G-g-guys w-what is btc doing?

G-g-guys w-what is btc doing?

Its here to punish those who strayed too far from the king


this. the alt coins have angered him


*Mooning loudly...

Should I exit alts now? It feels like I should exit alts now....

plz, let the faithful be rewarded. I dared not betray the king even in his darkest hours.

What do you mean? It is up like 9%.

Who is this pls?

Sell your bitcorn for FUN. We're lifting off now. We'll be on PLUTO soon

Either consolidating or preparing to jump off a cliff.
We will find out by mid to late January.

I exited my alties. Daddy has punished me too many times after several days of alt mooning

King Charles II.

I'm in the same boat right now...since I've sold the price went from .00091050 to .00089. It's all about the little victories.

All the weakhands sold their coins for cheap to the whales, now it can rise again.

Thank you

Next stop $50k

> tfw when core tries to tell me 14k is cheap for a total shitcoin.

probably lost a grand not selling at ath today because I was waiting for the noon peak. But I'm still up from selling trx at .306 instead of .320. Not even sure if there's gonna be a re-rally while btc is acting like it might go up another grand

Fulfilling McAffee's "$20k by 2018" prophecy

You're right user, stay well away, never buy this

I hold waves based coins so every time BTC goes on a run everything drops like a lead brick. I'm holding on to my community tokens though, high demand because people want them for the airdrops. If anything letting go of my waves was just taking profits. I still made about 1,200 by selling them.

Long live the king

this, bitcoin is in a big bubble compared to other coins. at least ether and monero have a niche features besides store of value. desu i would go all in ether due to switch to POS.


Brainlets like you fail to understand the cultural and financial ubiquity of BTC. As long as sats is a measure of value, daddy BTC will keep raping your ass

getting ready to crash the entire market again

I 'member you, lad.
Nonetheless, Willem's gonna CASH ol' Charly boy!