Our time has come

our time has come

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This opus?

Any news form those guys?

Partnership with Spotify

The team has been publishing weekly Development updates on Medium


This is a moon mission from the depths of hell men.

look at the Coinmarketcap chart. It is unsullied by a pump & dump.

Low ass marketcap with no big exchange.

The team is aiming to get Opus on a new exchange before Q2 2018

Low total supply of 140 Million Opus. The team burnt the extra tokens that were not sold during the ICO.

The ICO was successful and raised 5M (Probably worth 10M right now) They have the funding to continue development & implement a robust marketing campaign.

Most important fact of all is that their are no pajeets

Sounds delicious.

Any links?

I 10x'd on this shit

platform launch in Q2 plus new exchanges.

>This is a moon mission from the depths of hell men.

exactly, OPUS was shit on on biz for ages when shittier music coins like Voise were pumped.

how? theres no combination of buy and sell prices that could make this possible.
unless you bought at ICO prices at pre-sale somehow, but i dont remember what those were.

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The whitepaper was riddled with spelling mistakes. Put me off a bit.

Insider prices buddy


it's avilable to trade on Etherdelta and Hitbtc. Not the best exchanges by any stretch. The plus side to both is no KYC/AML

sure, but it does have a whitepaper. other music coins arent as well documented.
so far OPUS seems like the most well thought out and closest to an actual functional platform.

music is 3x the mcap.

another discord p&d?

cool. i'm an ICO bag holder. been averaging down since forever.

i sure hope so.

Less than 1 BTC needed to shred the 500sat sell wall.

I bet Opus can settle in the top 200 marketcap coins

fuck that would be gorgeous


Just bought 0.1 btc worth


Holy shit finally. Only needs to go up about 35% more and I can break even.



cant go wrong with the jews

Brilliant project. Just waiting for a couple of larger names in the musicscene.

assuming a semi competent p&d group picked it up this is just the begging

Any1 else in the illuminati

Hoping so. It would be good to get some trading activity that may spark another exchange listing.

The whole project suffers from the
>polish engineering


engineering isnt the problem but their lack of willingness to hype the project a bit more and get listed on more exchanges.

Their approach is Development first unlike a project like Voise.

Voise seemed to be a complete pajeet sytle pump & dump hack job. Their main concern was getting exchange listings first.

Opus has the slow burn strat going for it. It looks like a nice foundation is being built before ultimate hype sets off a large boom & bust.

agreed. this approach requires patience but hopefully will pay off in the end.
upside is that anyone that is left holding bags has steel hands. so wont sell for pennies for all the drama over the past months.

Would be nice to get the Koreanese on board. Kucoin or Binance