ITT: Things your pathetic cuck imaginaryshekels cannot get you

ITT: Things your pathetic cuck imaginaryshekels cannot get you


no thanks

plenty of people have bought hoes with their crypto gains bro

lololololol hes a power bottom bragging about it

>those shit horrible jeans
>autistic grade 6 transformers belt
>gross bike

The girl is alright

This isn't fit or biz. We don't care about how inferior you feel with your physical self.

is a fitbrah mad he missed out on making +500k$?

you can always get fit. but you faggot will never be rich.

enjoy taking her out on a bus you pleb.

t. 100kg 186cm 12%

im straight but hes so hot id let him fuck the shit outta me haha

I don't understand why people are bitter about other people making money in crypto. Why not try it yourself? Nice gynecomastia btw.

hahah, how much do you deadlift bro?
probably not even 2 plates fag, fucking DYEL.

hes got a walmart bike he can put pegs on to take his hot babe girlfriend out

also you legit dyel pale faggot

get a tan you look like cancer

and your semi lipo nipples aint looking good m9

overall 4/10 thread.

I could unironically kick your ass

>transformers belt

are you that girls cuckold fart post OP?

>you will never get gyno with crypto gains

> being such a manlet
> being such a dyel

gtfo betaprovider

>sucking stomach in
>shorter than girl manlet

lmao DYEL ?

You’re on biz not pol

You'd really benefit from a tan. What's the point of having money if you live where it's always cold.

Op i don't get your point

With money i can get trainer+gym

And a girl? really? i mean it is not like a rare treasure or something op, they are everywhere


+1 for gyno


You posted this shit a while ago, watch this turn into lmao gyno again.

anyone can fucking deadlift 2 plates


Nice rolls on your stomach, ever considered hitting the gym?

yeah yeah, get Veeky Forums guys, we are not fighting in your /pol/ wars. Yes, person shilling this (knowingly or as a product of the previous shilling), that is who is paying for all this, the globalists. They push the /pol/ agendas to desensitise us and divide us, making us tribal. We are fed a diet of survival and war video games and now suddenly we must get Veeky Forums. war is coming and thanks to Veeky Forums and severe autism I won't have to fight in it. GL faggots.

Do not forget that the banks will fail soon, loans and borrowing caused our debt slavery. Time to bleed the banks dry, no more loans or credit unless it is to buy crypto and you have no intention of ever paying it back! No more taxes until the governments stop funding welfare and p[ensions. This is our fight! not the one they want us to have, do not fall for their sick games like previous generations. They will not think the herd this time. Stand united with all the plebs of the world against these evil globalists. their time has finally come if we do!

K Peace out bye

lmfao i just saw the belt buckle, wtf

go to cancun
ask any taxi driver to take you to a whore house
bang 18-23 year olds, 20 dollars an hour, do whatever you want to them minus anal --if you bargain it you might get it though

all women are whores and you should kys

also wtf, that guy is a twink? not a hair on his body lmao. Soynation!

i think that the faggot actually shaved his chest hair

what a fucking faggot

nice tits bro

Bro I can get gyno with money, ez

Not true, but it's not a hard goal. When you start going 3 plates and higher is where you're starting to make it.

>that belt


>get robbed and get AIDS too

Literally all crypto's promise is a product after 5 years, BZC is the only one of 20 coins that's actually finished.

gyno and a transformers belt?

Disgusting. I am a real man and braid my chest and stomach hair and let my glorious back hair grow like the mane that it is. Fucking kids these days. Also, he has some nice gyno coming along with his 1-year test produced half repping gains. Pathetic.

>Newfags who haven't seen this attempted forced meme image a bunch of times before

How sad. Did you never learn to lurk moar? Sad.

Less soy boy
More steak and eggs

My pecs are the same and I fucking hate it :/


Oddly enough my girlfriend of 3 years left at the point where I made 200K. She doesn't care.

I still don't believe it.

>the girl is alright

lol no. Typical fat white chick held together by her spanx aka yoga pants.

>soy causes bitch tits, not milk & animal products

Top kek, good one. Needs more lower chest exercise.

Would not normally do this
You are being a cunt



>t. soyboy.


full homo.
They want fathers for kids and secure providers. Not crypto obsessed nerds :D
They are also all mental so iI wouldn't worry.

nice gyno OP, would pinch

Milk and animal products from America, where they torture their animals before death (emitting various hormones internally which infects the meat) causes bitch tits, so does soy a literal phytoestrogen

That is not even him. This loser can not even pretend to be cool. You nailed it.

I'm convinced this board has the fucking worst mods ever.

Fly's open, OP.

Except it can, you pathetic dicksucker leaf

sad gyno nips op take some clomid

Time to cut fatty

hot, ill give u 1 icx that pic minus the boxers.

wide hips no abs definition XDDD

jesus why you talking like you yourself are big? fucking lmao1plate tier chest

Eh I did an aggressive 2 month cut since I'm on vaca in Florida so I lost size and deflated there
Never talked like I'm big but op looks like a permabulk fatty with no definition
I-im just trying to put down his ego
And I've benched 230 x5 with that chest before cut and tearing a shoulder ligament so didn't bench for 10ish months

> that gyno
I hope it is not you in the pic OP