Okay now listen to me you little bastards, since tomorrow is NYE, I want to give something back to you fuckers

Okay now listen to me you little bastards, since tomorrow is NYE, I want to give something back to you fuckers.

You don't have to follow my advice, but I know some of you can HOLD for more than 3 days.

First of all, there's many things going on right now that will go up in following days, since BTC is making nice upward move and alts are having healthy positive gains.

Things you can buy, close your eyes and make profit will be: XRB, XLM, XRP, FUN, TRX, POE, ADA, XVG,.. Almost anything with high volume and in top 30 place.

However, if you want to make more than just maybe 30%, 50%, 100% or 200%, there are two things you should buy now. Again, you don't have to take my advice, but here's my reasons:

1.) DBC
2.) IOTA (I know, but TA on this is showing a lot stronger potential than other alts right now.)

DBC is pretty much self explanatory, if you want to make up your decision and not fall for the retarded FUD, watch this interview:


IOTA - pic related, you don't have to believe me or listen to me, but that's just my personal pick, even though I don't really give a fuck about IOTA.

The only thing is, you will have to HOLD them for at least 3 days. IOTA will moon and then dip ofc, so sell at top and invest into other alts.

Again, if you are not planning on HOLDing for at least 3 days, don't mind this message.

DBC is also good long term hold.

Happy NYE.

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Glad to hear this, these are my 2 picks for the first week of 2018 and I'm balls deep in both of them

30K DBC here-
what's your target sell? I got in at 500 SATS

I don't know yet. I really dislike making target sells, since it depends a lot on how long you are willing to HOLD and news coming out, etc..

I'm going to sell when I fell price is going to stagnate and reach ATH. Hard to tell right now. I'm not planning on making some fast profit on it.

You think there’s still that much motion for IOTA?

Hey man. I'm
Diversified in 15 different coins. Can you help me decide which coins to deep-six to pull the trigger on more IOTA and DBC? Would super appreciate it.


That's a pretty strong rhetorical question given the thread I just made, don't you think?

IOTA behaves rather odd for the past couple of days. Maybe since the moon to ~$5 even. I'm not too sure TA helps a lot here. And I also wonder how many bag holders are waiting just to dump their bags. From what I can tell, that's what happened yesterday, which is why it never came much above 28000 satoshi.

What about ICX? It seems to be stabilizing now, look like its before another pump.


probably going sideways for the next week(s), but who knows...

Seems fine.

However, for the love of god sell the fucking LINK, POWR and WaBi and put them into XRP, ETH, or w/e.

Whoever still falls for the LINK meme on here must be out of their mind. These retarded bag holders must of missed 50 moon missions already that would generate them 20x more money, if they wouldn't hold and just swing traded like any normal human being does.

It's gonna have breakout in less than 12 hours again probably.

The yellow circle is showing breakout in 12 - 20 hours from right now as I made this post.

What do you think a feasible price range for IOTA would be on 1/2? It looks like it's reasonable to expect it to hit 4.50 or so, do you think it'll go higher?

Just bought 200k

Well the last time circumstances were similar was when IOTA went from 17200sat to 34000sat, which is almost 100% gain.

So, I'd expect it to hit at least 5$ if everything goes according to TA. Maximum 7$.

Why would you want 20x when you can get 100x. Investing is just a distribution of wealth to the patient.

What do you guys realistically see DBC at in a month?

Yeah you're right. Huh, I might wait a few more hours to see what FUN does and then jump in. Thanks user.

Loss of opportunity cost.

Let's say you potentially really do believe in certain crypto asset, but it doesn't really move and won't move for god knows how much, but you'd like to accumulate as much as you can.

So, you can wait 1 year for 'potential 100x' or you can meanwhile jump to another assets and make a safe 500x and put that profit back into whatever you believe in and accumulate even more, by investing into other assets meanwhile the original asset moves like a snail compared to other high volume assets.

Note: When it did jump from 17200 sat to 34000 sat, it was pretty much bottomed out as hard as it could be. So I wouldn't bet on 100% gain, might happen, but that's really a small chance. Unless there's some big news coming out meanwhile.

Around 35c-40c.

I don't know really. For me it's IOTA on steroids, without the manchild developer.

So far it's looking pretty fucking awesome :).

Thanks. I just did. Kept the LINK though. I'm exiting first week of 2018 but am giving it four more days.
Put proceeds into ETH and BTC and Ripple. Am now over 10K Canadian :-)

Hmm.. looks like I'm going to smash the 2 milly mark with IOTA Akbar and DBC then...

thanks for the tip

ill sell XVG at 3K and buy IOTA if its still under $5

Yeah cool lemme just time the market perfectly.

Piss off.

settle down pervert this is a family restroom

I mentioned you don't have to take my advice. I don't see what you are mad for.

If wraith protocol releases today should i take out everything after whatever pump and split it into iota and dbc?

Don't know what news will do for XVG.

I bought it yesterday and sold today, since you clearly can't time the market and profit from it (pic related). XVG will dip for now probably. That's just my opinion.

where can I buy DBC


Where are these retards coming, everyday somebody asks WHERE I CAN BUY THIS COIN BRUHHH. Seriously, wtf? COINMARKETCAP->COIN YOU WANT TO BUY->MARKETS

But yeah, been holding IOTA since .86$. Made nice profits and still have 120 of them. Don't see a reason why it wouldn't be at least 10$ Q2/2018

hell yea nigger I'm so balls deep in dbc's ass I'm jacking myself off in it's throat

Isn't ICX about to break out of a wedge? Not sure what to go in.

Almost everything is going to go fucking up, you really can't fail right now in this market.


Join for coin info Hold and join this group

Look at the volume of that shitcoin.
That flag is forming on falling volume