MRJA: 100x Weedcoin

MRJA has < 1M marketcap, less than 4m coins, highest ROI for a masternode (which it has already and THC is just adding), and is backed by a commodity (feminized seeds). Get in now or regret it

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this old image is just to wet your appetite btw, its ROI is now over 90k/year

if you want me to buy your bags then explain this more

my coins are locked in a node, you don't have to buy my bags. I just explained everything in the OP. each coin can be exchanged for a feminized seed, which is itself worth $10. You can put coins in a masternode and make ~$250 a day ( Read up/convince yourself on your own


stay poor, cali is a top 10 economy and mj is legalized there january 1, all weed lmao coins are mooning

nab here, so how does that masternode stuff work ? or use google please. basically you keep coins in a wallet on a server and make money automatically by staking them. Kind of like a botnet but purposeful so the currency can establish a network of nodes from which to confirm transactions. To spread the network and incentivize people to keep nodes running, there tend to be high rewards for keeping a node up as can be seen on

How many coins do you need to stake?

I dont like the look of that chart though.

so how many coins to make it worth it at least?

30k, but you can also do masternode sharing, even though its offline at the moment. This means you and a friend or many friends can pool MRJAs into a node and get paid off by the percentage you contributed

low cap coins dont follow charts, see xp, colx and eca, which Ive called on this board many times and everyone thought I was selling them bags/shilling them things that had already pumped and then they all went 4-8x and xp is now 62nd on coinmarketcap from like 400 in 2-3 days. Do your own research but Im exposing you to a gem; it is crypto though so you can do whatever you want and wait for another gem anyway

lowest marketcap ill ever buy is 4mil
fuck off pajeet

Thanks op. Any idea what their plans are regarding future listings?

look at their discord, the devs behind this know what they're doing and offer technical support. literally got the same pajeet response to xp lmao

So if I'm reading this website right, if I buy enough saga to run a masternode, I'll make 6 figures a year? Well shit WTF would I buy this shitcoin instead of that then OP?

saga costs $18k for a masternode you dunce, for a 111k roi/yr, mrja costs about $4k right now for 90k roi/yr. Saga has mostly already mooned but will probably see another 5x, i admit

Where can i buy?

>soon feed me user

is this shit legit?

Evidently, but I don't like how volatile it seems. Super low volume, super low market cap, and only on one exchange according to coinmarketcap. It could moon and then you'd be rich, but it could just as easily become worthless.

if legit: big, will have a look on this for a few weeks.