Should I buy Upfiring (UFR)?


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>anonymous developers

run faaaaaar away

they can revolutionize torrenting, the team isnt retarded lol, why would they want to risk themselves getting fucked just for pajeets like you

im already hardstrapped, this thing is going to atleast 100m cap, potentially 1b with such a good idea.

we'll make it user

I bought ~$75 worth at ico price (2 cents) and my bag is now worth $1500 OP. my gut is telling me to sell, take my shekels and run since i'm at a 2000% gain but i honestly still see it going up (assuming the dev team is honest) once theres more news and the platform itself is released. Market cap is low and there's still room for growth but since there's no real product yet it could of course turn out to be shit lol

>improve torrent
>anonymous developers
Well yeah, no shit sharjeet

next mega upload

Sell 2 times your investment & you can chill whatever happens

Like said, there's no point in the devs so easily opening themselves up to liability. Not sure I agree with his market cap estimates though

If you dont put your name on something you made, you're not proud of it and you're hiding from criticism. Kim Dotcom (former owner of Megaupload, now current owner of MEGA) is one of the most famous people in the biz, and MEGA hosts hundreds of thousands of warez files.

Literally having anything to do with torrenting doesnt mean you have to go anonymous, torrenting itself isnt illegal. Quit shilling your brainletcoin

Look at it this way, you HAVE money now, you could GIVE your money to this uncertain coin with no one to blame if it tanks, OR you could give your money to a coin that people will put their goddamn name on because they believe in their product.

Who’s bitcoins developers?

I don't see user devs being a problem. This should take off either way. Thanks OP


LOL this PUMP N DUMP SCAM discord /shill/ doesn'T get it.


you will sit on a bag of useless SHIT


on that logic, sure, buy 100 UFR, then wait 5 years and you'll be rich, and you'll get a signed apology from me and a photo of a sharpie in my pooper.

Any retard who can rub two brains cells will realise that
A: distributed computing and torrent networks are stupidly obvious complementary technologies. UFR is the first move in this.
B: of course when you startup a network that often hosts crime, you will want to be anonymous

Stupid pajeets

yes you should user. get in now before it’s too late

Shut the fuck up. Bitcoin doesn't have anonymous developers. Sure, Nakamoto is a faggot, but there are people with names working on it.


brainlet detected
If they manage to get a working product that hosts shit the way megaupload and TPB did, they wouldn't want to just give away who they are

Yeah, it worked out great for Kim Dotcom, didn't it? He just had all his assets frozen by the FBI...

Of course the devs need to stay anonymous, get rekt pajeet

>If you dont put your name on something you made, you're not proud of it and you're hiding from criticism

t. anonymous imageboard user

You don't see why someone might not want to have their names and faces associated with something that can be construed as unethical or even illegal by the layman, even though creating a P2P file sharing client is fine?

Imagine UFR doesn't work out for some reason or gets taken down and now the dev team is fucked and unemployable because the normies in HR don't understand the difference between a torrent client and piracy.

fucking neets

this too

>t. anonymous imageboard user

Yeah you're absolutely right? You think I want my grandma to see me calling people brainlet cucklords?

quit your pilpul and address the rest of the post, shlomo