UFR pump and dump discord group exposed

There is a discord channel named "shill" that is trying hard to get you to buy a shitcoin like UFR.
They are posting fake announcements and news regarding UFR, they want you to believe that UFR isn't worthless,

Screenshots with proof: imgur.com/a/QORqg

As you can see they are running bots and are posting here with many accounts by hiding behind VPNs.

Discord invite: NFvPMuF


You won't be able to sell it once they dump the coin.
You will sit on a bag of shitcoins not able to sell it anymore.

The best way is to scam scammers.

They all have bought UFR, when nobody buys, they won't be able to get out with profit or can't even sell.

Other urls found in this thread:


wow, thanks

you are welcome.

Please pump this so everybody can see that UFR is nothing than a scam!

Thanks user :)

I assumed all pump and dump groups do this because they always have done this.

Thanks user, I'm in that fucking group, almost bought it too but I'm not on that exchange
I'm gonna stay away from discord for awhile, seeing too many posts about people being scammed by the high ranking members

sold 100k, thanks user

This is not PnD, this is a group to shill promising projects early on. They are all long term holders.

Woah who could have predicted this?!

No it's not because if UFT would be promising, there would be REAL news.

You guys are just pushing UFR by telling people lies and talk shit liek UFR will work with Kim Dotcom. ...IT IS ALL A LIE

Looks like everyone there is holding UFT and shilling to guarantee the projects gets attention. Major news for UFT comes in jan-feb anyway.

As a new member of your group can you post a link confirming what you are saying is true, this board is up for all of Veeky Forums to see, now would be a good time to establish yourself as a legit group


NO NEWS ARE COMING. you all are talking completely BULLSHIT.

Tell me where the super news are? ...just look at Github and look into their code.

That guy didn't even write it, it's just a copy/fork with not a single change in it..


was telling this on another thread already
then pajeets swarmed me lmao

The discord link I posted in the 1st posting is the link to their PnD channel. ...

You can look it up for yourself, they are a pumpndump group

I've been telling you guys that ALL discord groups are pajeet shills, when will you learn

But its not a PnD, its a shill group. Yes there are thinks to come for UFT, you're just getting 10-50x gains instead of 100x-500x if you were in the group. But you wouldn't have even heard about UFT if it wasn't for the shilling.

I kinda wonder where the truth is.

I mean, lets say you have 30 people, how many are pajeets. Are those pejeets in another discord group passing around the real dump limits? Then how many of those pajeets are actually Jews in another discord channel, passing around the real dump limiit, but how many of those Jews are actually Reptilians in another discord group passing around the real dump Limit

Ohh god, where does it end?

I'm a programmer
Can you give me a link to the github to I can judge for myself ?

the truth is very simple
there are two classes:
if you are not sure which one you are, then you're a pajeet. The whales have their exclusive discord groups where they decide to pre-pump something, then they go to pajeet channels and promise them x100 gains and the pajeets then start shilling super hard all over ALL Discord, telegram, slack, leddit, Veeky Forums

and the whales make a killing, pajeets make x2-3 profits and everybody else gets eternally fucked.

rinse and repeat. over and over again.

That just fucked me
Wild West of crypto what a ride
How would ((they)) even begin to regulate this shit show of the century

Lmao retard. Join the group for yourself we are completely transparent. This is not a 'pump and dump'. We are all holding the coin and doing the publicity for it.

We are not just going to drop this coin, I myself am dedicated to this for at least a few months (or when it goes 100x). It is a promising coin, paying seeders in crypto is a brilliant idea. Otherwise why would anyone seed?

So you may pat yourself on the back and wank off over 'exposing' our group, but it is open to anyone. I invite anyone to join us as we publicise this promising coin.

How is this any different from any other pajeets shilling their shitcoins everyday on here? At least UFR is a unique project with an ACTUAL use.

pump and dump? ye imma dump that coin in 3 months lol

Ill bump this
But it was pretty clear seeing all these shill threads yesterday

holy fuck thanks op. sold all my ufr to buy more req.

>I'm a programmer
doesn't know how to use google

You mistake a pnd scam with a legit coordinated pump group to make money for all those involved.

You guys can fuck off. You had the exact same project from before that I debunked. Feenix tokens had the exact same fucking concept.

I am glad anons on here look for actual fucking communication from devs before buying.

Remember guys if it pumps walk away from your computer and think about it. Put together some questions and come back to research it.

The one I found is not public so I rather ask the guy to give me the source of his doubt


Honestly - why not just ride the pump instead of making this post?

Is it because you missed out? It’s not too late user.

You are literally spreading false rumors.

Check picture, this is not a pump and dump group. The group is only bringing awareness to undervalued low marketcap coins, you fucking faggot.

No it's because I don't want that people lose their money because of fucking pumpers.


Dude you are a massive retard. What are you going to say after a month? Longest pnd in history? Pnd's are over quickly and nobody wins. This is completely different. We have found a good coin and we are drawing attention to it for long term progress. What is the problem exactly?!

>it's not a PnD
>it's just a PnD

your defensiveness on the topic obviates the nature of your PnD scam shit, faggot.

> found a good coin

No whitepaper, unknown inactive devteam, just a copy/paste github, not a single change in code




retarded OP, you're going to miss out on this, UFR is not a scam, it's legit and alpha is coming Q1 2018, wait for lower price and get it. Every coin has fcking pump and dumpers, how is coin a scam, if some retards decide to pump it. Besides this group isn't even pump and dump. I bet you want to buy this cheaper with this poor attempt at FUD.

most of the pump and dump discord groups are scam, be aware




You are retarded if you don't understand that.

THey have a whitepaper. It's just the same as the previous project FEENIX!!!

With the same fucking memes. THe fenix rises! Their theme seems to be fire of some sort.

It has a whitepaper, if you would do some research you would know who's in the team, there is no github pal so you can stop lying, the only github you can find is from one of the devs.

You're lying your ass off, and I have been researching this coin since early autumn.

Lol is that why they made it private?

Dude did you look into the code on github?


NO USECASE, NOTHING - just another of the thousands of useless shitcoins. ...are you stupid or why don't you understand that?

The devteam is unknown, they aren't even devs because they just copied from another coin.

LOL biztards are always the same:

1. hyping coin they don't research / understand
2. pump it up
3. crash
4. lose money
5. cry around that cryptocurrency is scam


Did you also research the fact that the moderator accounts are bought? That those accounts have been dead for months to years?

I hope you get burned by the upfiring scammer.

According to their information alpha was now Q4 17 and beta is in Q1 2018. Already behind schedule mate?

>Dude did you look into the code on github?
No, the only thing I found is this github.com/upfiring
Do you have a link where I can look into the code ?

share screenshots or fuck off

We gonna bump this thread since there is a huge effort on biz to shill this coin. bastards probably sweating bullets since they cant sell.

thanks OP, i'll be sure to shit on other UFR threads

Are you retarded? You are retarded right? English not your first language?

Link is here imgur.com/a/QORqg but I can post the images one by one to expose this scam.

:D I will do that newfag. I am sure your partners will thank you for asking for all the images one by one.


>pajeets make x2-3 profits
doesn't sound too bad lmao

What is wrong this ? What they're doing isn't bad, it's a good way to promote. Can you read english ? "promising low marketcap blockchain projects - hidden gems"

But hey you're promoting UFR, so thx


Yeah retards like you might think it's a scam cause the promo comes from a group, so they're right. Good thing not everyone so dumb. This "scam" post is the best promo UFR needed, please bump this

Pls respond or you're just the pajeet you see in the ones promoting UFR

:^) Reverse Psychology? I will keep bumping and spread the knowledge.

This project shows a high similarity with FEENIX token. Similar fire theme. Similar "fire rises/feenix rises". Link to scam here. bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2253639.0

THe website had a fake dev team and the website was registered through an Anony company in Texas. The site has been in maintenance ever since Oct/Nov with no communication.

Feenix and UFR share similar white papers. Some aspects have been just copied and pasted exactly.

FEENIX ANN started on OCTOBER 10, UFR ANN started on OCTOBER 2. It wasn't UFR that copied FEENIX iif anyone copied anyone, it was FEENIX.

Feenix came AFTER UFR, so Feenix literally copied and pasted stuff from UFR.

How in the fucking world does that make UFR a scam? It's like when a Chinese company makes a copy of the iPhone, then suddenly the actual iPhone is a scam. Pajeet logic 101

It is too much of a coincidence. UFR released a whitepaper after Feenix did but has similar aspects to UFR.


Where is FEENIX, they have no website, they're gone. If FEENIX was the original, why did they exit lmao. It's so obvious that they were the one to copy UFR make a buck and then quit.

this is pretty much a jew coin right

You mus thave some heavy bags to run around the UFR threads talking about me :^)

>requiring peers to pay in ufr for data
>requesting data on internet
>qaulity quantitity memes
>generating ufr within the network
>that protocol
red flag all over this
never buy it
absolute utter scam coin

An update coming from the devs on Medium this week

This was the most blatant scam coin I've seen on Veeky Forums. Meme-tier utility (Torrenting using blockchain? Fucking retarded why would I PAY every time I wanted to torrent something), blatantly obvious shills, etc.

Anyone that bought into this trash needs to get out ASAP

the best quality torrent platforms are paid ones, not utorrent shit, paying a tiny! fee of UFR to the people that seed, will keep the torrents alive, and improve the quality and speed of dls, it may also prevent shit tier torrents full of nothing but trojans

thanks man, i got told this was why it was pumping so i sold already

was stuck in this shitcoin for a month and got out at a bit of a profit in the end

Now put that profit into another coin that is at all time high and call it a shitcoin when it doesn't 10x from there

>the best quality torrent platforms are paid ones, not utorrent shit, paying a tiny! fee of UFR to the people that seed, will keep the torrents alive, and improve the quality and speed of dls, it may also prevent shit tier torrents full of nothing but trojans


I never witnessed such a pathetic uneducated piece of shilling scumfuck shill like you in my entire fucking life and the fun part about this is you aren't even realising how fucking retarded you are
nobody, listen here you piece of shit, N O B O D Y will ever pay a "tiny" FEE in your pathetic UFR network willingly to torrent FREE available content anywhere on the fucking web ESPECIALLY when private trackers/DL hosts/public torrenting would shit on you and your worthless Upfire torrenting on any given moment of your worthless existence.
Try to find a better place to scam out some BTC you worthless pieces of shit. Hopefully someone back traces you degenerates in discord for good and dumps all the adresses to biz for some exclusive new years memes.
If someone ever would want a premium service they'd have a fuck ton to choose from and that wouldn't be UFR Upfire scamming niggers.