Who /actuallyemployed/ here? Post your education and occupation, income optionable. I'm tired NEETposters.

>Just graduated w/ BBA in accounting, starting Masters in the spring
>Work part time at engineering firm
> $12/hr

Ya I know, 12 bucks an hour with a bachelor's degree, laugh it up dorks.

BS in IT. Front End Developer.

>BS in comp sci.
>4 years in field doing .net development.
>$35 an hour.

>Pursuing BA Business
>Work for myself detailing cars
>$30/hr rate

>BS in Computer Engineering
>embedded software engineer

I want to die.

"Warehouse operator"

AKA shit cuck that gets to lift heavy boxes in a DHL warehouse

I put all my wagecuck savings in Bitbay and it paid off but I'm still holding for the mars mission in 2018

no degree
$14/hr loading trucks part-time

>Computer Science and Networking
>Used to be a shitty IT Guy for years
>Now I'm an UNIX Server Admin and it's pretty sweet
>36k a year but that's pretty good considering where I live

>MS in Computer Engineering (heavy focus on Electrical)
>Work in med device industry as senior dev/project manager
>$115k a year

Never imagined myself making this much at my age (32, not super young). I can't do this everyday, though. I'll fucking off myself.

BSc in mgmt information systems, 13 years ago
IT consultant
~$200k/year average (depends on bonus/LTI)

>Highschool degree + 1 year accounting bridge
>Accounting and administrative manager in a theatre

Materials manager for a surgery center. No degree. $25 an hour. Spend most of my day playing games

Degree in Broadcasting. Worked as a motion graphic artist with white soyboys in a libtard media company with diversity peppered every 5 mins, got promoted to team lead (It's because I'm POC and Muslim), making a decent paycheck now.

Male prostitute (gigolo). Income is variable but I'm doing very well for myself.

>MS in comp sci
>software engineer for atc systems

>BA Economics
>Starting my fourth year in Healthcare
>Technical Analyst for our Medicare Part B Programs

Still hoping to make it out on crypto desu

dropped out of college.
work at online company, largest in its industry.
decent pay and benefits. 25 days paid vacation each year. 40k or so.
dropping as much of my earnings into crypto to get out this shit

>High School Diploma
>Opened McD's franchise with siblings

Used to be a Chef 70 hours a week 15 EU per hour. Quit everything, started to learn how to trade and how to code, the first year I had no income. And now, I am making a better income than when I was a Chef from the comfort of my house ;)


I actually like my job, but I've invested quite a bit of my recent paychecks. I hope to get out and help pay for my Grandma's nursing home bills.

>PhD in Biochem
>Postdoc at a top 3 US institution
>$60k annually

Not in it for the money, science is my passion. Hoping crypto will just get a few bucks my way to help make life/retirement more comfy.

>Not in it for the money, science is my passion. Hoping crypto will just get a few bucks my way to help make life/retirement more comfy.
same here. I buy long term holds, such as

I don't want to have to fucking day trade and follow this shit obsessively

No degree just HS diploma
No certs
Data Recovery Technician
Should be getting much more compensation for the work I do desu

>undergrad b-school at target school 1 year ago
>insurance brokerage
>$50k + bonus

its ok i guess. all my other friends from school are like bank analysts and consultants but compared to everyone not from b-school or eng im doing pretty gud

>masters top 10 university
>top 10% salary UK
>tfw crypto will pay for my phd

>truck driver
>100k a year

>MS computer science
>software developer with 9 years of experience at a major financial firm
>170k base salary

Highschool, going into a business program next year
Forklift operator at Lowe's

> canadian highschool dropout
> plumber
> $1,000,000 / month

>Electrician, finished apprenticeship next year
>$30/hour, $25ish after union dues final rate at $38/hour
>failed trader

seriously tho
>B.A. in libart
>software tech support

hoping to retire very early if the next few years in crypto go like 2017 did.

High school drop out.