This will be the only time I shill this here but I feel it my duty since a fellow bizraeli shilled me REQ at .05c

This will be the only time I shill this here but I feel it my duty since a fellow bizraeli shilled me REQ at .05c.

This token an almost guaranteed 25x in the next month.

>4mm MC
>100mm fixed supply
>86mm in circulation

>100mm MC = 1.16 per token
>currently trading at .03-.04c

Payfair aims to be a DEX with P2P crypto exchange and P2P fiat to crypto.
Alongside this it will have an invoicing system with escrow and trust nodes.

>Trust nodes receive 80% tx fees on network

DYOR, but the hint here is that Russia was looking into regulating crypto next year and with this news a Decentralized Exchange will do swimingly.

100mm Mcap for this coin is nothing and right now on ED there is a 27 eth buy wall so the price is only going up.

Right now is the perfect entry price has stabilized at .03-04c

Dont miss out on a potential 25x-50x short term hold.

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>3% escrow fee

doesn't that sound a bit too much?

3% seems on par with current escrow fees in the fiat world

I'll bite, where do you buy?

Also photo of back of your hand please for verification.

God I fucking hope so. I had an instinct just from the logo and name. I'm never wrong about shit like that. Trust your gut anons.

On that topic I totally didn't trust my gut yesterday. Literally a voice in my head told me stop and I ignored it. Lost a good chunk of money, as well as a promising stack that I traded chasing a pump. Now I'm anxiously waiting for the next moon so I can relax. I hate going backwards.

ED only right now



Im white af but I live in florida and work outside

Pajeet confirmed.

Always do the opposite of what pajeet says and you will profit.

Post proof


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I've already pulled my initial investment off the exchanges so only trading profits. Will throw 2k on this shitcoin. Worst case I lose 2k of money I am happy to burn anyways.

Join for coin info

Have you seen what people are willing to pay coinbase?

You think this will fly before end of January? Looking for month long hold

If not January, then at least Q1

Really i see it popping any day now if it still took a month i would be really surprised.
3mm mcap is nothing in this market
Their test net is already up and they should have exchanges coming plus serious marketing in january so i see it exploding at any moment

Lol same iD

Even thought this guy tried to be a sneaky jew, PFR is worth holding till the end of february and re-evaluating after that.

I think he was expanding on his comment not samefagging

I meant the 2nd post to be a follow up question, I'm not op

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OP I'm about to buy $3k of eth for this. How confident are you, I'll do it

I have my entire stack in this right now

Hands of iron tbqhfam

Im also in with 95% of my stack.

I feel pretty confident with this. Especially after waisting so much time and money holding Litecoin

Fuck idk if I should wait for eth dip or just jump in now.

On fucking etherdelta

Put in a buy order slightly cheaper. There's been some weak hands selling below .00005 eth.

IM 500 bucks in this and also 2500 on KCS. This shit can really take off just depends on if enough people believe in it. Once the twitter tards get wind it is too late. Biz picks some sleepers and this is another. OMG?

Not gaining money or even Losing money in crypto isn't bad luck...

It is the result of the 5minutes of research you did not do because of your lazy ass

Pic related is my folio... I went all in REQ at around the 1600 Euro mark and will not sell until I have 50k up there

Fuck Etherdelta. Come shill it when it's on Binance

No. Payfair, in the future. But for now id just be patient.
Even if you get in at $.05 youre still in the x20+ price

Isn't etherdelta compromised right now?

What do you mean?

No it's safe now.

Plus i believe it was only a phishing scam. Not like ED was compromised.

No the site itself was compromised in that the hacker got the URL to direct to the phishing site. But ya it's safe now

It was their DNS that got hacked not ED itself-

Is there any speculation on it being added to kucoin? Or binance?

The DNS was compromised, ED's back end was never touched.

Kucoin yes but I can't find the source. DYOR but post it if you find it, lol.

For 4 cents a token, what's $200? Who knows it could hit .25 here in the coming weeks. Not too bad of gains.

no, that is obvious samefagging. Asking a question and then answering it. Amateur move, pajeet.

>on etherdelta
>thinks im going to use the hacked garbagecan site
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Depending on how lucrative their dividens are i might even consider holding for ultra long term.
If payfait gets super popular, a monthly payment would be reeeaaal nice.

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it's also on

Sorry this is the benchmark, although I'm actually not a racist sheep so I will be investigating and potentially investing.

Eye color?

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Ive never used is it shit?

Yes, its pretty shit. But I have used it and had success, it was pretty reliable, just seems very pajeety