Biz Roleplay: You're an Indian Crypto Trader

Greentexts. Go.


>”Raheem, come up with new scam”
>”okay, American like Big Bang theory. Let us make fake ico of bazinga”
>”excellent Pajeet, America will love it”

Go away /pol/

Normies are literally going out of their ways to buy this shit. Get rekt, BZC is the only one they'll buy for fun.

Buy MCO very good coin, solid dev team who very good and you will make many money.

>indians named "Raheem"
>state of burger education

>Rajeet, what is that you say? Only 3 satoshi?
>Yes ofcourse I buy! Very solid team! Very cheap sir!
>We will moon!

3 months later:
>Hodl we will moon buy more now the price is 1 satoshi! Can only moon from here!

>target sir?

>Hindi translation sir? Good project dev may many moons come to you!

>cheap masternode sir
>when airdrop?

>Sir you told me we will moon
(Dev exited scam)
>Sir when are you coming back? I understand you very busy man, sir?
>I not receive bounty for Hindi translation sir?

> good project good dev. how much is bounty ?

>calm down sir developer on vacation

>Sanjeev make the pictures kids call memes the days.
>Sir I have many memes now.
>Manish post memes every thread on biz. GO.
>Thank your sirs for work on our excellent coin.

Alright you faggots, I'm going to shill you the next 10-100x moon coin.
You see the logo in the picture? That's the logo that's going to get you into lamboland.

UFR aims to combine the worlds most revolutionizing conceptual technologies: decentralization and information sharing (filesharing). UFR is completely unique in it's idea and execution, there is no other competitor in the market. Therefor, the potential to boom is enormous.

>why it will moon
Current Torrenting technology suffers from the issue of being centralized through trackers and magnet/file exchanges. Piratebay and What do the latter two have in common? They were both centralized, and were both shut down by government. Many pajeet sites impersonating the latter two have popped up and it's fucking up pirating at large. This pattern of instability will continue forever until Torrenting becomes decentralized. UFR is The Piratebay/Torrenting meets Blockchain. UFR works by having a distributed hash table on the Ethereum network, completely decentralizing the filesharing process. Everything is handled within a nifty GUI connected to the blockchain.

- Absurdly low marketcap
- High quality whitepaper
- Unique concept & execution
- Responsive development team
- Solid roadmap
- Not a fork of any other blockchain

- No proof of concept yet.
- Anonymous team.
- Not on many marketplaces yet.

The developers have stated that they are working on getting UFR on Bittrex/Binance. The price is almost guaranteed to at least double before that. The alpha launches in 2018 Q1, which will pump up the price guaranteed, no matter the quality of the initial product.

Unique blockchain technology that is guaranteed to at the very minimum 2x, with chances of it booming up to 10-100x as it's currently criminally undervalued. If you do anything, read the whitepaper.
Do your own research on this coin and do not blindly believe me or any other fucking shills here.

Nobody cares Ahmed


he could use "poonam" instead desu

>buy Link

kek'd hard

Buy bnty it very new very good coin definitely not shitcoin

> sir why is coin off exchange? Can I cash out with you?
> Sir I need some rupees for my son ranjeet, please

>when toilet sir

never toilet. Only shitting street

>does poo not go loo, sir? street only?

>shits on street
>rapes on bus
>posts on phone while shitting on street

>@satoshilite @ripple @shitcoin
>sir when moon sir

careful now, you're gonna trigger 50% of /biz


pfff haha