[ENG] Why aren't you holding it, user?

You're going to hang yourself when you realize what you missed.

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because the team is a bunch of incompetent dicks who couldn't even hold their ico without being hacked

Bought 2k @ .90c, this shit is pure gold

I was holding it, but it rarely fucking moves and so I have to shift my $$$ around.

I'm in for sure!

The Rundown:
Enigma is a second-layer network that provides privacy and increased scalability, the Enigma protocol is Blockchain agnostic, so it can work with any blockchain Project.

Here's some links for your own research but the potential is insane, basically web 3.0 data encryption.


Their Principal Advisor is Alex Pentland who is one of the most cited authors in computer science.


god damn u had that copypasta on deck

yeah I'm thinking this is a top 10 coin, easy

Guilty, got tired of typing it out all the time!

where can we see ENG at the end of Q1?

Conservatively, $8.
It's been a massive flag for weeks and news is coming.

I will hold until my hands bleed


You have a chance to check out Catalyst yet? I've got it simulating trade algos over 3 exchanges already. It's truly impressive stuff.

all open source, going to write some framework for a new coin and shill it on Veeky Forums first for the lulz, only allow Veeky Forums members to join and make a cult following here for something real.

All news updates will be performed over Veeky Forums, you can only stake while connected to Veeky Forums.

Tipping over Veeky Forums.

It will be madness

Why would I be interested in a computational blockchain that is also private? Isn't that counter to provability?

I'm a retard at coding but you can earn eng from the devs if you contact them and want to make a video of you using catalyst.

because i listened their CEO talk and he sounded like a crook to me.
Shill me user, what problem is this shitcoin solving?

I'm not sure this is right maybe someone can confirm but...
It will keep data 100% private throughout the entire blockchain.
Currently I think it gets unencrypted at both ends before it can be used but enigma are working to be able to keep it encrypted and be used at the same time.

They're solving the privacy problem that blockchain computation is facing.

They're creating SECRET contracts.

Say you want to include HIPPA files or tax records, you have to provably ensure that the information is encrypted. This is done off-chain on the ENG chain, which will use ENG tokens (will be coins later, announced) on masternodes as a deterrent to sibil attacks and provide scale.

See above user ^ Too much to type, read the whitepapers and dyor

This pretty much

Yeah, it will unlock the market for big dick ballers that deal with sensitive info (healthcare, education (MIT connections, bitch), pharma) that need blockchain for bloated databases, mortgage industry too

10 trillion+ marketcap conservatively imho

market cap is still around 200M

I'm gunna fuckin cum once they announce partners in january nigga

I wanna make a decentralized imageboard

MIT = Most Incompetent Team

>get hacked, retard buyers lose $600k
>ask for an extra $15 million for the ico because fuck you
>be below ico price for months
>start going up because its alt season and even scamcoins start mooning

I sold all of it after some reserach, fucking shitcoin

ENG is a long hold indeed!

same here. catalyst isn't how you do it though. do you have discord?

Bought some at a dip daytrading just waiting to sell these bags off to break even.

No i dont use discord nor slack. Im a telegram man at most.

i meant using the Enigma protocol. It seems perfect for that usecase.

I plan to also create an erc token for tips for memes and what not.

A man with taste, I see

Get the Bogs on this we gunna make it big

lol, it's an obsolete shitcoin and will be dead by 2019
replace with XRB


Are they XRB bots posting in random threads or are they FUD'ng by making it seem like XRB is being meme'd and botted?

Either way, arb'd 15k

the latter, i want to buy low