You have 5 seconds to explain why you haven't gone all in on this.

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Gone all in. Tried transfer today, literally took 5s from that shitty exchange to Raiwallet.

Will wait for possible dip to buy more but Im afraid there wont be a bigger lasting dip.

I have

at least someone with a brain

>visa tier scaling
visa is not a blockchain you mongoloid, it doesnt "scale"

He means it can scale to visa-level throughput you fucking idiot

Should I sell my XLM to get in on this? I’m only working with $5k and 90% of that is in FUN.

XRB got the chance to reach a 6bi marketcap?

Because it already mooned.

Should you sell an absolute scamcoin that spun-off Ripple to cash out the scam gains to buy something with 0 fees and instant transactiosn?

I dunno, hard question

With ease once on real exchange. When people start to use raiwallet and raiexchange, especially normies, shit is gonna pop like crazy. The entire thing, from name and logo, to look of wallet is so well thought out. This is top 5 next year.

It is not even in Top 10, but has better tech than Bitcoin. Are you actually that stupid or just pretending?

It's never going to be in top 10 and finding coins better than bitcoin isn't hard kys

If IOTA made it to top 10 this definitely will.

>name and logo [...] is so well thought out
You worms, how transparent can your shilling be?

Lets see, IOTA can make a 32x for the entire year and XRB can only make what amounts to a 9x for the rest of the year optimally.

This means you are going to be XLM tier bagholders with that particular coin.

It is actually, look it up fucking autist.

Ripple is already backed by Google and several small banks.
Who is backing RailBlocks?

rai is a literal shitcoin.

or you want to be a bitch for banks user ?

But the banks always win, user, and so does Google. That's why I'll keep HODLing Ripple.

Ok, please read these words and get it through your thick skull:


Understood? No?

That's true, but for once I believe we can do something. Satoshi didn't make bitcoin so some fidget spinner take the first spot

are the bottom 2 a chain of restaurants?

holding 11.5 k

soooo why pick this shit coin over iota

because it actually works
unlike your tangly boi

Should i take some out and put into something else, and buy back after it hits this high again?

5 second? I need just two: Fuck you, Iot Chain will pwn this shitcoin


IoT chain competes directly with IOTA not Rai which competes with P2P currencies, fucking mouthbreather

back up your claims you filthy nigger or go drink bleach

scammy shit exchanges only
all in on REQ right now and making a killing
I feel like I mssed out the early phase with this coin
I don't like it's logo at all

It's unlikely that it'll continue to go up this way



i started getting it at 2.50, if you watched this thing grow that entire time you would know it literally CANT BE STOPPED, so i went all in by the time it hit $12

My Rai wallet has been syncing for the last 2 days or so. Is it safe to transfer from bitgrail to my desktop wallet before the sync finishes? How do you back up a raiwallet? Please advise?

Oh! Okay I go all in then, thanks for letting me know!

XRB discord > support channel > pinned messages

you need to download the database, it takes FOREVER to sync like that. it still takes hours even with the database bootstrap. yes you can transfer before it syncs but you cant accept the money so it looks like ur money is gone and u'll panic.

Guys can somebody with a brianed explain to me how Raibitcoins can go onto binance if there are no coins left available?

>adds wallet function onto binance to transfer over
>people transfer
>people sell
>market now on binance


Bro what type of growth do you honestly see ripple having? Look at the fucking marketcap It could maybe get to $5 in 2018. You will get much better growth with other coins

Bought at $3. Comfy AF

Same bro

See you at the lambo dealership

Get out of BTC you daft motherfucker

this guy fucks

These beans are coming along nicely.

>btc in 2018

you have problems dude

Because they were given away for free, I haven't seen a good explanation of how it works/ there isn't a good block explorer, and only 1/3rd of them are in circulation right now.
I don't know if I like the fact that the whitepaper suggests some nodes not keep the entire history.

I pretty much am all in. Loving this coin.

It doesn't matter if they were given away for free. Someone has to start the circulation. 100 Million dollar pizza.

I want to but I want to be risk adverse at the moment and diversify.

It's an advanced kind of shitpost, he's not actually telling you to stay on Ripple.

I know they need to be distributed somehow, but whoever was in charge of giving them out for free could have easily taken far more than they should for themselves. There's no way to know.

Or, literally anyone with a bot and enough money to afford indian captcha solving labor.

It actually is a pretty cool name


Because I counted stores accepting RAI payments.
On the fingers of a single hand.
The one without fingers.

then explain why a 200k bounty has not been claimed, buttmad pajeet?

good wait till its accepted and pay 1k per rai, good plan

But I did at 1.3

Neat, thanx.

I am all in

Because I'm all in on DRGN :^)

26 euros I sell

Missed the initial boat, and now its obviously going to correct. I'll go all in once its down 50%.

this thing reeks too much for me to get in, don't care if it continues to moon. the exchanges it's on, the fact the devs and insiders had endless time to accumulate, clear manipulation, etc, i'd rather not hold those bags. comfy enough with my other cryptos

Not all in because 2300 xrb should be well enough to make it