What are your plans for when you make it?

what are your plans for when you make it?

also plans for when you really make it

Move to Cyprus and lead a comfy life.

>Move to the middle of nowhere, somewhere in the mountains by a lake with the gf
>Setup home gym and library to keep fit and sharp
>Drive to the city once or twice a month to visit and get groceries
>Otherwise tell everyone to fuck off
>Maybe start an online business or work part-time remotely to keep busy, not for the money
>Travel the world
>Start a comfy family, living off passive gains in index funds and high-earning dividend stocks

Just need 3M and will escape the rat race forever. Life is too short to spend it wagecucking.

I'm gonna stay where I'm living right now because I'm autistic and don't like change. I'm gonna get a nice sized house, not a huge mansion though, I just care about having a big vidya room with all of my systems in it and a personal gym with all the equipment I could need. I also want a well landscaped, nice looking garden complete with a fish/turtle pond and gazebo.

agree with this. don't have to be too far away from civilization though. a big yard on all sides of the house and tall fences will do for me. also no familiy for me

I'm too late and too much of a poorfag to make it at this point. I'm hoping to make enough to fix my shitty teeth though. I reckon that'll be doable.

missed the crypto train?

>convert to Mormonism or islam
>get 4 wifes and dozens of concubines
>buy a farm in Iceland or Switzerland
>only leave the farm to spread my seed and buy supplies

I got in late November so I've had some hella nice gains from alt mooning season but I'm getting the sense that it's running out of steam and I was too much of a poorfag to begin with to make anything significant from it.

I want to start a technology company focusing primarily on developing VI and eventually AI. Hopefully we'll ride the mass VI adoption wave Im predicting in the next couple decades or so.

>inb4 amazon and google are ahead of you
They have no idea what they're doing and it's not true AI

When muh coins are worth 400k EUR I will sell 50%. The value of our flat (~200k EUR) plus 200k EUR (minus 30% taxes) will buy a comfy suburb home. Then I will wait for muh crypto to reach €1M before selling 25%..


Turkish side or the Greek side?

Both sides are in EU but one has roaches...

I'm going to buy property in rural texas and dig dirt all day for fun. Also this girl wants me to put a collar on them and treat them like a pet, so i guess keep them around. I haven't told anyone about my crypto gains yet aside from my friend who lent me the $1000 to start with

I am going to buy a small cottage/home right on the beach in Florida.

I will continue to trade crypto but more for personal enjoyment as a majority of my money will be back in fiat.

Every day I will wake up and walk to a nearby oceanside diner for breakfast and check Veeky Forums and research new coins on my phone.

Then i''ll go to the gym, and maybe even a walk on the beach.

At night i'll have 9/10 sluts over to the house where i'll fuck them over a railing facing the beach.

This is my dream bros.

I'm gonna invest it into stock.

freeze the money and live without worries for the rest of my life

>what are your plans for when you make it?
Cash out and buy land and a 6/8 ISO container house lined in wood with fiber internet.

Use that as a base to live in my 4x4 Sprinter so I can tour the European ski resorts whilst working remotely as a contract software developer.

Invest the excess money in shares / crypto

living in such cramped spaces sounds really uncomfy

I'm trying to get enough money to do at least three or four things;

1.) buy a house outright, if not, at least put down 50%

2.) make enough in crypto to afford finishing my degree in college

3.) have enough left over to cover living expenses for two and a half years

The 400-500k range is what I'm looking at. Fingers crossed I make it.

use my gain to bring Europe to the right path

>Buy a property in the middle of nowhere in an area that is global warming proof with no geopolitical interest
>Setup an underground system of tunels and caves, underground aquaponics, greenhouses
>Build a biosphere 2 only smaller (this will take a couple of years of research)
>Take my Maths PhD wife there along with my best group of friends
>Have 10 kids
>Start a school like Ad Astra
>Send them out to a world of dummies
>Buy a ticket to mars on elon musks rocket
>Spend the rest of my life contributing to the martian ethnostate
>Go back to earth to die on that piece of land

I am not going to make it, sorry.

This for the short term.

Deep neural networks are true AI. Let that sink in.

I had the Greek side in mind because it's more developed

I mean they're creating safe, shackled, commercialized AI.

What we'd make would be truly free in both movement and thought. A self-modifying, self-learning entity. If it fucks us, so be it, but I don't think that would be the case.

Relatives say Im living in a fantasy world, but one day man. One day.

Comfy house on nice land with river/creek/well and timber. Trad wife, kids. Workshop, greenhouse.

That is it. Anyone who literally just wants sports cars and whores is going to realize fast that they are just as miserable if not more so as a "rich" person.

>Have to walk a fuckload to get anywhere
>Have to fucking drive to get out

No thanks