Who here will make it with 10x

Who here will make it with 10x

>1x per month
>1% up on every trade
not impossible or difficult to do that if you djor on what you trade on

fucking xrb 360x from 6 month ago.
10x is NOTHING
Need to find a 300x

I'm holding Bitbay, Kucoin shares and Chainlink

Watch me make it fags


me thats 400k i can buy a flat in hungary for 50k usd holy shit ill be a god amongst men

Still need 100x to make it. 10x will buy me a lamborgini though but won't save me from wageslave life.
I'll be patient, or face the crash.

really only need a 3x for Lambo land

OP here

Contemplating selling all my alts for BTC for it to 2x, then go all in alts again as they've been drained will easily go 5x

and I've made it in 3 months


>tfw 100x away from a new prius

BTC 2x in 3 months...
That is a pretty big ask user

10x puts me over 3mm pretax. How do I do this without a ton of risk?

me. 10x puts me at a million. I could make that work.

>tfw need 1000x to get where you want to be

You put time in the market on good coins/projects instead of going all into low cap shitcoin pumps.

te is lovasijasz turulbetyar vagy?

That puts me in retirement about 30 years ahead of schedule

10x would push me very close to a Mill

Good thing I am holding a fat stack of LINK, guaranteed to 10x and probably 50x+

I need 100x to make it

i need 10x ^3

I need 1000x to make it...