So trump basically raped us with this tax bill right?

so trump basically raped us with this tax bill right?

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America's a joke

>They thought Trump was anti-establishment

>decreases taxes


Seriously. Between the taxes and the racial tensions they're really running the risk of starting another civil war. We fought the redcoats over less than this.

Believing mainstream media

Everyone's taxes are lower now. Just because buzzfeed says he's cutting taxes for the rich doesn't mean he only cut their taxes. It's classic lying by omission.

i bet you watch CNN

yeah, yet Veeky Forums still gargles that orange cock and thinks he's on some 4d chess strategy

>why would trump do such a retarded thing?
>it can't be because he's actually retarded, i'd never vote in a retard, it must be 4d chess!

What the fuck are you on about? The potential father of Travon Martin fucked up both health care and racial tensions.

Ummm yes? Everything else is fake news cheeto sucker


>9 new posts


no that bill wasn't even targeted at crypto it just happened to hit us but even then Im willing to bet an audit that its still really cant be enforced.

hahaaa, maybe Ahmed and Ali will rape my woman but at least I get to keep my cryptogainz.

Europe 1

Boo fucking hoo you are so privileged to even have enough money to invest. Ill gladly give the government 30% to pay for our roads and marginalized communitites nazi

okay well lets just assume they audit some folks to make an example. if you used coinbase or binance then they know exactly who you are

eat a cinderblock

Excellent bait m8, really activated my almonds.

only if you believe that the government does a great job on every project it works on.

>i hate our president, all conservatives, and the police!
>please give our government more money PLEASE PLEASE I need them to be rich!

local govt can still raise taxes to force you to stay in your small studio apartment working 10 hours a day. but at least a small chunk of federal waste is going to be reduced.

>muh morals!!!1

>asian exchange

And here's the resident Trump bot. The tax cuts were for the top percent of wealth that Trump is absolutely a slave to. Everyone below that powerful niche of rich people got """cuts""" in some places and then get raped with hikes to make up the difference.

they still mined our info, we are at their mercy

More like Robin Hood in reverse: took from the poor, gave to the rich.

did you even watch men in tights?

Technically you should have always taxed crypto to crypto yourself. The like kind excuse never would hold up in court.

See the 2014 coinbase files the irs got from coinbase. Some people will get nailed.

>on every project

only the sith deals in absolutes

is this what passes for logic these days? no wonder America is so fucked with these dumb fuckers running around.

>if you don’t like fascism you’re a nazi!

what the fuck are you even saying? did you have a stoke while you wrote that?

>trusting a chr*stian

What do you mean by this

its over. the crypto dream is done.. the "peoples" president has raped your crypto gains. good thing i live in europe americucks

what's wrong with your guinea pig

So PhD students are still fucked right?

No he didn't you dummy, watch this:

No no no no no what are you guys talking about

>We fought the redcoats
Nigger, that was the revolutionary war. Damn the state of American education. embarrassing.

>believing Buzzfeed

This board isn't for brainlets like you

Wtf I hate taxing the rich now!

>PhD is gender studies

Yeah they can an stay fuckd too. Academia is a bloated and self serving blowbang.

It was always taxable

americucks literally voted in to get taxed even more because an orange told them mexicans are rapists

>shilling on a global communications network developed by academics

nigger read the new tax code and what it means for crypto gains

>implying their not

it was only when you cashed out. now they wanna tax you when you go between cryptos


>father of Travon Martin
You mean, Obama?

not really. everyone kind of already knew this was always the rule but now its official. also it only starts january first so only newfags get fucked. as always

jesus you faggots.
can you ask me how you think they are going to track this information? how they can see your trades? you think they are going to put in requests to binance to reveal everyones information and show all their thousands of trades for the year? and you think the IRS will bother handling this mass shitstorm of shit to review?
i just have no idea how you people think this is going to actually fucking work without a massive change. this isn't aimed at crypto

they have the power to do just that

>this isn't aimed at crypto
who the fuck is this aimed?


>implying this is anything new

yes it actually is nigger

chess is naturally 4D since you move 3 dimensional objects around in space
time is the fourth dimension but at any given moment just perceive the 3 dimensional excerpt of the 4 dimensional total
without time you couldnt move and it would just be a still hologram

How does the government know if you've been trading though?

Strong reading comprehension. Absolute state of where ever the fuck you're from


Link or pict please of actual bill's legal wording that changes 1031 exchange language.
I am not taking fucking Bloomberg's word on it.

Europe, unlike America, is filled with Muslims. Die faggot

The tax cuts expire and then they raise. Try thinking long term.

No shit. I never said we fought the redcoats during the civil war.
The revolutionary war was mostly about what? Taxes. Trump said he's lower what and didn't? Taxes. If the white US citizens fight the Government over their money being taken to give food stamps to nigger that hate them it's be what? A civil war.

No shit. I never said we fought the redcoats during the civil war.
The revolutionary war was mostly about what? Taxes. Trump said he's lower what and instead is fucking us with what? Taxes. If the white US citizens fight the government over their money being taken to give food stamps to niggers that hate them it'd be what? A civil war.

So wait, up till Jan 1st you only have to pay tax on what you cashed out?