Fuck this dead coin, this thread is dedicated to everyone stuck holding these heavy bags. What went wrong...

Fuck this dead coin, this thread is dedicated to everyone stuck holding these heavy bags. What went wrong? Lets talk guys.

I sold it at the top KEK

people got smart and realized that the $27 price tag per salt on salt website, market didn't want to pay for.

Fuck me... I'm stuck with these heavy, heavy, heavy bags. I feel like this bleed will last months but I dont know what to do.

dont get attached to coins next time?
I never hold anything for more than 2 or 3 weeks
always buy the bottoms of hyped up coins
sell the tops
ez gains ez lyfe

Welp i going to be poor forever. I put 5k USD into coinbase and bought SALT at 15.77

i was gonna sell and rebuy at the release but i was sleeping

anyways you guys are fucking retarded, salt is one of the comfiest holds you can have, this will rocket up to 27 dollars as soon as the loans are delivered, they already have requests for 300.000.000 dollars in loans and that is just the start

Takes time to give out loans because of regulations and bank transfer times. If you think you can double your money faster elsewhere then sure sell your bags at this price but if you wait Salt will take off when they get their loans rolling.

its funny how the day the Salt platform went live there was literally a barrage of posts on here I mean like 10 posts every minute about it going live, these posts were telling you idiots that the coin would be worth $27.5. Good job on getting Pajeeted morons who ever bought this shit. KEK.

this is literally one of the least pajeet coins out there, they fully comply with regulations and have contract with state banks, and they only give out loans in the US

I know I should have listened... How low will this scam go?

Why would salt vendors need a blockchain?

weak hands will sell, whales will use cheap salt to pay their loans and market supply will go dry leading this to 27.5.

Just needs more and faster loans to speed the process up, but it's happening that's for sure.

>up >150% last
>heavy bags

biz never fails to make me fucking laugh. you guys are so poor and dumb it hurts lmao

Exactly, transfer of wealth from the impatient to the patient. I've picked up SALT at $3, $6 and again at $15. Easiest gains of my life, and all I have to do is wait ~2 weeks.

You all are retarded if you sell now. The money is coming you just have to wait for it to arrive

yeah SALT please fuck my ass like I let my daughter get fucked by my wife's black son. Please drop lower, you haven't dropped low enough. Let me sit on the sidlines like a cuck watching other coins moon, yes please do.

This, coins dead. sell now and never look back

oh i get it this is a fud thread carry on

Did you stupid pajeets not get the memo or something? You were supposed to SELL THE NEWS.

God damn. No wonder half of biz misses moon missions.

So glad I sold this jew kike coin. Burn in Hell

Pretty just'd holding these useless bags of SALT. I-I want moon missions too like FUN.

Got in at $7 you idiots bought at ATH. Will biz ever learn?

Sold salt, bought ADA

What went wrong? Holding a literal shitcoin that won't ever be used by consumers you fucking brainlet.

B-B-But they said 27.5 garenteed

I'm glad I bought Raiblocks, Cardano and FunFair but not Salt.