Raiblocks chart

Has there EVER been a crypto that has had an insane run up like XRB has in the past month, that didn't immediately have a massive correction right after?

I like XRB and want to buy more, but there is no possible way it keeps this up, right? I mean it's unprecedented.

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Look up Auroracoin. That's what's gonna happen to XRB. Ride the wave, but don't get holding bags

nice, bought 100K

if not those shady exchanges I was going to buy it
fuck, not even sure if I'll wait more, they are leading the vote on binance

When do you figure it'll dip again?

It's still going up because it's fucking undervalued.
You will see a correction once it hits 100$

the fact thats it only on a fucking crap exchange and had a volume of 40 million at peak should have been a clear buy signal
you can hope it dips a bit when it hits binance but i wouldnt count on it

when it's close to listing on a major exchange.
Until then ride these rumor of adding exchange will increase price.
People will dump near the release date of new Major exchange. not shitty ones

I keep hearing people saying it will dump when it hits binance. What drives people to think this? Does that always happen?

Dump will happen, but until it does price will be 30$ and people wont sell that much. Alot of guys really believe in this fucking beast. Its all over normie book, twatter and fucking reddit now.

New wallet, new simple rai exchange, new site, new exchanges etc.

Basically, buy in or be prepared to dip imidiately on binance when it drops as it wont last long.

Even mails recieved from Rai team have personality.

People said it will get dumped yesterday when bitgrail crashed yet it actually went up. There are more buy orders then sell orders, not alot of people wants to get rid of this coin.

to take the risk and buy high and sell low...

Does anyone know of a working block explorer for this currency?
The one on their site is broken.

Also, how can anyone have faith in a currency that is proof of stake based, and given away for free? How do you ensure that whoever ran the giveaways didn't just create millions of accounts and find them?

you can try raiblocks.club
The community is putting some crazy ass projects, check the discord #dev

it just dumped idiot

buy right now, exchanges finally working

>it just dumped
>its at an ATH right now


>>its at an ATH right now
except its not

He probably meant it already has corrected before now, in response to OP's comment about this not having corrected yet.

ah shit yeah i forgot ATH was 17.24 currently at 16.40

>volume dropping while price is rising
>head and shoulders
I would not buy right now.

In term of Satoshi, it's at ath.
USD value is dependent on bitcoin performance so I would argue yes it is at ath now

Where's the explorer?

This seems useful, but it doesn't have any data on the blocks themselves, or timestamps for any transactions.

It did dump.
The price was over $17 just 2 days ago and yesterday touched sub $10 prices.

It will definitely go up from now. Will pump even harder if BitZ or Binance lists it. After some days of that pump, when the price is really high, the early adopters will dump half their shares or so.

top right. surf the chain.

That's just a list of the accounts(addresses) with the highest balances.
What do I type in there to see the most recent transaction? Or the one preceding that?
Is there any way to look at the actual data making up these blocks?

that last half a day and was due to crappy exchange shenanigans.

I mean it's gone up 6400% in less than a month. think about that for a second. have we ever seen another coin do that without having a MASSIVE correction afterward?

Black swan of sorts, eh?

No possible comparison whatsoever. So, who are you shilling for?

Why would I get rid of my nice position on a coin that is technologically superior to almost every coin on the market atm that wants to do p2p.
A coin that has a fantastic dev team that communicates and puts bounties up for mr CFB to try fuck with it.

XRB is a gold nugget in the making. 100Billion market or nothing.

The faucet was run mainly on poor countries. e.g. Venezuela.

Will I made it with 100 XRB?

Do you also do triangles?

Fucking newfags i swear

You will be in 10ks in 2 years.

100 xrb at 200 dollars is 20000 grand... not gonna make it off that but a good start

YOu need to find the next penny coin. Xrb went 360x. It's going to be extremely hard to do even a 20x from here

i have 415 and its still not enough i need atleast a thousand wish i bough more at .60

name one other coin that has done this in a short amount of time without a massive correction

I'd be worried if this was just another coin getting hyped up but this is not just another coin. Feeless, instant transactions. It has strong merits for worldwide adoption. I'll hold these bags with iron hands.

i see why you say its hard but why can't it? its literally 1000 better than BTC and that shit hit 20000

almost all coin is better than bitcoin.

this guy knows whats good

touche. but this is what "Bitcoin" was supposed to be

nah. bitcoin can be way more.
This is just an exchange of money. E currency.
Bitcoin can store data, your birth certificate, add features(like smart contracts), land ownership on the ledger, store videos.
Bitcoin and other coins can be way more.
Rai is a niche that fulfill the need for a fast instant, fee-less transaction. We are still trying to determine what's the value for this niche.
Don't let the hype cloud your thoughts

Bitcoin way more? Do you seriously think they would add anything to that dinosaur coin when they refused to increase the block size?

Of course they will. You think they would let their coin die without a fight?
I hope you know all these other alts "features/tech" can be added onto bitcoin. Alts are like testing ground for bitcoin.
But the final path will be bitcoin become store of wealth while other coins will do other tasks like contracts, transactions.

nice larp faggot

So, poor people are less likely to steal?

Also, I don't think .va was doing as bad as it is now in 2014.

XRB is REALLY going to explode when it gets traded on Binance or Bittrex.. hopefully sometime in the next week or so.. join us: discord.gg/hVtA56H