Its really that great?

its really that great?

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It's a shitcoin. Sell it now OP.

Just look at IOTA fags running around scared (along with David) and you will have your answer.

It's a piece of shit with 7k t/s and zero fees


is this the time to buy owo

Actually its worse than IOTA but people tend to fanboy over anything that makes them money kinda like how XVG is a terrible privacy coin.

Or how iota wallets are crappy and can easily make you lose all of your money

IOTA fanfags spinning out and trying to FUD a superior product lol.

> t. bought IOTA ath

>see a 80btc wall at 115000
>decide to sell my xrb
>2 hour later wall is eaten and I have zero xrb
>don't wnat to buy back higher than I sold
what do Veeky Forums

wait for the binance dip idk

Buy back idiot we are breaking ath today.

This coin is not top dog on fucking reddit, even normiebook cucks are all over it. Eat a loss, and buy back when on binance it gets dumped a bit.

admit to your mistake and buy up

Lmao, c'mon dude get back in the normies are coming
Datadash started shilling it too

I think the price will go much higher from now, if the Binance vote is successful and Rai wins.
It will take some weeks for Binance to list it however. Once that happens, the price will drop for a while due to early adopters selling some of their stack. I don't think this drop will go lower however than the current price.

Better to buy now if you can, but not one week from now, if the vote wins.

Its a shitcoin, buy IOTA instead a real coin with partnerships and business adoption, and many more advanced features.

IOTA, quantum safe crypto, IoT, the more transctions the faster it goes, partnerships, tangle, privacy masked authentication, data transfer, zero fees, fast, smart contracts, oracles, not for classical internet, network bound PoW, ternary.

XRB, speculation, fast transctions zer fees.

See which one has more features and better and which one is just a coin.

it barely operates on 5k A DAY. 7k/s was in a simulation LMAO. Enjoy your bags when this shit drops to 0

desu it's a valid system but it's nothing new
anyone that has been in crypto for a while knows that Bitshares is way better

A billion coins offer fast transactions and zero fees, half the issue is XRB is literally IOTAlite in literal specification.

Kinda like how XVG has 1/10th the actual functionality and design strength of XMR or PIVX.

I am pretty sure people just fumble onto these coins somehow and then mindlessly become sheep over them because they went up in price, but then again its how people make money in the market in the first place.

Ripple operates on 1.5k and eats it's own coins. Even at 5k t/s it's better than anything out there

Why do you buy a pen? Do you drive you car with a pen? Do you wash yourself in the shower with a pen? No.
You buy a pen to write on paper. It has one job and does it well. That is XRB. It has one job and does it well.
The normies fucking love that shit. That is why you are seeing such a boom from XRB.

Stopped reading at quantum safe crypto. It has not been tested to a quantum computer, all is based in stupid ideas expressed in a whitepaper.

it's a really good coin, but probably overvalued at the moment, therefore not a good investment

You do realize that quantum computing is a mathematical concept at it's core which you can apply in THEORY and it will work out exactly like that in reality?

LOL trolled out the IOTA fag.

Literally iota:
"more transactions will make it faster" "go ahead spam it, spam only makes network faster"
"Coordinator will be removed when enough ..."
"Coordinator is really not needed" turned off and network halts.

Then people begin spamming trxs. Ooops
Network is down for 3 days, no transactions can confirm. Oh noo.

Yea I'm sure it is. Like IOTA wallet. Might be theory like their partnership with MS kek

you can choose to not use the coordinator tho


- 0 FEES

What kind of brainlet asks "is it really that great durr?" No, it is crap, avoid it. Who the hell needs instant zero fee transactions?

How is it worse than IOTA scamcoin?

Man, quantum safe, they stopped markting that when their selfmade crypto was broken by old PC and MIT brains.

lay down
try not to cry
cry a lot

yeah, im sure every normie will do that.

You can chose not to use iota at all tho.
Or you can chose to est shit anf enjoy it, stay with iota.

Uh oh hope you bought...

When I bought it by filling out captchas yes. At this point LOL

Are we breaking ATH in an hour? Think so, sky is the limit. No need to tell you to prepare for a take of, we haven't landed ever since start. Have fun Raibros!

BITCOIN: can’t be flooded with nodes and crashed.

Someone is going to crash xrb in Q1 for pretty cheap

being better than bitcoin isn't saying much mate. He's asking if the coin is the real deal i.e will it be functional if mass adoption was to eventuate

You can't really compare Ripple to other coins because it's centralized. Comparing it to other centralized avenues, XRP isn't that remarkable and is actually significantly behind where it needs to be.

Sure and then the god tier devs fix it within a day.

I really hope you are fudding to buy more and aren’t this dumb

hope it dump back to the price I sell at...

IOTA can't handle high transactional demand, the very basic thing it needs to do. Instead it spergs on about IOT, which is a great market, if you can handle it. Instead of focusing on making it fundamentally better, they focus on the platform, similar to every ERC-20 Token, making it unlikely to accomplish what it's seeking to do.

On top of that, you have the misleading quotes and vulnerabilities that the devs have brushed over to consider as well. IOTA has potential, but it's just not a well run or developed project.

fucking unreal, so many delusional iota soycucks.

You guys do know that IOTA is a broken piece of shit and a sinking ship? You do realize RaiBlocks in its current form assrapes every other P2P focused crypto?

The longer you resist the more its going to hurt.

Imagine iota with a working wallet, no coordinator, and instant fast transactions.

Yes it is that great.

The only drawbacks are that its developer community is consisted of 1 person, and he's Italian :).

imagine bitcoin with...
imagine monero with...
imgaine ethereum with...

stop fucking larping

IOTA has a centralised "coordinator". That is all that has to be said.

“Our response to "A Cryptocurrency Without a Blockchain Has Been Built to Outperform Bitcoin"” by Joi Ito, Director of the MIT Media Lab .

“Why I find IOTA deeply alarming” by Nick Johnson, Ethereum developer.

“Why I also find IOTA deeply alarming” by Daniel Rice, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain developer

“IOTA is centralized” by Eric Wall,

Quantum is a meme, I assure IOTA just use it as a marketing tool and doesn’t know what they're doing.

This is from the AMA on the main dev of RaiBlocks.

Regarding security, is "quantum-proofing" a big concern at the moment and how do you guys plan to approach this when the time comes. And how possible would it be for bad actors to successfully implement a 51% attack.

Colin Lemahieu (Main Dev):
Quantum computing is going to be an amazing leap for humanity but it's also going to cause a lot of flux in cryptography. The plan I see is the similar to what I did in selecting the cryptographic algorithms we're using right now: look for leaders in academia and industry that have proven implementations and use those as they recommend migration based on computing capability. Quantum vulnerabilities can be an issue in the future but a vulnerable implementation would be an issue right now.

I saw a post on /r/iota that claims that their quantum resistance is a main benefit over raiblocks. Can you go into detail about this? explain any plans you have to let XRB persevere through upcoming quatum revolution?

Colin Lemahieu:
I think everyone with cryptography in their programs is keeping an eye on quantum cryptography because we're all in the same boat. I don't have cryptanalysis credentials so I didn't feel comfortable building an implementation and instead chose to use one off-the-shelf from someone with assuring credentials.

There are some big companies that have made small mistakes that blow up the usefulness of the entire algorithm, it's incredibly easy to do.

Join for coin info


user 1 (Talking about IOTA):

The problem is not that the algorithms are not quantum resistant. The problem is that the algorithms have not been tested enough to be considered safe. So those algorithms might actually be less safe than regular algorithms even without any quantum computers available at all.
This is why most cryptocurrencies actually do not use these algorithms - it is considered bad practice and might be harmful. I think quantum resistance in IOTA is just a marketing stunt because the average user without background in computer science or it security somehow thinks it is an advantage while it is not.
Please check for an extensive list of broken cryptography algorithms. Engineering good crypto is not an easy task and takes its time.

user 2 (about Ethereum Core, dev. bashing IOTA for this reason):

This a 100 times. Nick Johnson (Ethereum core dev) listed this as a major reservation he had with IOTA in a piece that became pretty infamous. In his words, "Iota disregards cryptographic best-practices," and it does indeed seem to be for marketing reasons.

IOTA Microsoft Partnership = We use Windows 7

I know its kinda weird.. but there's a guarranteed catch. One of them could be:

>The thing is a database
>Its centralised
>Able to double spend
>Other weird glitches and bugs causing infinite XRB in your account

So how will they actually incentivize people to run nodes given that there's no fees and no new coins ever to be minted?

How will the ever be a good use as a currency given that it's even more deflationary than BTC given that all coins that will exist already exist?

Hang yourself because you just cheated yourself out of a lambo


Why can nobody answer this?

They can and it has been answered million times in github, ama and here. Incentive is same as you sharing your bw on private torrent trackers, except running node for this is much less of a hassle or financial strain (even though seeding isnt either). When big firms start using XRB for payment they will run their nodes as well without care in the world.

>Bu bu bu muh 30k that went to mining
>Bu bu where to go with all this electricity

all of this shit is explained in the whitepaper fucking hell guys