Q1 has arrived

will you be on the right path to riches?

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Yes, all in on FUN

I was in at 5 cents.

I'm with you senpai

Skycoin is fucking 50$ already? Looked it when it was 3, then 5, then 10, then 20... Never bought. Now it's too late. Fuck me.

Bought 33k units at 0.19. Looking forward to making $33k every $1 movement

Didn't expect it to go up so quickly, but I bought as soon as I could because it's the only crypto project besides XMCC I genuinely want to succeed.

It may not be too late to get a few. I don't know how long it'll go up but I don't intend to sell for a very long time.

do i buy more?

shhhhh this is supposed to be a secret coin
keep the shitstained pajeet fingers away

Brian Armstrong confirmed 2018 is the year of $zrx

Damn man you don't even know what an L is. V nice blockfolio.

yes, feels good

my only regret of 2017 was not buying more ZRX at ICO. I'll make it but man I could have REALLY made it

This mentality is retarded. If you want a coin to be successful people need to know about it.

0x will be successful by its own work. Pumps wont make it better.

The order book is smexy rn

Once ZRX breaks $1 the sky is the limit.

Poorfag here. My goal is at least 30k$ by EOY 2018.

Hopefully I make it. Wish you all make it as well guys. Good luck.


so many releases this year.


>using filthy /BTC instead of almighty /ETH

sorry user you aren't gonna make it

Decentralized exchanges will be the next big thing. 0x is hitting $1 by next week. $2 next month.

polo zrx/eth graph is so sparse though

do you guys think this coin will ever hit $33?

Thats my target for $1M usd

you need to buy more, sell your car, your house, wife and kids, do whatever it takes and all in $zrx

$10-15 is defintiely possible (EOS reached $12 with the same supply and market cap around #10), $33 is a stretch but you never know it might be a good year

Rly only ethfinex and radar relay will help use of it

Maker wont use it until they start collateralizing the dai with tokens, which may be a year or so off.

Dont think large scale exchange using zrx will occur until end of 2018 assuming things go well

check binance

Ico hodler here not selling anything until 10$

Is it still the time to buy it?

user, this is a golden opportunity for all of us to make it. Don't let it go. Join this Pump group asap.


This guy gets it

under $1, hell fucking yes. even under $3

Only if you want stability in your portfolio.

what a /comfy/ way to start the new year. Happy new year zrx marines, we'll be okay.

39k ICO bagholder reporting in