Why don't you guys invest in the stock market instead of this horrible ponzi scheme virtual coin shit?

Why don't you guys invest in the stock market instead of this horrible ponzi scheme virtual coin shit?

my stocks and mutual funds have been shit compared to crypto

whats your annual return in a mutual fund?

Laugh at your 7% gains this year lawl.

I got ~14-15% on my index funds this year

Sure thing grandpa. Made in 1 year what you made in a lifetime. Go to sleep.

stock market means shit if you think deeply about it. stocks means shit.

4.9% dividends on the stocks I bought with crypto money

When trading crypto you don't have masters except Skelly and such. When being in "real" market you literally fund a lifestyle of most disgusting douche people on earth.

which index?

and I've worked in a bank so I know. Bankers are literally demons once you get to know them.

because I can turn these virtual coins into real money

Because of rather risk losing 1k to gain 10k than invest 1k to cash out with 1.1k in a year.

Because I get like 5% gains in stocks and even that is a gamble. Maybe I'll try Forex

Kinda bad since the US market is up 19 percent this year and international is up even more

The point is to make 11 percent a year on average off the stock market after you have a lot of money you poor as fuck NEET. I'm not going to put hundreds of thousands of dollars in Internet coins when I can make a solid 20+ grand a year in stocks.

You can’t 10x in half a year in a mutual fund faggot

>I'm not going to put hundreds of thousands of dollars in Internet coins
you will eventually, we're just early adopters

Weed stocks!

My marijuana stocks have outperformed my crypto this month. It was a close fight though.

S&P is up over 20%

I thought about doing stocks, is it really that unprofitable? Why bother
I made $100 over the weekend with a $200 starter stack in crypto

>boring stocks that put me to sleep


>fake internet meme money that gets me hard

Gee I wonder why I prefer the second one

No where else I can be up 300% in a single month

Because the stock market has shit memes.


Especially the Canadian startups in the penny start range.

Lol nice gains, I'm getting a lambo at the end of this year, enjoy your peasant money knowing you are right in your boomer ways and I only bought my lambo with silly meme coin money

Could I have gone from $2500 to $275000 in one year in normal stock market? Nope.

Because I made 250% gainz in literally days with crypto compared to a year in stocks.
I agree, stocks are easier, but the money here is insane.

I was going to but none of the weed companies are even showing a profit on their statements.

wowie 20 grand guys!!

He made 11 precent average Wow guys!

>Sell bitcoin here.

The medical MJ ones, as well as secondary market like indoor growing supplies and dry media vape related stuff are pulling in nice profits. You're right it's a ton of speculation right now but massive gains to be had. The stocks behave very similarly to crypto with the volatility.

I want to make money

Just do both.

Now is not the time to get into the stock market. Everything is overvalued. Wait until a bear market.

I'd say the same about crypto, but if you got in early enough, just wait it out and sell everything when you think we've truly reached the top of the bubble. I'd say we have at most another year.

People have been saying that since I got a job and started buying in in 2012. There's no way to know. The best thing to do is stop pretending you're an expert who can call bottoms and tops and bear and bull markets and just buy good stuff, keep buying, and don't sell. Some people are traders who can do this. Most people aren't and will miss opportunities and lose money and have no hope of competing against people and institutions who do it 80 hours a week professionally.

Bitbean is up over 600% since October.

I have money in crypto too retard, where do you think I got all the money to put into the stock market? No reason to take unnecessary risk when at this rate I can retire off the stock market in a few years.

Agreed. There is a tendency to think that you're too late, everything has already gone too far up, etc. Just pick promising medium cap (or small cap if you're feeling spicy) companies in a temporary low point on an otherwise upward trend. And make sure to pick industries that are just at the start of a new boom period. Marijuana is the main one right now, with cobalt mining also making nice gains off the back of the automotive industry's demand for high capacity batteries for hybrids/full electrics. Cobalt, mind you. There is scarcity with that one. Lithium is not as good as it is too common and the price won't balloon as hard.

True, though right now crypto is more interesting for us shut-ins, and it's not like it's any less stable than the stock markets in the long run