1 simple question that no one can answer: how many nodes does RaiBlocks have?

1 simple question that no one can answer: how many nodes does RaiBlocks have?

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Binance is going to royally screw up the network.

explain yourself cumguzzler



Theres are no nodes, shit is literal scam pumped to random numbers by bots on scam exchange that goes down everytime they want to cash out their rai

you clearly don't understand how it works if you ask those kind of questions

More than the number of pools that make up 99% of Bitcoin's hashing power

Yes. after it shoot up to $100.
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Why am I asking the question:

I have used RaiBlocks and I get that my wallet do the PoW work. But since I don't need to be online to be able to receive funds, it means there must be some node that tells my wallet there is a pending payment (otherwise how would my wallet know as it was offline?).

Read this hackernoon.com/iota-vs-raiblocks-413679bb4c3e

Read the white paper

If you have an IQ over 75 you will realize the FUD against RaiBlocks is a farce by scared soyboys

the desktop wallet act as a node as well.

What the fuck do you not even choke on the shit coming out of your mouth.

This is the kind of shit that will kill biz for me for good. No real argument, no real sense, just empty low effort FUD

Please, fuck off

But how does my node-wallet know there is a pending payment? From other nodes, right? And if other nodes store that information, it means in the future not everyone will be able to run a full node.

Just ask the twitter guy if you really want to know.
He's pretty fast in response

Kek this coin will never reach $30 since it's only pumping because of discord pump and dump
It will go down to

helo bby open bobs for me pleas

My men, this shit is solid. It's currently the most advanced decentralized crypto currency on the market. Read the white paper and you will understand that it's going to compete for the 1st place. it's literally what people wanted since the beginning. Don't worry about nodes, it survives with any number of users. Invite the whole India and they will be able to transfer their money almost instantly and without fees. Damn man, this is a game changer we are talking about.

>a discord pajeet group is pumping it with 20-40 million volume
stay poor shitbreath

It's a shill now I have to admit, but the technology behind it is real, once the dust settles it will grow organically, I see a potential top5 no joke

it's a pump n dump

it's a pump n dump

it's a pump n dump

hope you connected the dots

It is pumping because it made it on the coin of the month election list. Depending on how that vote goes, its gonna pump or dump.

shills just bought at ATHs, its natural they wanna shill. The rest of us who bought in weeks or months ago are here to kick the ever living shit out of the mouthbreathing FUD campaign.