I'm glad Stellar is creating a safe space for us all. I really want to give them my money now

"The Stellar Community prioritizes marginalized people's safety over privileged people's comfort. Community leaders will not act on complaints regarding: Reverse racism, reverse sexism, and 'cisphobia.' Communication in a 'tone' you don't find congenial. Criticizing racist, sexist, cissesixst, or otherwise oppressive behavior and assumptions."

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inb4 fake

inb4 lost redditors from /r/politics start claiming this is a good thing and calling you /pol/

Only fools let ideology stop them from making money.

Who defines reverse racism? For me saying “nigger” is reverse racism because white people are the victims of black people.

This particular ideology is great at losing money.

Only fools sacrifice their values, culture, and morals for money.

Yeah maybe in industries other than tech. Silicon Valley eats and breathes this shit. Stay poor I guess.

is this fucking real


We can agree to disagree. If you think supporting minorities in crypto is against your ethical code to the point of not wanting to reap obvious profit, then so be it.

In what context would they possibly have said that?

This market is plenty of opportunities to make profit.

Reverse racism is racism.
Reverse sexism is sexism.
This pathetic attempt to distinguish the same thing just because it's directed at whites/men so they can keep reveling in their bigotry is idiotic.

it isn't even about "supporting", the op post is literally weighing normal people against snowflakes and saying the latter are more valuable

>t. fag/roastie/nonwhite/soyboy pick one


Only fools don't build their own value systems that are conductive to their welfare, long and short term.

fake and gay

>inb4 xlm is run by /pol/ faggots

No one is arguing that whatsoever.

Again. If that is your perception, so be it. And if that perception offends you to the point of not wanting to minimally triple your money, fine. Take your personal moral high ground and I’ll take your bags.


Who cares about that? We are here trading shitcoins we are not politicians or anything like that
As long as it makes me money I will trade hitlercoin idc

Post source you faggot. First iota and now stellar, I'm gonna have to dump my holdings again and miss out on another moon mission

All cryptocurrency is is the precursor to the New World Order global currency and I oppose that with my heart and soul. But I would be a fool not to invest in an opportunity to multiply a sum of money.

You mean being anti straight white male.

sorry boyo. i was in too but no way i'm giving money to them now

ffs that fucking image size kek, trying it again

except you're empowering the ideology of the New World Order which you claim to oppose with your heart and soul. how about fucking off and leaving this thread to men with balls user?

oh well who really gives a shit except /pol/ retards

Jesus Christ, that's pure SJW cancer.

You aren't going to bring down the NWO by being a poorfag with no connections or capital.

People with morals, decency.

>turns out it's not
Dude, kill yourself asap.

how about i invest in another lucrative coin then faggot? is XLM the only cryptocurrency?

Yeah I'm sure having capable people on your team who are great innovators and problem solvers won't matter when you have Shaniqua, a black genderfluid trans lesbian.

Please fill up my bags, goys.
White genocide always spells profit.

What the actual fuck.

Hey, man. I’m just working my ass off to get through medical school while placing increments of my college wages into coins with the most growth potential. Men with balls? You will work for me one day.

You should check out there actual dev team.

how do I short this?



this. why would you fund that kind of psychosis in crypto?
how about we give shaniqua 25% more coins than privileged chad at the same buying price? "s-so what i still make money why should i care"

the absolute fucking state of Veeky Forums

>Open sores communist bullshit XLM
>Shamelessly capitalist XRP
The choice was easy for me.

Split them both

That was the plan, until I saw this marxist bullshit

Mate I bought the world's first Sharia compliant crypto-currency because it has an unreal looking team for the marketcap. IFGAF if I have to support communists and peaceful mudslims to make money

I feel you, user, I do.

But come Feb 1st, when you see XLM trading between $1-2 dollars, will you care that much about some Silicon Valley kissassery?


Eh. It's not so much the ideology, I could honestly care less what they believe, it's just that this particular ideology, as another user put it, is really good at losing money.

If it makes you money, congrats. But I prefer to sit this one out

top kek. of course you're a millennial collegiate soyboy with no principles. fuck out of here med school kiddo, i'm where you are trying to be on the food chain.

fucking it fags always have to be cucks

they took it down?

Because their stupid sjw bias hurts profits retard

keep in mind just about every giant tech company with a community has SJWs writing their community guidelines, it's a huge trend in silicon valley and if you're not a retard you play along

The writing is on the wall anons, XLM and XRP are run by kikes and cucks, our coin is the answer

look up opportunity costs you dumb nigger

This is the most jewish thing I've read all year. Congrats, you got it in right before the ball dropped.

Topkekroflmao soyboy

You sure you are where I want to be? I would wager that I’m already ahead of you. On top of my inheritance I was also instilled with a strong work ethic. I’ve worked my ass off to achieve where I am.

Also, no soyboys allowed out here in the woods. Sorry for phone posting.

Yeah that community organizer is going to lose his job over this.

The fact that the team acted on this so quickly and deleted it is a good sign. IOTA still defends its comments on supporting terrorists immigrating to europe

there's a difference between a statement saying "The Stellar community opposes racism, sexism, etc" and saying "We literally won't do anything if someone calls you a white male piece of shit cracker but if you respond in kind we will punish you."

wtf SBR .308? nice.

how long has this been on their website faggot? I’ve 300%’d holding stellar and IBM + FairX is going make my gains skyrocket. Some retarded copy pasted diversity statement will not stop this.

wtf SBR .308? nice.

Thanks, user. Happy new year to you.

it was up like an hour ago when i checked, but yeah they did take it down lol

who the fuck cares lol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

don't mix ideology with money cause it won't go well

I hate kikes and faggots with a passion but god damn if I'm not gonna make some shekels off of them

Been a slow day out here watching doe all morning. But at least I get to roast this one user.

If you do something non optimal to keep being sjw. Hiring less qualified people because they're black etc. Read a book on business retard

Mother fucker. Now I have to sell this piece of shit. I was really hoping it would make me rich so I could stop working for the kikes.

Shill me a new coin that will make me rich. Prefer a coin that is /our coin/.

What don't you understand. It hurts overall profits. Doesn't mean no profits.

Jesus biz has no actual business sense do they?

>haha dude just let them discriminate against you openly in your own country only /pol/ cares about this

Absolute state of whites

wow, you guys sure are some whiny fucking crybabies

Da Chadfei is chinese and doesn't care about western identity politics. NEO will overtake ETH next year.


oh man my profits have been HURTING. wish these profits didn’t HURT so much!!!


If it’s on bittrex I will check it out. Sieg heil.

then you'd wager wrong kiddo. and somebody should have instilled you with principles and character insteading of leading you to believe it's ok to be a sellout and play both sides for money. in my neck of the woods we don't do that bullshit.

i'm putting all of my XLM money into NEO right now user. good move.

ITT: Butthurt Trump supporters that are still somehow Trump supporters even though we're all going to be taxed more on trades starting tomorrow but it's okay because muh white heritage

I highly doubt it. No way to prove though. And you were the first to insult. Multiple times in fact. And now I’m verbally whipping your ass. It’s okay, user. My point is, this isn’t humantraffickingcoin. If you want to lose profits over run of the mill Silicon Valley bullshit, fine. Carry on, you beta-male fuck.

>Only fools let ideology stop them from making money.

you don't think that's an insult user?

Selling. Telling everyone i know that bought in to sell.
Donald "please gangbang my daughters with your Jewish cocks" trump is your reasoning?

Even though this was clearly the work of a rogue SJW since they already took the link down?
Yeah nah, you are just trying to spread FUD.

>hand out big shares to
>they pump for the gibs
>SJW money is happy about virtue signaling
>"xml is the good guys, I buy and profit on my good works "
>xlm goes up

No. I stated a thought that was not directed at anyone specific. You told me to fuck off, grow some nuts, and called me a soyboy. I then simply made you look a fool for the sake of defending myself. Look. I just want you to make money.

Good. I was bitching up a storm about it. They're trying to hurt my fucking profit with that bullshit. Fuck the asshole that put it up.

i'm invested in XLM you faggot. why would i knowingly hurt my gains unless i valued my principles more and knew there are literally dozens of other equally lucrative gains to be had in non-cucked cryptos?

you are one dumb motherfucker if you're the same user talking all this shit because he's in med school. you realize a lot of us who lurk this site are already professionals and millionaires outside of crypto right? you want me to prove to you that i'm a tort lawyer? and am currently writing a simple policy limits demand letter that will take 1 hour and make me 100K in fees by the end of next week?

stay in your fucking lane.

Sold IOTA, sold this. No cuckcoins in my portfolio.

this: is meant for you.

you're out of your element boy. done talking to you, next time think down the line to your kids and grandkids before you support a coin like this.

For a lawyer, your grammar is fucking pathetic. I would literally never hire you. You speak like an uneducated hick. Look. I don’t care if you are worth more than me. I would be happy for you. You still are bad at crypto apparently. Stay in my lane. Give me a break. Go find another thread to insult people. Maybe next time you won’t encounter an intellectual superior.

good job user. i don't mind a company saying they're for equality but bragging in their guidelines that they won't help a white man if someone else attacks him online because he is a white man is fucking insane.

So you have nothing to say about the link being quickly removed, showing that whoever wrote that page does not speak for the entire stellar organization?


i'm arguing with an SJW apologist user who keeps switching his ID. not intending to take shots at anyone else.

i personally think it's a pretty good sign that they took it down. my arguments are directed toward people defending the notion that it doesn't matter in the first place.

I highly doubt anyone in this thread is more conservative than I am.

>implying you incels aren't the biggest snowflakes crying about white genocide

wtf is a cissexist?

> puts politics over making money
Stay poor

I’m not intentionally switching my id, I’m in a fucking deerstand. Switching between airplane mode and off to save battery. Also, not an SJW apologist. I’ve called it bullshit multiple times. What I am, is a good investor.