$100 in Dec

Pump is beginning, it wasn’t a meme. Still time to get in

In last 24 hrs up 20% USD and 6% against BTC despite the BTC rise.

Decentralized nodes about to roll out. This thing is due for a 30-50% jump any minute now

Shit coin without a future.

>Being this retarded

>it wasn’t a meme

Uh yeah it was. You fell for it? Kek.

I wanted to get my work done before this started moving but it didnt work. This will probably go to 120 by next week. Enjoy.

Been in since $13 so I guess I “fell” for 6x


As soon as decentralized nodes role out there will no longer be a valid criticism of Neo. Based on the github that could be any day now

What coin is this?


Neo, one of the biggest projects in crypto. This isn’t your 1000x moon mission gamble but probably the safest bet to 10x in 2018

Looking at it. Is it safe to invest in it now,? Or should I wait. Just started trading on Binance from Coinbase. I need to make it, because working 60+ hours to support my wife and newborn is definitely taking its toll on us.

It is a lock long term and pretty safe even at current prices with this run up. We are still down in SATs compared to BTC long term (.0138 back in August) so there is significant room to grow.

So far this is what I've got, what would u guys get rid of for neo, or would u just add neo to this spread

Yes definitely
The best move is to go on kucoin and trade your neo for neo icos
Just look at red pulp it's insane

Why you so poor

Because I have a mortgage, car payment, support my family and work in retail management. I also made bad choices and was an alcoholic five years ago and am now just starting to be a productive citizen.

You could prostitute your family once for much more than your holdings

Okay, thanks for the productive feedback.

if you want to make money, pull out of all this bullshit and invest all in a shitcoin. wait for it to pump, double your money. repeat.

Any suggestions on a shitcoin?

Depends on your goals. You are never going to “make it” with only $400 invested in top 5 market cap coins. There are plenty of moon missions out there but realize you could lose it all betting on those projects

At this point I dont care. All I want to do is spend more time with my newborn, and work half as much. Any gamble is worth the chance to hold my baby boy more often.

Just realize no one here is a financial advisor providing investment advice. We are all idiots that have gotten into a new market sector early and are profiting despite ourselves.

Don’t buy anything that has 10 different threads going on /biz at the same time. It has already pumped and they are trying to dump their bags on you.

I bought back into this coin today after dumping it last night, missed out on about £100 or so in gains because I thought it was going to fall - so is this a moon mission or should I have just stayed out?

Honestly, pick up some VEN (VET rebranded) and DRGN. Let it sit for 6 months and come back.


Yeah I fell for it at $6 ANS, dam we're so dumb