He didn't buy REQ when it was .05

>he didn't buy REQ when it was .05
>he didn't buy REQ when it was .10
>he didn't buy REQ when it was .15
>he didn't buy REQ when it was .20
>he didn't buy REQ when it was .25
>he didn't buy REQ when it was .30
>he didn't buy REQ when it was .35
>he didn't buy REQ when it was .40
>he didn't buy REQ when it was .45
he didn't buy REQ when it was .50
>he didn't buy REQ when it was $1

Realistically, how high can 1 REQ go up to? $5?

>buy at 40 cents
>hour later
>50 cents


Bought first at .09, feels good. Well, I have sold a little bit and have less REQ than 2 weeks ago but still good gains. This is one of the coins that I will not dumb before it's over 10$, then I have 100k$ and will most likely cash out half. Hopefully it's happening next year.

$30 max

>he temporarily sold his req at 20c for xlm

Well, if this get as big as PayPal, the price will be 70-100$. And I'm not even kidding you bro. REQ below 1$ is still good buy.

Thanks just bought 100k

Yeah, sold fucking 2k REQ to get some SALT when I was so sure it's going to +20$.

I'm tired of seeing this shit
No ones buying your pajeet pnd shitcoin
You assholes only started shilling this coin AFTER it mooned as usual so fuck off already

$4 with around OMG mcap

now consider the token burn

now consider that this will blow omg out of the water

dont fuck with me /biz

when do you predict it will hit $1?

FffuuuCKK yeah.

bought in at $0.09 but got worried last night and dumped my XLM and BCH into REQ

best decision ever kek

Thanks mate, I bought a couple thousand at $0.23, I'll be holding them tight.

5$? If ever 2019 prolly.
1$? Most likely Q2 2018

It was literally shilled for weeks at ~30c but ok

It's going to a dollar q1

Probably it's hitting 3-5$ at Q2.

I bought at 30c and just the thought of going to 3$ excites me to no end, to think that we only need a 1.8B market cap for that excites me even more, it's totally realistic. My €5k is going to turn into €50k baby I feel it in my veins my water everything

50% icx 50% req
I wanted to sell the icx at mainnet launch and buy req, but now this shit is pumping

Based schadenfreude poster.

Same. Hopefully ICX does something soon

It was literally shilled here at .07c for weeks newfriend

Why do you guys believe in REQ so much? Why do you think merchants will adopt it? It just looks like yet another shitcoin that will never get adopted to me.

Redpill me on req

Can REQ please go back to $0.30 so I can buy back in?

bought at .06 /comfy/

It just seems to have a real world application. Crypto is complex and this helps simplify it for normies, plus meme aside I think the YCombinator Coinbase/REQ connection could be significant.

because it is normiefriendly

this right here. It makes me wonder, thinking $5 EoY could be a very conservative guess. Maybe this thing could hit $100 at some point

seems pointless to me, why wouldnt customers and merchants just use an actual currency like BCH or XRB if they wanted to use crypto

>YCombinator Coinbase/REQ connection

>because it is normiefriendly
How so? is there a flashy iphone wallet for it?

>seems pointless to me, why wouldnt customers and merchants just use an actual currency like BCH or XRB if they wanted to use crypto

This abstracts the exchange. You can send a payment request and the payee can click 2 buttons and pay you in any currency. Its like Stripe/Squarepay that works with any currency.

>YCombinator Coinbase/REQ connection
YCombinator is a venture capital/angel investor group. They were an initial investor in coinbase and are an initial investor in Request Network. It seems reasonable for them to put pressure on the exchange they've funded to allow for the purchase of coins they've funded somewhere down the line.

>How so? is there a flashy iphone wallet for it?
Missed this sorry. I'm just gonna borrow a leddit comment for this and say that since it allows you to pay with any currency its a lot like the addition of UIs for computers in their infancy.

Originally they were only used by computer scientists but making them easy to use with a nice user experience really opened the door for the common person to feel able to use them. I think the same thing could happen for crypto.

At the end of the day this is all speculation, but thats how this works - you make some educated guesses and hope you end up on top.

Bro REQ isn't anything like BCH or XRB. REQ will allow you to use any crypto through the network and REQ faciliates this in the background. The vast majority of people using the service will never ever hold REQ. But what is in our favour is that every transaction that goes through the network, REQ is burned and thus, becomes rarer and more valuable.

so why would a customer use request over paypal

You wont need to sign up to REQ. You will use it if the business that your buying from uses it. You could also user it for personal things like issuing a request to your friend or family member to pay you in full, in instalments etc.


it was literally shilled before the first trades on etherdelta even begun you colossal fucking nucoiner newfag

REQ also gives you a way of buying from a business with consumer protections. You would be able to withold your payments from a business until you receive your product for example.

With crypto, when the money leaves your wallet it's gone. REQ does provide a level of consumer protection that traditionally, standard crypto-crypto payments don't have.

Tfw i sold 27000 req for bnty

A customer wouldnt, the idea is that any business would use Request Network to process payments. This allows you to pay however you want, and the transaction burns a small amount of REQ.

There's a lot of applications to businesses with individual transactions and recurring billing. Theres also a few people that think there could be government applications (taxes?) down the line, but I think thats a bit much.

are you blind or something?

Veeky Forums has been shilling this coin since $0.10, and rightfully I bought in at $0.09

get REQt fag

>tfw 15k req at 600 sats

WHY THE FUCK WONT BINANCE LET ME BUY ANY!!!!!!!1111111111111111111


You know how people have a problem with cashing out of crypto? Enter the REQ potential use case:

1. Send an invoice to yourself asking for X dollars
2. Pay that invoice using your crypto
3. Receive fiat

Holy. Shit.

>literaly just buy in a minute ago



Because PayPal is expensive and centralized and often acts against its customers arbitrarily, or due to political reasons. Try selling gun parts on PayPal for example. They're anti-2nd Ammendment and just throw people off and freeze their transactions and funds.

You've got to have some experience dealing with PayPal to understand the benefits of REQ. Mostly costs.

I know the feeling, user. When you miss out on a coin and perpetually believe you are too late. Don't worry, when Req is $0.75 and you hop on you'll still make a little bit of profit.

agreed, biz shilled me this shit coin at $0.05 and i've now 10x'd my money, what pricks.

What happens when they run out?

this coin has been shilled for months

dumped my xrp to fatten my req stack last night, feeling fuckin comfy

33% XRB

moon bois 2k18

>shilling REQ when it was .50
>shilling REQ when it went down to .45
>shilling REQ when it went down to .40
>shilling REQ when it went down to .35
>shilling REQ when it went down to .30
>shilling REQ when it went down to .25
>shilling REQ when it went down to .20
>shilling REQ when it went down to .15
>shilling REQ when it blazingly surged to .20 again

Problem: converting REQ back to fiat money before pinkwojaking again.

its a percent burned each transaction based on fiat prices, so at first lets say everything is operation and a transaction takes place when REQ is at $0.50

You send $100 worth of ETH to someone and they the service takes a %1 fee(i don't know the actual fee percentage)

The service would burn 2 REQ tokes to provide the transaction, so as the price increases the less REQ tokens would need to be burnt per transaction

They don't "run out", as less overall REQ are available the amount burned decreases. So, 1 out of 1billion will be burned initially, then .000001 out of 10000, etc. (Just random numbers btw)
I never thought of this

I bought REQ at ICO (0.00002 ETH) because of the constant shilling of it here on Veeky Forums

It gets bought AND then burnt

Oh my god. You are unironically the crypto genius. REQ will 10000x


What do you use to buy it?

You don’t pay anything with req tokens. Req is like PayPal in a way but so much more.

Imagine PayPal but you can make payments in any currency including fiat. You can request a payment and make a payment quickly and across the globe...in seconds... cheaply. Then imagine that you can build your company’s accounting and payroll on top of it... and imagine that it’s trustless and keeps records of all transactions and you don’t need auditing anymore.

$10 by EOY 2018 easy

checkity checking myself before I REQ myself


.00066 new local floor?

Jokes on you, I only know this coin thanks to biz and I bought the firsst day it went live on etherdelta. +777% babyyyyyy

yeah my first day in crypto i saw this on biz and bought it....my first coin ever lol

Seriously though the consistent fall to ~.000662 without a buy wall or really anything to stop it falling further is weird.

This? Im thinking we will correct much lower due to market fluctuation and whales

it's crashing bros

I expect a dip back to almost 50k at some point soon, but not today.

wishful thinking. Id buy so much more but idk if thats going to happen

I'm not about to sell in expectation, but I would be unsurprised if it happened. It was only two days ago it was sub 50k, and while it was fluctuating between 30k and 45k it dipped several times all the way back to 26k.

Crashing? You're dreaming bro.

I bought when Veeky Forums was shilling REQ around ~0.11-0.13 cents. This is the only time I've taken investment advice from Veeky Forums but I'm glad I did.

Bought 100k at .20 and very happy right now. It will do well in 2018. Read the whitepaper and do your research!


Are you me

sold at 38k, this is going back to atleast 32k ~

This is Veeky Forumss fourth chance.

First was bitcoin
Second was ETH
Third was antshares(NEO)
Fourth is REQ

You have to be really retarded to miss your chance 4 times.

Um, my dude...

Will I kill myself for only going in with 10% on this coin? Everything else I have is in Ark and Monero.

I already lost this train lads, I will invest in the Dether ICO, it's the same shit but less total supply

I own a business and sell exclusively online. PayPal has fucked me over hard many times.

The moment I can integrate Request Network into my business, I'm doing it.

Read the whitepaper of both Ark and REQ. REQ makes ARK obsolete.

I actually was an ARK holder myself. Just read the whitepapers and you'll see what I mean.

Lol, this shitcoin isn't even Bittrex yet.

I sort of know what you mean, but I really liked Ark :(

Don't bet against big money. REQ has Ycombinator behind it (majority shareholder of coinbase, look it up).

REQ also has first mover advantage. Read the whitepaper of REQ and look up about the team and Ycombinators involvement. You'll shit bricks and go 100% in immediately.

is this shit gonna dip so i can enter or what

And I bought mine when it was £0.03

Read the OP you fucking brainlet

just enter and then buy the dips. you can try timing the market but good luck

look at buy and sell walls. Dip already happened.

how many REQteronis do you have?

If Ark skyrockets and REQ dips at the same time (lol) I might swap over, but at this point I don't think it's worth it. The time to do that was 3-4 days ago when it was sub 30c.

This shitcoin has no room for my god tier portfolio.

lot more sellers than buyers on binance

It's always been that way desu. Actually, the orderbook for this coin once you subtract all whale walls is very thin in both directions. There's almost no money truly required to push this to $1.

tfw i only make $400 every 2 weeks so i can never buy huge stacks, but i did manage to pick up ~1500 at .11 and .30 so i'm already up a couple hundo. this was my first crypto investment, and i'm still learning, but it feels comfy already. encouraging (you)'s only please

I am so e-req-t