I have about 20k to invest in crypto? What do I buy? Shill me your shitcoins

I have about 20k to invest in crypto? What do I buy? Shill me your shitcoins

Go all in on bazinga coin and leave this place

ICX is a nobrainer at this point

isnt that just shilled here by paid pajeets? What does bazingacoin even do?

DYOR shitstain

Burstcoin. Proof of Capacity is the future

Same here OP. I'm all In on DNA.


Launch in January, it's going to Bittrex and they are burning 60 mil tokens in the process.

tanks at ethertanks

get lt-1, tank 1 and tank 2

i just watched their promo video, still have no fucking clue what it does

Throw it in horse coin

Footycash. 3M marketcap. Platform beta was released today, now its quickly rising. Potential 10x -100x

and stay the fuck away from BZC (Bazinga)

>What does bazingacoin even do?
its value is tied to sitcom ratings

only coin so far im considering, looks like it's actually useful technology, thanks bro

You look for moon missions,user. One of those moon missions just so happens to be ICX, its exploding in January, just include some ICX in your portfolio

you're too late, if you want crazy risk like crypto, buy some stock options, at least you won't look like a retard if you loose everhtying

Why is it exploding in january? product launch or what?

It's an ERC20 token (made from cut/paste source code), and the single person shilling it has a website.

Nobody has bought any yet. Last I checked anyway.

Product launch on the 24th of Jan

Half in BTC (yes, really)
Buy whatever you want with the rest.


realistically speaking how far off is btc

far off what?

how far off is lightning network was what i was trying to say

oh, that's technically working already.

The thing about the lightning network is that it doesn't require any change to the blockchain, or any existing nodes.

why hasnt it been adopted yet then

Anyone can use it, if they want.
Same reason you don't see segwit addresses everywhere, because some people are retards or don't want to upgrade.

The difference is, segwit requires an actual change to bitcoin, you can send/recieve lightning transactions right now.

Safe, solid gains: ICX, NEO.
High risk, high reward: BNTY.

nice whitepaper, idiot.

>Too late.
You know nothing

buy at least 10k of POE right now below $0.10, in the next week you'll have 30k. also req/xlm/link/ada are solid choices

>buying crypto
You mean "speculate".

all investment is speculation

just buy these equally distributed in fiat worth

wait one year

cash out

Drink bleach you fucking idiot.

autism speaks

This coin will be a money-maker in the next month for sure.

How big of a money-maker? Remains to be seen.

MyWish (WISH) has a working product. It's on cryptopia.

Qlink. ICO sold out quick and it's starting its upward trend now. Moon in progress.