Admit it Veeky Forums, you are jealous of his wealth

Admit it Veeky Forums, you are jealous of his wealth.

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You already made it, why you are still here? Feeling empty with millions?

And you’re jealous of my tax evasion

A little bit but I would never want to exchange positions with him.
He's a faggot on top of an idiot.


The sooner you realize that there will always be someone richer/stronger/smarter than you, the sooner you live life as yourself.

>bought bitcoin in dollars range
>hes a mastermind

if i win the lottery am i a mastermind too?

who the fuck is this?


That look on his face

how many millions he got?

I love you

>in facebook group chat at the "crash" from $5k to $3k
>someone in the chat posts "nice meme money" and tags someone whose been shilling since 2013
>message read
>30 seconds later posts a photo of a $20k rolex and "lol nocoiners"

I'm jealous about fucking his mom.

Invite me

It's school friends from back in secondary (high) school. We're mostly 20 now.

I couldn't care less about people who boast about their wealth, I care about creative and intelligent people

He's lost millions so far this month hahaha

He looks bad and he's an idiot. Money can't change that. I dont care about how much money others have.

flur changed my life foreal foreal

kid will become homeless once the crash hits


We pump. We dont dump. We shill our coin and then later dump on normies. In here, everyone profits

Is that Elon Musk or something?


weird lol my deposit through bluebird looked different


>baby deposits
>tax evasion
are you gay?

He only has like 1 million. Maybe 2 max. Many biztards have more. He is nothing.

Also, looks like a beta virgin

>has $1m+

agreed. he’s literally nothing.

Wearing an off-the-rack jacket that doesn't even fit. Does not know how to money.

He looks like the kind of guy you punch in the throat, upon which he throws up and is finished.


>using bluebird
at least it isn’t paypal

try using amazon codes next time

yes, but rich or poor he's a faggot with an extremely punchable face

No amount of money will make him desirable.


Yes, of course I am. But I don't want a public spotlight like that. In fact I wouldn't want anyone to know that I made it.

Classic cup and handle wojak, I expect it to x2 in 3 hours

audible kek


All that money and he can't even get a properly tailored tux.

I liek this

Eric Finman

promtard alone in the toilets

paypal doesn’t care about 1k at a time you stupid nigger

This fag is too flashy. He's gonna go broke building universities in Dubai.

upturned pig nose. what a fag


Bluebird is a heavenly debit card



im glad 10 years of depression and overcoming that before i got rich prepared my mind for all of this
hes the kind of guy who ends up with shit tons plastic surgery and coping by showing off i got the feeling
i might be wrong but thats how he comes off when you see him shitposting
i wish him the best of luck