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If you bought bitcoin cash anytime below the black line it performed better than bitcoin.

ACCEPT IT. You were objectively wrong and fucking retarded to sell after the fork.

I'd rather lose money than support bcash. Otherwise I wouldn't get a pat on the back by theymos.
Corecucks, assemble!



Roger Ver just sent you .000001Bcash. Keep up the good work goyim! :^)



>inside info, friend of C. Wr.

Roger and others will soon dump bitcoin cash, supporting B2X. They will claim an internal fight with Bitcoin cash developers wanting to get near Core ideas/development

Sell your bitcoin cash for whatever before that happens

lmao! that image means that 90% of the time BCH was underperforming BTC. you are on the tail end of the coin base pump, last time BCH will be above 0.1, RIP

>if you bought BCH at ATL and sold during peak PnD you would have made money
>"outperformed" BTC

cashies are really this stupid?

The only reason people hate Bitcoin Cash is because they sold immediately after the fork for a pittance, now they are feeling dumb as fuck so have an agenda to see it fail or they feel more fucking dumb.

Anyone calling it "BCash" is just a salty as fuck moron who sold low, expecting it to tank like the other forks.

Note, you never see anyone call Bitcoin Gold "BGold", so the above is almost 99% likely to be true.

>Note, you never see anyone call Bitcoin Gold "BGold",

Bcash shills confirmed for never going outside

Looks like the trashcan is consistently moving higher and higher.


oh no, someone is salty they can't move their store of wealth

so it looks like the general direction is up, no?

ahaha wow. how can people fall for this shit tier shilling

There is no shilling needed. The chart speaks for itself.

hurrrr durrrrrr lightning just around the corner


errrrrpppppp 1mb is big enou-

500kb is big enou-

200kb is big eno-

Corecuck mad he sold for $300. Now he needs constant validation that his move was the correct one lmao

3 wave dips below the 1 wave... bad sign

Sorry, 4 wave dips below the 1 wave.. still a bad sign... signals a PnD or failed 5 wave count... It hasn't decided what it wants to do and for a coin with such a high market cap, it should be trading technically but it isn't.... Writing is on the wall technically and I am glad I got to sell my free BCH at .27

Worst thing about these threads is the sheer shortsightedness in acting like a tribal faggot.

Corecucks and Cashies are as bad as each other - thinking with your heart rather than brains.

None of you fucks will make it with that mentality - us actual smart people realise there is money to be made in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, but not being stupid enough to believe either will be a long term success.

Eventually Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash will give way to a far superior advancement, and we'll look back on both as relics that had no place to begin with - HOWEVER, you can make money RIGHT NOW if you're not a dumb motherfucker.

>spending BTC on pizza or coffee

So you never buy things ever? Guess you have all your money in segwitcoin if your logic is consistent.

That's like telling someone that holds gold "What, so you never spend it??? what's the point?"

If I was going to spend crypto, I would want to spend a coin that is cheap and fast.... Neither BTC or BCH are cheap or fast (enough) for day to day transactions. BCH might be okay for large transactions, but for things like coffee or pizza, using BTC is like trading cattle for steak.

>Free coins from fork, bought more at $250
>Immune to all corecucks shitposts

Buying food is for Dogecoin.

Anyone else make money off shitcoin trash? I bought just before the big pump and managed to double my money

Why settle for 8MB when you can already have access to 20MB?

You're right... I would first spend dogecoin on a retail level then I would any BTC forks.

Gold has other uses unlike ponzicoin, so it's not like that at all. There is no point to Bitcoin Core at all.

Also Bitcoin Cash is perfectly fine for small payments because you can actually use 0conf transactions. Deluded segwit soyboy.

Oh and most of my money is in Cardano.. I hold like 2% BTC

BTrash is not /our fork/


Nobody cares.

As heavily manipulated as crypto is in general, charts can be made to look however someone with enough moving power wants it to look. What if the whale(s) at the top don't want the chart to look too good(perfect elliott wave theory), to keep the price low or relatively stable for a while so as to accumulate through confusion of the price movement. Time will tell, i've seen the most knowledgeable Elliott Wave theorists eat their words more times that I can count in crypto.

>masturbatory drivel: the post

This. Every day I buy more ZCL and sport a chubby

how's "$20k by 2018" coming? We just began and you're already losing.

bcore trolls mad cause they are losing their last hold on muh store of value theme not working anymore. Jump on the BCH bandwagon still time for you to get in before we replace core this year in market cap.

So... BCH isn't a ponzi at all? Come on man.. You gotta stop sucking Roger's cock like CNBC does. That should be a telling sign for all to see.. If CNBC shills a coin, then it's probably a PnD (see CNBC pre 2008.. unless you are Chinese or underaged, you probably wouldn't understand.)

My point was your attacks of calling me "soyboy corecuck" which is going to be followed by "stay poor" are completely moot and basless. You also have no consideration for veriables such as normies not giving a shit about block size and how they interpret BTC... Which popular consensus is store of value (despite Satoshi's whitepaper.. if he doesn't like it, then he should come out and say so.. but he wont because CIA created BTC),

Roger is also an SEC plant, if you cannot tell from his shilling of insider trading and calling for an end to the SEC AFTER shilling Mr.Gox then you are literally a retard.

Bitcoin is like 28k internet
Bitcoin Cash is like 56k internet

Both are shit - Bitcoin Cash is better at the intended function, but still shit.

Both will be deprecated shit within a few years.

Best advice you will ever receive - don't take sides like a moron, and make money from both whilst the crypto train is still unregulated

If you're going "all in" on Bitcoin thinking it will stay top dog forever, you are dumb.

BCH is manipulated by Chinese miners... Not whales

BCH has some upgrades coming soon which will make it better than most cryptos


Will it be better than ADA, XLM, XRP, or even DOGE for transactions per second? Unlikely.

its bot manipulated for shit.. the miners jus mine and hold, there are several large bch miners holding tens of thousands of bch and they have never sold all 1 coin

Bcash had two massive pumps. First, when they tried and failed to do the flippening. Then second, the day Roger Ver was all over normie TV.
Without these pumps, Bcash would have died by now.
Anyone still holding Bcash bags is doing so in delusion. The risk/reward to keep hodling this is insane.
Abandon ship.

The sad part is BTC (aka BilderbergCoin) cult followers will help (((them))) dismantle the Libertarian goal.

Long live Decentralization, Roger and Vitalik!

Hmm. You don't remember the last 'flippening' then... Miners switched to BCH in mass, and that sent everyone to buy BCH... then miners switched back to BTC.

As expected of this time of year. I hope you dont have core bags still.

Yes it will be, especially with 0-conf

I really think it would be to both of are advantages to join forces otherwise we will continue to lose market share as seen this week. I would rather see btc in top than ripple any day but I'm partial to BCH but doesn't mean we can't support both coins.

Faster than XLM? Interesting claim there, Chang. I'll eat my own dick if it's true

It’s almost like (((they))) are controlling top down (BTC) and bottom up (XRP)


BCrash is a literal POS

Lot's of them are also salty redditors who read /r/bitcoin and think they are gods gift to cryptocurrencies, with their reddit wisdom.

I wont support a coin owned by banks, so its not possible to support ripple or core.

Stick to /r/The_Bitcoin because you are clearly retarded.
>Pic related: your moot and baseless pic which really just depicts you

miners switched back because the new difficulty algo kicked in, and it was no longer super super profitable to mine BCH due to the silly low diff and slow response.

Can't refute anything I say
>g-go back 2 leddit!
>I steal your meme..NO U!
That's fine.. That's about the level of conversation I expect to have with BCH goyim

If you never spend crypto, never transact with it, never use it for anything.

Then it's literally just a ponzi scheme. The only way cryptocurrency can not be a ponzi is if it has real actual usage, which will only happen if it's actually possible to transact with the currency.

Beucase of spam. That's why SN had a 1MB limit in the first place.

I already proved you wrong on Bitcoin Cash not being good enough for small quick payments, already proved you wrong on Bitcoin having the same uses as gold and all you can do is call people retards or a shill like the reddit rapefugee you are. Go back to /r/The_Bitcoin and stop Gish Galloping.

Merchant adoption will be BCH focus, lots of big movers moving in

There is talk on reddit of china opening back up with BCH only pairs and not BTC

I use BCH to pay for things on my hot wallet takes seconds to transfer ... it’s so fast ...

exciting year ahead ... BCH will make most other cryptos obsolete ...

BTC has op codes disabled - hence why Vitalik left and made ETH

BCH Devs will enable op codes again

They will switch to anyting that is more profitable.. Who owns the antminer manufacture again? hmmm

>If you never spend crypto, never transact with it, never use it for anything.

Did I even say that? Or did I imply that different cryptos have different uses? Most cryptos are a self fulfilling prophecy created by the community.

> Vitalik

Spam literally isn't an issue, when the coin has any value.

For spam to be effective when a coin has value, the spammer needs to pay a whole lotta $$$ in tx fees to actually spam the network.

> already proved you wrong on Bitcoin having the same uses as gold

Never said that! I made a comparison on how people perceive it as a store of value.

So that's bad that someone who is Chinese sees value in a coin so they mine it and accumulate a shit ton of it...becoming a whale?

>That's like telling someone that holds gold "What, so you never spend it??? what's the point?"
- You
Fucking hell corecucks are deluded.

dude... gold is used in many ways other than holding. I am comparing those who hold gold to those who hold BTC.

People who hold gold are not tech manufactures or jewelry makers. What the fuck is your problem? Is English your second language?

>The Bilderberg Group funded Blockstream. On February 3rd, 2016, AXA invested $55 million in Blockstream. At the time of that investment, Henri de Castries was the head of both AXA and Bilderberg Group.

>MasterCard funded Digital Currency Group, which funded Blockstream. Note: Glenn Hutchins serves as a board director for both the Digital Currency Group and the Federal Reserve Bank. (Archive: ) (Archive: )
>Blockstream crippled Bitcoin BTC, to push people towards the Lightning Network:
>The Truth About Lightning Network:
>Larry Summers, the man who started the "war on cash" also serves as "special adviser" to the DCG board.

Blockstream crippled Bitcoin BTC with high fees, so that people will have to use the Lightning Network (a Blockstream project) for everyday transactions.
Result: The Bilderberg Group, the Federal Reserve central bank, MasterCard, and traditional banking sector have taken over Bitcoin BTC, crippled it, to turn it into a currency system that they control & profit from.
Analysis: Bitcoin BTC has been compromised. Time to switch to another cryptocurrency.

Time will be the best teacher for some.

right, gold is valuable as other things besides holding thats why you can't compare the two cause bcore has no value outside of holding it for future price increase

So.. do people that hold gold plan to use in manufacturing? Or do they hold it because it's a store of value that increases in price?

I like this thread, feelsgood to have most of my money not in bcash or core. That being said, just the way bcash has handled this with all the pnd and roger ver shit is a big alarm to stay away from this shitcoin. Yes it may be a little better than bcore now, but if you want a better coin than btc theres 10s of alts that are better, its not the point of btc to be the best currency, flippening will never happen, its just a shitcoin that performs a little better than btc atm. Happy holidays puppets.

Everyone envisions them selves in the big semiconductor manufacturing business.

This guy fucks

I imagine that as a child, Jihan's parents worked 18 hrs a day in the semiconductor plant and he wanted to grow up to be a semiconductor so he could spend more time with his mom and dad.

>muh alts are better than BTC argument

yes user, we all know there are other alts that could compete for #1. But the early BTC adopters are not invested in them, that is why a Bitcoin fork will remain #1. All the early whales have BCH for free just for their smart investment in BTC years ago. All the existing infrastructure is already in place for BTC and it is a piece of cake to just flip it over to BCH. If merchants and all the other infrastructure had to switch to ETH or something it would be a massive re-write from scratch

so the existing investors and tools are all built for bitcoin, that is why bitcoin cash will win and not your fucking bit beans or digishit

I have exactly same amount of BTC, BCH, BTG and BCD. IMO BCH is the real Bitcoin and I think odds for flippening in 2018 are 50/50

I think we all hold the same amount of each, unless you sold them

Not showing any signs of intelligence is in the cashie's nature.

Do you think that a coin is going to have utterly consistent uptrend growth without any up/down spikes whatsoever, especially a coin as significant as Bitcoin Cash? Of course there will be chart movement that resembles a pump and dump because thats the nature of excitement in the market. As for Roger, he is passionate and emotional but not a complete negative. If anything, he is someone you want on your team. Sorry pal, no puppets here, just puppet fisters.

>miners follow profits

NO SHIT faggot, miners always act in their own self interest. its called economics faggot, not "manipulation by muh chinese miners"

and by your argument, BTC is equally "manipulated" because its the same fucking miners on both chains

Sorry, actually 10x BCD because they were giving 10 for 1 due to 210M cap. Hodling all the forks feels good af

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