Sorry user, I only date guys who own BTC

Sorry user, I only date guys who own BTC

sorry, I don't date 3d women

That's alright, I only date chicks that can read charts.

You are in luck then. I never sold


sorry I don't date women whose jawlines could cut diamonds


>hating cut diamond money

B-but they told me if I buy womencoin I support feminism

Mfw my gf gets wet with a cup and handle


She really is perfect


you might want head over to your local doctors office to find out if you have been infected with the gay

you think she'll look like that after 2 kids? hahahahhahaahha

of course she wants your BTC, that's the look she puts out to get pregnant you fool

Sorry you retarded cunt
I sold them all for actual cash

Smart lass
Veeky Forums is a men's board.


Well, I only date traps with cute feminine penises. Move along, roastie.

Big n brappy!

rofl jawlines (dont post extreme versions to try to make me look wrong, everything is only good in moderation) are extremely aesthetic and important for a woman to be attractive

>dyed hair

We started trading crypto. No we are all gay. Leave woman.

Spread the bch?