronto too desu) IPs and let them be filtered.

Not just indians are shitposting. I know for a fact there is a group of australians flying under the radar here advertising.

Everyone just bundles everyone else in with the indians and it's not necessarily the case. I bet there are more regional groups we don't even know about.

How about I'd tags we can tell the shills to fuck off

Then ban put flags on everyone east of about Poland. Some australians are good people I'm sure but if the bad doesn't outweigh the good it's no loss. Other than that nothing of value to Veeky Forums discussion will be lost, plus if you don't want to , you don't have to filter.

bump cause i agree

That aint gonna do shit. We need signatures. It's a good way to pool positive votes from several of these threads, which I will be making over the next week or so.

oh yea and ban roastie posters. This is a blue gentleman's board.

I will do anything to stop these fishshit and discord posts.

I think that instead of a single flag, Veeky Forums should put three flags on each post. One legit one, and two random ones. (constant per-ID/user)
/q/ exists, dumbass.

In your dreams

I dont know what /q/ is. Is it on some other chan or something?

Change was good enough for us when we memed brendan fraser back into acting, it's good enough to make biz great again.

what's this about? are there any screenshots or post references of shitposting? It's Veeky Forums right, I'm here for the shit posts.

create new board /scam/ for all cryptocurrencies
Veeky Forums is only for real business & finance

Jesus christ where have you been? There is a big difference between shitposting, which I solely do, and literal shilling shitcoins in droves.

Its just about the order of the fuckin hour around here. The fishcoin whatever it is, is the latest.

put a flag showing whether the poster has cookies from reddit, dont show the flag to the poster
100% of spam gone in one single move


I proposed this originally. Noone went for it. Revised the proposal. Would love for biz to go back to the way I got to experience it for the few months before the crypto explosion. It was comfy as hell.

But we'll never have crypto confined to a small daily thread ever again.

please make this happen

so the consensus is that they're Indians? I thought it was always that way

Yes, but the majority is not 100% correct.

There is a notorious group of australian shitposters basing themselves off discord that shill here too. They might have disbanded by now but I doubt it. They wanted me to make memes like I did with ark for some other shitcoin they were gonna load up on, but fuck that shit.

I did Ark because I believed in it. That and grandburger gave me 20 ark.

You're all a bunch of stupid niggers who are better than the nocoiners who used to bitch about crypto threads.
>I-Its not what I made my money with therefore its shit
Who fucking cares if its new or garbage? As long as it makes money that is the only thing that matters.

Biz is Business and Finance, as much as we shitpost, it's not meant not be treated like a crypto /b/

I want to learn about business and investing but Veeky Forums is just a shitshow of cryptocrap.

How about we just ban all NEWFAGS like OP for not knowing what /q/ is

Stupid fucking tripfag

You know what's worse than pajeets? Faggots buying XRP.

What is it?

I am technically a newfag but Ive been on Veeky Forums since 2011 when we got 3g internet at the house. I'm an /r9k/, Veeky Forums, /b/ and /x/ regular and now Veeky Forums in the last 12 months or so.

I have never heard of /q/ before

You probably bought “eliminate poverty” (aka feed the niggers) xlm

Fuck off /pol/, you have a designated shitting board, three even since there's /bant/ and /v/ too. Just stay there.

Leave and never come back

You really think Hiroshima Nagasaki cares what you want?

I cant find q in the board list. Is this on infinity chan or something?

System thinks my post is spam. Goddamn it this shit is acting uptonight.

Its not what I's what we want.

I would rather have a /crypto/ containment board, but Im not the majority.

Goes to show flagfags are all newfags

Are you sure you don't mean /qa/? Cause I been there already and seen the nice message Hiro left for the rules.

Make a separate board for crypto

oh now you guys come out of the woodwork