SALT Mine's Run Dry Boys, Pack It Up

>Sub .001 for days now.
>All the supposed gains are actually slow bleeds away from 27.50
>Everything else is mooning with half the news and no working platform
>People are taking loans and using SALT but the price just keeps dropping
>LEND skyrocketed and it isn't even finished
>Volume an an all time low
>Still holding these bags from $16


Buying a lot more $SALT on this dip.

45k active users on the site.
Since launch a few days ago, already $300,000,000 USD in loans requested.

Price on exchange currently 50% discount. #FreeMoney

Long-term availability of complete loan payment with $SALT confirmed.

This way with a US bank account, you can get instant 50% profit on your loan.


>Still holding these bags from $16
Cool I bought at 3.50. When the loans start clearing the arbitrage will begin. Now is a retarded time to sell

how much did you buy?


arbitrage is already there.
you can get a 50% instant profit when you take out a loan rifght now.

ppl. just retarded and dont get the product yet.
marketing will pump this next week.
salt starting ads now.

.5 BTC worth. It sucks that I pulled a bit from FUN and REQ (I left enough) for this though. I thought it would be a quick pump that I could hop off from the top and head back with some nice little gains. Instead the price went in the exact opposite direction, but that's crypto.

>Sub .001 for days now.
yesterday it was above .001

>Volume an an all time low
this alone states you are a complete retard. what makes you fudding this coin, user?

>Still holding these bags from $16
i bought in at $4. besides, measuring in $ once again states you are the only moron here.

holding this coin is just a great investment in many ways.
guaranteed gains right now with the retail value.

>reeeee why isnt salt 27.5

It takes time to process fiat loans ya inbred fuck

>implying you dont need to be enterprise level account to get loan at this time
>implying any faggot on this board will make money with their puny $50 of birthday money they managed to get into an exchange.

The people who actually have the 10k+ to arb are already doing it not shilling it on biz like you faggot.

Why should I buy this coin? seems like buying stocks for a salt mine in Europe. Why is it a crypto currency? what's the use of it?

Explain this and I may buy is when the sell wall goes down.

> Be whale
> Take enterprise loan
> Play whale games to suppress price
> Infinite arbitrage

exchanges will run out of the coin.
price will go up.
no other way possible.

You have to have crypto as collateral and they give you fiat, so that would actually be counterproductive.


and they deposit money into your bank account right? I got some salt, sounds like a great fintech solution

If it hits my stop loss at 90k Im never touching this shit again

Youre better off just selling this now... Its gone

Youre actually fucking autistic if you sell off your salt right now. This is an ez .025 eth and above.

I'm so fucking glad I sold when it was 17 dollars. I bought some Fun with my gains, and now i just sit back and watch with my hot chocolate. Thank you mummy

Yeah, this is a real shitcoin at this point. Waste of time and money. You could have picked literally any other coin in the past week and made x3.

but you can pay your loan off with muh salt