Protip: If you haven't already made it in Crypto in 2017 you never will

Protip: If you haven't already made it in Crypto in 2017 you never will.

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ya your prob right
i fuck up a lot i got scared a lot caz im a poor fag cant afford to lose but wanted to try
happy new year user

t. retard. 2018 and 2019 will be bigger than 2017 for crypto

Nope. The big money hasn't even come in yet.

How can they allow this to happen? Thousands of retards will become millionaires off this shit

good thing i didn't listen to retards saying this back when BTC was $1000

Good Lord the front end of that car looks like absolute crap. I bet you're 17.

Not true at all


How the fuck are you supposed to drive that car where speed bumpers exist?

poor you user

this this this

>tfw $200 NEO, $150 OMG, $150 ETH, $100 XLM
Looking forward to making it :)

I only started 2 weeks ago and I already 100x my investment ($2000).
Don't think 200k counts as making it, I set my goal on 1 million.

After I reach that fucking goal, I'll be going back to my hometown, make myself a nice fucking house just like how I always wished mine to be, and still invest in crypto after blasting half of my gains on making my dream home.

See you all in lamboland, except, I'll be getting a McLaren.

what's with these fucking manlet mobiles that get defeated by a speed bump

lmao money well spent, could've bought leg extension surgery instead

speed bumps only exist where niggers do. this car doesn't exist there

How? XRP?

It's happened before - just look at b*&mers


i agree my uncle works for a big dick investment management group. I had to explain binance lol.

It’ll be harder - but that’s a pretty inaccurate statement.


user, this is a golden opportunity for all of us to make it. Don't let it go. Join this Pump group asap.

Same thing as the dotcom bubble. Any normie can hop on the cryptotrain and be rich.
Many people in their 30s-50s made their wealth from the same bubble as we are experiencing. Be smart.

wat why


if you started 4 months ago your numbers would be believable.

That's what I mean. In our little bubbles, sure it seems saturated, talk to any normal people and it's completely lost on them. I honestly don't think we've even hit mainstream yet. A few media clips on bloomberg, yahoo finance, msnbc, etc, but we have more market to expand. A lot more.

Why would I lie?
Not even fucking bragging, just saying that you virgins will make it too, I just got lucky, holy shit, place the salt by side and be happy for others instead...

I think the market seems big now, but I think it's a small percentage of accounts with big balances (because they market is doing well and people keep depositing), but watch when the amount of accounts starts rapidly increasing. We're not even near a bubble yet. If I had to guess, I'd say 1/1000 of one percent is trading crypto.

>How can they
The government isn't your mommy


yea look at your friends and senpai. none of them could even get beyond signing up for coinbase

Someone turned a lambo to Honda

bro, exactly. I have two friends who got on coinbase and can't figure out how to get to binance. I had to do a fcking skype tutorial sharing my desktop. These are smart guys and successful businessmen, not dummies.

Thousands of retards become millionaires all the fucking time. You don't even have to look at some oil states where basically the whole country doesn't work anymore, just look at some retarded Youtubers or some bratty teen spouting utter nonsense like "cash me ousside" and becoming an overnight sensation and millionaire with music contracts and whatnot. We live in a time of utter insanity, and it's not getting better anytime soon. Crypto fits in just nicely.

larping is very lucrative

>I only started 2 weeks ago and I already 100x my investment ($2000).

>tfw started 5 days ago and still not even moved :/
grats user

mmhmm. it really does. crypto is actually quite sane in comparison

This feel man. I had to move all my stuff into altcoins asap just to stop the losses on LTC. I'm still ~$20 in the red because I missed the XRP moon. At least I expect gains soon.